Police officer now third victim to come under attack by armed men


Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is puzzled by what is unfolding with this robbery trial in the Supreme Court. We reported how on Saturday night a witness to the robbery at Prince Charles in 2007, Raymond Bastian, was gunned down near the Solomon’s Supercentre. His three-month-old baby girl was also shot in the head during the incident.

The trial was to begin Tuesday, but on that same morning defence attorney for accuse Ryan Butler, Romauld Ferreira, was attacked outside his parking lot by a machete welding man, who nearly chopped him in the head. The incident took place just a stone’s throw away from the police headquarters and just a block from the courts.

Ferreira appeared in court on Wednesday with his head bandage like a Taliban as he showed signs of quick recovery following his almost deadly attack.

Attorney Romauld Ferreira

Today, we are getting fresh news, which confirms one of the officers, crown witnesses in the trial, home was shoot-up by some Somalian gangster last night. WHAT IS THIS!?

Justice in the Bahamas is under a vicious brutal attack while the WUTLESS minister of national security says “CRIME IS UNDER CONTROL”? What utter nonsense!!!! If

We in the Bahamas Need CHANGE! We need a modern-day Woodes Rodgers to expel these pirates who are determined to overthrow law and order in this society at any cost.

What will we see next, armed men abducting public officers?

When will Hubert Ingraham find the BALLS, FIRE TOMMY and to do what he is elected to do?



  1. A very interesting statement had been mentioned above. Today it the ordinary citizen but tomorrow it will be the judges, the politicans and the rich. In my regard we are all one. It is my opinion that absolutly nothing will change untill we together change it. For years and year we ramble on about who’s fault it is, what he or she should have done or should do. When are we going to realize it takes me and you to stand up against a cause. We as Bahamians. Not the MP, the PM or anyone. Prehaps maybe later we will see the necessity. for now they will continue to ramble…

  2. krossova, you refuse to outline. but I think it must be posted, and here it is:

    In 1992 United States Operators from Delta Force, and Centra Spike joined the all-out manhunt for Escobar. They trained and advised a special Colombian police task force, known as the Search Bloc, which had been created to locate Escobar. Later, as the conflict between Escobar and United States and Colombian governments dragged on and the numbers of his enemies grew, a vigilante group known as Los Pepes (Los Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar) – or “People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar,” financed by his rivals and former associates, including the Cali Cartel and right-wing paramilitaries led by Carlos Castaño, who would later found the Peasant Self-Defense Forces of Córdoba and Urabá. Los Pepes carried out a bloody campaign fueled by vengeance in which more than 300 of Escobar’s associates and relatives were slain and large amounts of his cartel’s property were destroyed.
    Rumors abounded[18] that members of the Search Bloc, and also of Colombian and the United States intelligence agencies, in their efforts to find and punish Escobar, either colluded with Los Pepes or moonlighted as both Search Bloc and Los Pepes simultaneously. This coordination was allegedly conducted mainly through the sharing of intelligence in order to allow Los Pepes to bring down Escobar and his few remaining allies, but there are reports that some individual Search Bloc members directly participated in missions of the Los Pepes death squads.[18] One of the leaders of Los Pepes was Diego Murillo Bejarano (also known as “Don Berna”), a former Medellín Cartel associate who became a drug kingpin and eventually emerged as a leader of one of the most powerful factions within the AUC.

  3. To Krossova,
    And all those who continue to hold these MPs in high regard;
    please take off your rose coloured Oakleys and look at the glaring incompetence, negligence and cowardice displayed in our gov’t leaders today! If these lawmakers dont take a stance, who can? The criminals have taken their stand and they are saying they don’t care, they rule this country! Are we the Wild, wild west? We need the Minister of Security to enact laws now, get the defence force on the street, have zero tolerance on crime, and enforce our current laws. If he isn’t doing this, who will? Who else has the power? Come on Krossova, if you want things to change, someone who has the power must make the change! My talking and your talking will not change a thing, so we have to move Tommy, or whoever does not succeed in that position, and get someone else. Simple, and we keep kicking them out until this country is back on track!

    • Donna, you are so right, but Hubert runs every Minister’s post, we are focusing on the wrong person, HAI needs to get to work, because he heads up everything, his only cooler is Brent, the Bay Street Boys and the Special Interest groups, Tommy only sitting in that spot as the scapegoat, and Sir Olivier won;t allow him to get rid of Tommy anyway, or no more money come election time, and remember Tommy is gonna lead the FNM into the next general election come 2012,HEY!!! has anyone heard from the PM recently?.

