Plans to ax COP Greenslade and replace with McCartney


COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade. The decent Commander is quickly cleaning up the image of the police force.

Government plans to slash 200 police jobs from the force if FNM is elected

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms from sources deep in the OPM that the COP, Ellison Greenslade, will be sacked if the FNM is returned to office.

The top cop, most favored to lead the organization, was blocked in 2007 when the position first became vacant and shipped to Canada for training.

The source reveals plans are underway to not renew the contract for the qualified top cop who has been handcuffed in the exercise of his duties as police chief.

Greenslade, we know, not only knows all of his officers by name, but understands the mechanics needed to combat crime.  But his plans have been stopped, blocked, bamboozled and run-amok by the crime boss Hubert Ingraham.

We are being told Assistant Commissioner of Police, Quinn McCartney, will get the top post if elected. He, you would remember, was pimp slapped for wiretapping officers.

Information coming into BP from our source in the OPM also confirms that some 200 officers who are now under a two-year contract will not be renewed if the FNM gets reelected.

Meanwhile, PLP deputy leader and MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador assured Bahamians last night that a PLP Government will reinstate its programme to break the back of Crime.

The PLP has not only made calls to increase manpower on the force but Mr. Davis also assured police that no longer will the Commissioner of Police serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister under a contract.

He said the PLP government will not only free up the COP and allow police to do their jobs, but a PLP administration will repeal the Police Act that restricts the tenure of the Commissioner of Police to five year contracts.

We report Yinner decide!