B.J. Nottage: PM refused to address the people of Bain and Grants Town

Dr. B.J.Nottage MP for Bain and Grants Town. - Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee

Thousands of Bains and Grants Town Residents only wants to see the Back of Hubert Ingraham – ROLL OUT!

Dr. Bernard J. Nottage
19 April 2012

Election time is like Halloween for the Prime Minister as he puts on a mask as someone who cares.

Hundreds of Bain Town residents assembled at the Sarah Ingraham park on Hospital Lane yesterday to hear of the Prime Minister’s plans for Bain Town and other over-the-hill areas, but the Prime Minister never showed up to present his plan to the people.

It is ironic that this same Prime Minister who cancelled Urban Renewal for the inner city and neglected the people of Bain Town and over-the-hill for 15 of the last 20 years now suddenly has an interest in the welfare of the inner city.

The people of Bain Town, Grants Town and other over-the-hill areas need a government that cares about them all the time, not just at election time.

According to Dr. Duane Sands, part of the FNM’s plan for the inner cities involves mass dislocation of the residents in these areas. The PLP is opposed to mass dislocation of our people in these historic neighbourhoods. But we ask the Prime Minister: “where would these people go after you would have displaced them under your plan?”

Many of these people have deep roots and extended familial ties to these historic communities such as Bain Town, Grants Town and Englerston. They need a government that will work with them to rebuild their communities, not displace them from their communities. Urban Renewal sought to achieve this and Urban Renewal 2.0 will build on the successes of Urban Renewal.

The PLP will introduce Urban Renewal 2.0 immediately upon coming to office to continue the social and economic transformation of the over-the-hill areas.

Thousands of Bains and Grants Town residents who have not seen Papa Clown since 1992 told him to ROLL OUT!