Pierre V.L. Dupuch Speaks about Branville


Pierre Dupuch

A Letter to the Editor

By Pierre V.L. Dupuch 02/09/10

Sometime ago while going to the office, I stopped at the gate for the newspaper, opened it and was accosted by this blaring headline, “Branville lacking Cabinet support” and followed by the comment that his only followers were not Party supporters, thus giving the impression that he didnt have a chance if he opposed Hubert Ingraham as party Leader.

I smiled because this is not what I have been told. A good portion of the Cabinet is just waiting for the opportunity to plunge their knives into Hubert’s back but because they are beholden to him for their daily bread there is reluctance to be public about it. And this makes sense. The people vote them into Parliament and pay them $28,000 (or thereabouts ) which makes them beholden to the people. And then comes the Prime Minister (whoever he may be) and, using the peoples money pays them $ 60,000 (or thereabouts), with the option of firing them at a minute’s notice, which makes them beholden to him.

But I have learned from being in politics for virtually all my life not to believe all you read in the papers or hear in the bar rooms, listen to what is said in the meetings held in the dark halls or the back rooms hidden away from the public eye.

I am told that some of those who the Prime Minister may think are beholden to him have already been bought. All I can say is that this will be an interesting one with blood dripping from plenty knives!!!!

Good reading, eh? Interesting to say the least. All facts. But, like the computer, garbage in; garbage out. Whether Branville McCartney has the support of Cabinet or not has no relevance if there is a leadership contest. This whole sordid affair, especially the spin reporters put on it, pricked my curiosity and so I dug out my FNM Constitution. Believe it or not, I did not see the word “Cabinet Minister” mentioned in it once!!

The choice of the FNM Leader (and as such a possible Prime Minister) is not made by the Cabinet, the Parliamentarians, or the Council. The choice of the “Leader” is the sole prerogative of the FNM in Convention where everyone there has one vote, be he/she a Member of Parliament or a simple delegate.

Under the head “Convention”, section 49 it says “The Convention shall consist of the Parliamentary Members, National Officers, Members of the Central Council, and not less than three nor more than seven delegates from each Constituency Association.”

Among other things section 50 of the Constitution states that the “Convention shall be the ultimate authority of the Party” and section (e) of the same constitution, says the Convention is responsible for the “Election of officers of the Party”. The “Leader” is at the top of the list of Party Officers elected. Nowhere does the positions of “Leader Elect” or “Deputy Leader Elect” appear.

That, my friends is parts of the FNM Constitution.

And now how does all this affect the selection of the Prime Minister? To answer this question we turn to the “Constitution of the Bahamas”, which in Chapter VI, section 73 (1) we read: “Whenever there shall be occasion for the appointment of a Prime Minister, the Governor-General shall appoint as Prime Minister.(a) the member of the House of Assembly who is the Leader of the party which commands the support of the majority of the members of that House…” Unlike the British Parliament where the person “who” commands the support of the majority of members becomes the Prime Minister, in the Bahamas the Leader of the party “which” commands the majority in the House becomes Prime Minister. “Which” refers to the party, not the person. It is said that it was worded like that because Sir Lynden felt more comfortable with his party than he did with his parliamentarians.

And there’s the rub. Ingraham was the “Leader” of the FNM throughout the election of 2002 and would have been asked to form the Government if the FNM had been elected the majority. The positions of “Leader Elect” and “Deputy Leader elect” did not exist in either the FNM constitution or, more importantly, in the Bahamian Constitution!

The posts that Tommy Turnquest and Dion Foulkes held did not exist. It was a sham! Ingraham made people believe he was not going for a third term, but positioned himself to be appointed for a third term if the FNM had won. Remember, “the Governor-General shall appoint the Leader of the Party which commands the majority”. And Ingraham was the Leader.

The thing that amazes me is that leading lawyers in the FNM knew this was a sham, but went along with it.

So there it is folks, the facts.

I have just received some rather interesting and disturbing information about the organization known as the Government-Bay street Partnership. I will soon write about that!! Those revelations may blow your socks off!!!

Branville along with his family.


  1. While I have a very high opinion of Mr. Dupuch and some of his statements and predictions may hold true, ultimately I will have to wait and see. Yes, Mr. Ingraham did FIRE Mr. Dupuch and apparently he is still chewing on those SOUR GRAPES he had to swallow. Say what you want abount Mr. Ingraham… when the history books are written he will undoubtly have his place there having assumend the PM’s title three times (2 consecutive & 1 non- consecutive). No one (Mr. Dupuch) included can take that away from him

  2. The Right Honourable Prime Minister asked Dupuch to resign for undermining his government. Mr. Dupuch, being an arrogant fool with a sense of entitlement, refused. Dupuch was then relived by the PM. This was not that long ago people. What are you guys, 10 years old?

    • No they are not 10 years old, they are just PLPs and honestly and PLPs are strangers you know.

