FOX news guest star Lincoln Bain questioned by police today



Nassau, Bahamas — Popular talk show host and activist, Lincoln Bain, was questioned by police today in connection with several matters.

Bahamas Press contends the Gestapo Royal Bahamas Police is now in full effect. Last week they picked up and questioned C. Allen Johnson in connection with the takeover of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Sources with knowledge of the situation with Bain said, “Bain was asked to turn over all recordings involving the corrupt worker of the Passport Office who is alleged to have been bribed by a woman seeking to fast track passports for her two daughters.

When contacted by Bain he confirmed to BP, “Police interrogated me today at CDU. They questioned me about the Passport Office worker and asked me to hand over the recordings to them, which I did. They also questioned me about the takeover of a government website.

“They thanked me for my work in both cases and let me go.”

Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security with responsibility for broadcasting.

Bain, who is known for his public defender role particularly when he agitated compensation for the victims of the Sea Hauler, was not shaken by the incident. This is the second radio talk show host to be questioned by police recently.

Orthland Bodie was recently detained by police for comments made on his talk show. He also was released.

Tommy Turnquest should hang his head down in shame. They are all over the place attempting to intimidate ‘FREE SPEECH’, while the real criminals walk around the street free on bail. Boy Mugabe ain’t playing.

We Need Change!

Fox host Greta Van Susteren with buddy Lincoln Bain following the Rita Cosby episode in the Bahamas.


  1. @Guru Onyx and Sorry So let me get this right you do not see anything wrong with a Journalist being arrested by police for Doing there Jobs as Journalists and held until they give up the source of their information. Nothing Gestapo about that huh Get your head out of your………………………..

  2. I don’t see the issue. It’s good that the police are doing their job. Is this website for criminal minded people or something? Should we gang up on the police because they want to get the evidence to carry to court? It’s actually good that they are trying to get evidence because lack of it is how they lose so many cases.

  3. BP I’m still a little lost. At first glance this article would lead one to believe that the police had done something wrong in connection with Lincoln Bain. He was taken in for questioning, questioned, gave the information he had and then released. I dont see the problem or any miscarriage of justice here. He has evidence that can assist the police in prosecuting the crooked passport officer so the police asked for the evidence.

    When Ortland Bodie Jr. was taken in it had nothing to do with freedom of speech. He said that he knew where to find guns and so the police had every right to bring him and ask him where those guns are. He himself sang praises of how well he was treated and continues to big up the RBPF on almost a daily basis.
    I am an advocate for free speech and freedom of information and will not tolerate the government stifling voices unjustly. However, I see nothing wrong here.

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