PLP party supporters locked out of the barn with the farmer – Gold Rush “Believe” Government has lost tremendous support one year later


PLP Supporters Denied by the Gold Rush Government – ONE YEAR LATER!

The Bahamas "Believing Train" derailed or comes to a grinding halt one year later!

They asked the country to BELIEVE IN BAHAMIANS – Wonder if they BELIEVE IN PLPS?

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie must make course corrections and ax several of his new generation MPs which will cost the party into the future.

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is projecting a bloodbath at the next PLP Convention. Generals, delegates and stalwarts are pissed and the best way to describe the scene in the organization is like the chaos from an Arab Uprising.

Hardcore generals are dangerously upset with the new government which confirms the signs that a 2017 defeat as likely as it was in 2007.

Unemployment remains high; the economy bad, youth unemployment remains dangerously at 33% among young people under the age of 25, and money is tight.

Go down to BEC and follow the record number of people whose lights are out – 10,000 Bahamians are sitting in darkness – one year later under the PLP according to the Chairman of BEC. Unions are ‘cussin’ mad and labour unrest is at an all time high. The Christie Government is in trouble.

Bahamas Press, amidst all this, reminds the PLP of its crushing defeat back in 2007 and shares why that unexpected event occurred.

Prime Minister Christie many would remember, led the country into the most promising atmosphere of growth in five years between 2002 – 2007. His government’s successes were unmatched by prior governments.

Mr. Christie presided over a strategy that eventually paid great dividends to the country!  From 2002 to 2004 Mr. Christie signed and planted an unprecedented 22 billion dollars worth of projects into the ground. He raised not one tax on the backs of the working poor, while growth across the economy climbed.

The Christie government, many forget, reduced unemployment into single digits, which was a direct result of the Christie planned economic boom to restore the middle class and put Bahamians to work. Some described the Christie economic recovery as having rescued the country from the “depths of hell” – brought on by the poor management, fiscal indiscipline and wastage by an uncaring Hubert Ingraham administration.

Anyone who remembers those days remembers how, despite all that, the PLP had a problem: it failed to bring its generals, foot soldiers and supporters along for the ride.

The Party failed to execute a media campaign on the administration’s landmark achievements. And failed to put PLPs at the front of the line.

By the year 2007, after jeers of Christie “Selling the Land” “late again” and being painted with a brush of “WEAK and INDECISION” – Recklessly looking after those people from the BNT and Clifton – and after taking care of hardcore supporters of the FNM, the PLP Government could not find one foot soldier to sell their transformation message about the Bahamian economy to the voters. Thousands of hardcore supporters stayed away from the polls in 2007 and by default, Hubert Ingraham and his FNM sailed into power.

The New GOLD RUSH PLP Government is on that same path one year later.

Working overtime to award FNMs for Hubert ingraham.

Anyone who studied politics as we have, knows that naked abandonment of followers is indeed the poison pill in politics. And to leave supporters behind, spells political death for a candidate and by extension a political party.

By 2007, the PLP had trouble on its hands. They had failed to account to the people about the disastrous state of affairs they met in place and – to put it bluntly – they courted and protected Hubert Ingraham – just as they are doing now.

Politicos cannot fathom why this strange Love/Hate affair with Ingraham exists among the leadership of the PLP.


Months after a lengthy and expensive forensic audit on NIB and the PLP is mute over the details – REFUSING to account to the Bahamian people as to how millions of their dollars were wasted and spent by the former administration.

Months prior to that, a scandal in the Ministry of Tourism exposed the same behavior and practises in that Ministry. To this day, almost one year following an investigation on Vincent Vanderpool Wallace, and the new administration has buried the details. No one goes to jail and, well, the rest is history.

One year later not one House, School, or upgrade in public infrastructure can be accounted.

One year later no signs of rescue of a single homeowner is had – after facing foreclosure since 2012. Perhaps it as just a clever ruse of a conversation designed to meet the 100-day deadline – NOT ONE HOME SAVED!

No transparency! No accountability! No sunshine Government!

This is not good!

What equally shocks us with the PLP is the fact that after coming into office for one solid year on May 7th, a closer look at the persons being engaged by the government proves that they are hell bent on bruising their PLP supporters.

Bahamas Press invites the wutless media to join us in examining the facts at Tourism, where for example, we know a number of workers there have been engaged by the Christie government.

Hubert Ingraham collaborated with key Cabinet Ministers and facilitated the overthrow of the Christie Administration in 2007.

Bahamas Press has the names and what we found is indeed shocking to hardcore PLPs!

Someone must seriously ask the Minister for Tourism how he could expect to lead the organization one day, when on paper only FNMs are being awarded contractual work by him? And here are some examples:

Recently one Don Cornish was hired by The Ministry of Tourism. Cornish, many in North Abaco would remember, is the relative of Hubert Ingraham. Abaco residents would know he was the very person used by Ingraham to go from settlement to settlement to cuss the PLP supporters and do battle against PLP candidate Renardo Curry in the recent elections. – Obie Wilchcombe has hired him in Tourism. And so, while PLPs in North Abaco are told to sit and wait, the Party engages the enemy.

UNBELIEVABLE! But there’s more.

Another hardcore supporter of the FNM, Anthony Stuart, will now take up office in Florida for Tourism and spearhead the Florida Marketing division there. Stuart is one of those FNMs who frequently boasts that nothing will happen for PLPs, and rightly so: So said, SO DONE!

Christie Government is in trouble.

Take a journey over to the Bahamas Information Services, another department headed by the senior member in the PLP at Tourism, and there you will find a dense crop of hardcore supporters loyal to the FNM. One such foot soldier is Earl Thompson Jr., whose contract with the department had long expired, but, like his godfather the Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes, Earl is going nowhere. Thanks to the PLP!

The PLP has made certain that his contract continues with all the perks including a car – month to month – one year later! Ask Earl what he does at BIS and perhaps not even he can tell you. Like Sharon Turner – some believe they were hired to attack PLP supporters online. But who cares? Those attacks continue, paid for and supported by the PLP.


And if you believe that’s a joke, check this one out. Down at the Gaming Board the same Minister for Tourism and Chairman has engaged the services of an ex-banker, who is also a hardcore FNM.

BP can confirm Darren Sawyer, a known FNM supporter has been engaged by the Gaming Board to do what only The Almighty knows.

Perhaps Hubert Ingraham is running the PLP. Sawyer, some say, is a close family friend of the former Prime Minister.

Boy we tell ya – IF YA DON’T LAUGH YOU WILL CRY! This is not good for the PLP Government!

But you know, we ga leave it there for now. And we ga wait and see how much more shame and disgrace hardcore supporters of the new government must endure.

Sometimes we wonder who is running the PLP Government and whether Ingraham isn’t somewhere hiding around the PLP party; veiled in Gold engaging PLP leaders who remain loyal to him since 2007! Thus, Ingraham is still sitting in-charge of the country.

One year later and not a damn thing change!

Unbelievable! But carry on.

We will report and yinner decide!