PLP Chairman slams Opposition stance against medical progress


Roberts: Minnis “clueless” and out of touch with reality

PLP Chairman, Bradley Roberts

Bradley B. Roberts

National Chairman

Progressive Liberal Party


I repeat an earlier assertion that try as he may for martyrdom, Dr. Minnis simply tried in typical FNM fashion to cowardly hide behind the cover of House privilege to smear and slander the Honourable Member for Centerville without the provision of proof, even after the Speaker gave him more than ample time to produce proof of his claim. Having failed to do so, the Speaker of the House in accordance with House rules correctly named and removed Dr. Minnis from the House.

Dr. Minnis is confused about the difference between democracy and anarchy as his unseemly behavior promotes and sows seeds of discord, lawlessness, dishonor, disorder and is a poor example to junior members of the House. He was not standing up for democracy – he was merely standing up for his right to slander a member and get away with it by feinting ignorance or plain naivety. His message to young people is to defy authority and stand up to law and order. It was the Speaker who upheld the principles of democracy by restoring law and order, decorum and discipline while Dr. Minnis sought to abuse our greatest and most important symbol of democracy, the Parliament by disrespecting the rules that govern its proceedings and conventions.

It is disgraceful, that as a medical doctor, the opposition leader appears diametrically opposed to the advancement of medical science in The Bahamas and lacks faith in the competence of Bahamian professionals, even though he claims to believe in Bahamians.

Equally disgraceful was this: Here you an FNM leader in the twenty first century trotting out those same old tired, worn out, discredited and washed up political lines of the FNM of forty years ago. He claims that the FNM supports stem cell research and therapy – just NOT NOW. Dr. Minnis’ party is legendary for opposing independence in 1973 and practically every other piece of legislation and public institution that collectively built the modern Bahamas. This is a dubious legacy that Dr. Minnis is determined to build on and continue.

It is also interesting to note the irony in the medical fraternity as not one medical doctor has aligned himself or herself with the views of Dr. Minnis on this issue. That speaks volumes for how out of touch and ideologically isolated Dr. Minnis is from the Bahamian mainstream and his colleagues on the developmental needs of our country.

Dr. Minnis will do well to listen to the sage in his party – the Honourable member for South Abaco who not only agreed with the ruling of the speaker, but supports the Stem Cell initiative as good and positive for the future growth and development of The Bahamas

The PLP is happy with and supportive of this newest piece of legislation and regulation designed to further modernize the medical profession, diversify our tourism product offerings and advance the interests of our country.