Is this a forest or is it the resting place for the dead?


The WUTLESS STATE OF OLD TRAIL CEMETERY! Look how the resting place for the dead in the Bahamas is kept. Who will leave they 'mah' in such torment!

THE STATE OF Old Trail Cemetery Exposed!!!

Nassau, BahamasBP has its eyes on the road and what a sight we saw growing at the Old Trail Cemetery. Incredibly, weeds in the graveyard just off Abundant Life Road have gown into a wild bush, HIGH BUSH will give be a better description of the situation.

Look how in the Bahamas Bahamians honour their dead. MY GOODNESS! Who in this country would leave the remains of their love ones, particularly they MAMMA, in the bush? This cannot be the Bahamas we inherited where the dead is left under a heap bush and wild trees.

Could some one please tell us what the department of the environmental health is doing to fix this neglect? If they were not so busy in the gambling dens of this city perhaps the neglect of the dead would not be so shocking. But take a minute and see for yourselves what we saw. The sight is indeed shocking, ‘unbeautiful’ and disgusting.

Where is the FNM of 1997, which cleaned Nassau ‘spick and span’?

We need CHANGE!


  1. Not only Old Trail. Look at the Eastern Cemetery also. You know St Matthew’s is one side-nice and clean and the public cemetery is on the other-overgrown.

  2. How about if Bahamians tended to their loved ones’ graves themselves as other people do around the world, and stop waiting on the damn government to do everything for them.

    • i agree barbara, Dr. ET. at the prison need to use them more to assist the community in clean ups, not just in grave yards but the whole country.

      yes we need to also stop looking to the government to do everything, we are not a socialist state or are we??

  3. I feel the same way, all public graveyards are in the same state, there are over 1,0000 prisoners in Fox Hill why can’t they have some of them clean the graveyards and the streets, government talking about spending too much money to keep the island clean, it should not cost them anything, cause they are feeding the prisoners daily.

    • That is a great idea Barbara..My husband and brother in law and numerous other family members are buried in Old Trail..Its a shame that it looks this way..I agree let the prisoners get out there and earn there keep…

  4. From since i was a child i always recalled Old Trial to be in that state, maybe the bushes were not that high but it always needed to be cleaned. I don’t know if the graveyard falls under Enviromental Health or it is privately owned but the care-takers of this grave yard needs to get to work.By the condition of this grave yard i guess it is one of the cheapest for bruial, and they are saying to the public when you can’t afford otherwise this is what you get.(SHAME)

  5. You know the funny thing about this, I just passed there this morning and was wondering the same thing. It is a disgrace how some cemeteries across the Bahamas are being kept. At times, you cannot even find your love ones grave because of the high brush and garbage that surrounds it. It is a totally shame..

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