      • no matter who is in power the problem would still be the same . “NO HANGING” PLP, FNM, BDM, CDR. killings will continue, guns will still be shooting. we are the problem bahamas.TURN IN THAT SON, BROTHER, SISTER, UNCLE, GRAND DAD GRANDMAMA ETC….TURN IN THE CRIMMINALS NOW BAHAMAS!

        • Charles, we are speaking about right now, why are you running away from the point of who is governing this country?, stop being an apologist for these leaders and followers you select in 2007, then try to give them a backdoor out, you have to make them accountable, our job as citizens is not to run National Security, that’s why we voted in those guys, they are suppose to be our best and brightest for this time, now you want to tell us to turn in the criminals, I ain’t hiding no criminals and I don’t know anyone who is either, no! you tell these guys to do what we pay them for, they are the biggest criminals in this country and the AG, nor National Security Minister, Commissioner Of Police, have the guts to lock up the real crook, we have a PM, that has broken the law(by his own admittance). by not declaring his net worth for years, and you want to know why we are in the state we are in, stop it, these guys are in charge now, stop trying to pass the buck to the BDM, PLP, NDP or whoever, stop sticking up for garbage, when you know who is not doing their job.

  4. All of us should realize this, all of these people Turnquest, the Judges, the PM have armed security basically 24 hrs a day. When was the last time a Judges home was broken into. They dont face the same issues as the citizen does. The country needs reform from the top down. Just a few weeks ago they debated and passed some rediculous Dog protection act…..at a time when human blood is shed on our streets daily.

  5. These are indeed serious times we find ourselves in.
    I am very much concern with what seem to be a paralysis in our judicial sysrem.

    for the past several years, we’ve seen the intimidation of witnesses and now it appears that it has become common practice by persons who are brought before the courts on serious charges to attempt to control the outcome of the hearing by the “bumping off” of witnesses.

    This must be confronted head on.
    our leaders must be mindful of how the drug cartels in Medellin Colombia went to no end to continue and protect the production and their benefit from illicit drugs.
    I refuse to outline some the things that were done for fear of giving some sick mind an idea.

    I call on the authorities to do all they can, whatever they can to bring this matter to head.

    having said all of that, I don’t share neither do I agree with your continuing call for the removal of Minister Turnquest as minister of National Security.
    while it is out of his realm or his predecessors or those who may come after him to control what is in the heart of men. It is his responsibility to ensure that the system responds quickly to the evil that is carried out.

    I believe, in my humble opinion, Minister Turnquest has lead the way to put good and dynamic leadership to the forces that are under his purvue and has ensured particularly for the RBPF to be equipped to respond to those evils.

    He isn’t responsible when criminals commit a crime but he is responsible to pursue and apprehend and bring that criminal before the courts.
    now, when that is done done, I will join your choir for his removal.

  6. Like Eagle Eye said it’s “beyond serious” when an innocent ploice officer is targeted for doing his job. Politicians in the Bahamas on both sides use these thugs during election times. Politicians seeking a win make deals with the families of these sadistic monsters and that is why once we have elected one of these ambitious clowns, the joker doesn’t sponsor any crime bill with teeth.
    This foolishness will only stop when these criminals start targeting the MPs and Ministers. I say this because the officers from the RBPF, Prison, Customs, and Defence forces and civilians have already been targeted by criminals and nothing is being done!!! Absolutely nothing!!!!
    The elected officials are to busy rubbing shoulders with big money special interest groups and individuals to care about innocent civilians.

  7. As I stated before…criminals if left to flourish will get smarter and more ambitious. Today it the ordinary citizen but tomorrow it will be the judges, the politicans and the rich.

  8. This is beyond serious……… The police officer is blood relative to me, an honest young man whose only involvement is doing the job that he’s hired for and that is …”to serve and protect”. If the Royal Bahamas Police Force cannot protect its own, then we as civilians are left helpless. These criminals are too well informed about witnesses and court officials. They fear no-man therefore, innocent persons will began to take the law into their own hands. Is this what our lil Bahamas is turning towards.

  9. I hope you offered Mr. Ferreira an apology for your post earlier on Monday, when you insinuated that he was part of the problem for not showing up to court on MOnday morning. I noticed you deleted it, but many had read it on your facebook page before you deleted.

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