PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts warns Christie to ‘GO ON VACATION’!


Christie fears country may run better with him not around…

PLP powerful chairman warns Prime Minister Christie to go one vacation as signs of fatigue is showing on the Party Leader.

Nassau, Bahamas — PLP Chairman has warned Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie to immediately take a vacation, as concerns for the health of the Prime Minister continue to echo around the Cabinet table.

Roberts told a group of PLPs at an NPI banquet Friday night to join him in encouraging the PM to take his wife out of town for a much needed rest and vacation following two challenging campaigns.

Christie has defied doctors and colleagues as a mad rush of helium has now hit the head of the PM, where is he encouraging supporters to ‘Pray to him’ and not pray for him during the spirited campaign in North Abaco.

An insecure Christie is afraid to go on vacation and hand the reigns of power to his viceroy Hon. Philip Brave Davis, who immediately has put an end to the bungling roadworks which closed hundreds of businesses and put Bahamians out of work.

Christie on a platform told a crowd in North Abaco, though Minnis, Ingraham and Gomez may want something to happen in the community, even if they pray to the Good Master, they all have to come to him as he is now Lord of the Bahamas!

The language shocked party supporters and some said, “The PM has crossed the line and is now playing with real fire this time.”

The language so disturbed the religious family island community, that some persons registered to support the PLP in the October 15th race stayed home and one woman in particular drop her pompom right in front of the PLP rally stage and left the field following Christie’s comments.

Lately Christie appears to be losing his voice and some hardcore supporters agree the PM appears to be feeling the stress and tension of the weight of near bankruptcy of the country left behind by Hubert Ingraham. Sources tell us,  “the burden of the country is showing signs of heavy stress on Christie’s face and voice.”

Roberts warned the officers of the Party to caution the PM. He said, “As I leave tonight, I want each of you to do me a favor. When you greet the Prime Minister and party leader, look him in the eyes and say, ‘Prime Minister, promise me that you will take a vacation with your beautiful wife for some much needed rest and recreation.’”

Some believe Christie knows his government will run more efficiently if he was to vanish like a hologram for a month. In fact, one die-hard supporter said, “I believe it is Christie who has the government operating so slow and lethargic where it appears that nothing is getting done. Could you imagine a country without both Christie and Ingraham? Boy, the Bahamas would really be on course for a new direction.”

Some forget during his first term as Prime Minister Mr. Christie fell ill collapsed and could not count, speak or say the alphabet. The incident happened shortly after the PM made a stop in Cuba and was beginning to feel like the second Fidel Castro of the Cuba. Some liken Christie’s backstabbing rule as like Muammar Gaddafi – the former leader of Lybia who went to the grave trying to hold onto power. During that illness former Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia Mother Pratt ran Cabinet and delivered the country’s Budget Communication in Parliament. Her Cabinet conclusions were reported to be the most productive meetings in Cabinet since Pindling rule and the only period when it appeared that something got done in the one-term Christie Government.

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