GO and Register to VOTE!!!! Registration Drive Begins!


Errol Bethel - Parliamentary Commissioner

Qualification necessary to be eligible for Voter Registration List

By Parliamentary Registration Department

The Bahamas – The Parliamentary Registration Department is in the process of starting a Voter Registration Drive to prepare a new voters list.

Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel informs that persons intending to apply for registration must satisfy the Revising Officer that they are qualified to be registered. He said to be qualified applicants must be:

i. Citizens of The Bahamas;

ii. At least 18 years old;

iii. Not subject to any legal incapacity; and

iv. Have resided in a particular constituency for at least three months.

“Revising Officers have the right to request documentary evidence that applicants are qualified to be registered,” said Mr. Bethel.

The Parliamentary Commissioner urges all eligible Bahamian citizens to prepare for registration and to register when the time comes. An announcement regarding the start of voter registration will be made soon.

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  1. Before people go to register to vote the house re-numbering fiasco in Seabeeze and other areas needs to be fixed!! I have lived at #45 Seabreeze Lane for 35 years and all of my legal documenets have that address. Then, earlier this year the “brilliant” temporary workers came along and changed my house to #42. The house on the South side of Fox Hill Road and Seabreeze Lane, faces on to Fox Hill Road and one would have assumed that house would have been numbered at it’s front door. However, the house was assigned #1 on Seabreeze Lane (at it’s side door) facing North. All of the house numbers on my street and in seabreeze Estates have been changed in the most haphazad manner.

    When I called to complain about the situation the gentleman at Ministry of Works informed me that he could only work with what he had been given (i.e. the temporary workers), and that he had made it known before hand that his department would not be responsible for taking down the old house numbers. So, as you travel throughout this neighbourhood most of the houses have two different numbers on them.

    Because of this mess, I can see nothing but more mass confusion ahead when people go to register. This situation needs to be fixed.

  2. Ok, so we are commencing this voting process again. Has the Parliamentary Registration Department taken note and implemented any of the directions given by the election court in their last two judgements?

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