      Just my thoughts, this will play out well for Mr. Ingraham. Allen and Dupuch has joined up once more, so where is Lester, Wells and Cargil.

    • And now you come around to my point, he was not fired, to only undermine and not be a puppet, like and the rest of the party is, what I call courage, not undermining, get a real job Finley, butt kissing is not to becoming and furthermore, it doesn’t have much of a future.

    • How can you be so clueless, like I said before, Allen said on his show Thursday afternoon, that he “Allen” was fired, and Dupuch was not, he resigned you DOOFUS, Dupuch also said that he resigned, does it give you a “chubby” to say that Dupuch was fired you freak…., and that’s not the point, the point is that he is correct on y’all constitution, and all the rules that were broken and are continually being broken, just because of one megalomaniac and a few wimps called Ministers and party supporters, stay focus geek, and man up, when you haul insults, you’ll get them thrown back at you, Thomas Wimpley.

  3. Mr. Dupuch, did what no white Bahamian have done: Gone against, the white established, oligarchy! That took a lot, and I know he was ridicule, and continues to be ridiculed. Stand Mr. Dupuch, we respect you, and we are listening.

  4. Mr. Dean I doubt it very highly Mr. Dupuch is hurt one bit as to what happenend between himself and Mr Ingraham. I applaud Mr. Dupuch for standing up to Mr. Ingraham something no FNM politician has ever done or will ever do with the exception of Mr. McCartney in the very near future who will challenge the leadership of the party once the fearful Mr. Ingraham sets a date for the convention.
    Furthermore, I applaud Mr. Dupuch for brining to the masses what is written in the FNM constitution and bringing to light how the LEADER and PM went against it, he just blatantly broke the law. Now Mr. Dean is this the party you want or leader you want to follow? It appears as if you are just like everyone else in the party bowing to the leader and sanctioning everythng he does knowing very well it is wrong.Mr. Dupuch please continue to write these informative articles so I can be educated on these issues along with many concerned Bahamians.

  5. I paraphrase the words of former Texas Governor Ann Richards, “poor pierre he cannot help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth”

    Since Mr. Dupuch was born he was accustomed to hiring and firing, low and behold Hurbert A. Ingraham, a Black man had to fire him. This for the Johnnie who roamed the halls of St. John’s was an absolute No no.

    Pierre get over your hurt, the FNM does not miss you or any of the FNMs for Christie. It saddens me to see that the lessons of pierre’s scholarship at St. John’s was to have taught him to forgive and move on, but more and more it is obvious to most that Pierre will go to his grave with a strong dislike for Hurbert while Hurbert has absolutely no thought of Pierre.

    We should pray that Mr. Dupuch finds some sort of peace, as he is an unhappy man despite the wealth he was born into.

    • Boy Williard, Pierre may’ve certainly had his feelings bruised when Hubert pitched him out of the Cabinet, but we must be careful not to be so dismissive.

      however, there is certainly a difference between governing and party politics.for the most part, I don’t have a problem in the way Prime Minister Ingraham governs.

      As was implied in my previous posting, if those guys sat back and allowed the party leader to out maneuver them like dat, then they deserve what they got and probably don’t deserve what they could’ve gotten, had they stood up and say, “no chief, it don’t go so”.

      they were either comfortable or spineless and so the wabbit continue to hold da gun……

      And so, ya really cant cuss out Pierre who only want to say how they were duped by their party leader.

      But then again, all of them may’ve been party to the whole shanannigan to help the leader go back on his word of not seeking a third term.

      that’s party politics!!!! not interested in dat…. do what you must in the party and I’ll look at what is presented when the dust settles and see if it’s worthy of the Trust of me and my family’s “future”………

    • Mr. Dupuch was not fired, he resigned, Mr. Dupuch was just on Mr. Allen’s show on Love97, Thursday, and out of his own mouth, he said that he was not fired, just a point of correction, and although I do not back Branville McCarthney, I do respect a man that stands up to bullies, like Mr. Dupuch, so I disagree with you totally, and why do people like you attack the person and not answer or attack the question?, and by you ridiculing him, does not make him wrong, I just wanted you to know that.

  6. I like Mr. Dupuch, he comes from a family who is known not to mince words and not afraid to go against the grain.

    I see persons in the FNM who seem comfortable in towing the party line on every single issue should not be suprise if the electorate don’t embrace them for higher service.

    Bahamians saw leadership in the then Lynden Pindling because he was bold enough to push against the prick,
    such was also the case with Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie when they took the bold stance as young politicians and stand for for what they believe in.

    we may not have those same issues today like those brothers of yesterday. but if they allowed some foolishness to go down as was indicated by Mr. Dupuch, it’s no wonder people don’t see leadership material in most of them.

    it’s no wonder, people are eager to rally behind a newcomer like Branville McCartney.

  7. great article and very insightful. wish more Bahamians could see what happens at the council level. They way the PM is going reminds me of 2002, god help us. They will be in for a shock in South Abaco next election, where there will be an Independent running against the FNM and PLP.

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