BTC Starmaker: The search for the Next Face of BTC

BTC STARMAKER Casting Calls on New Providence, Grand Bahama and Exuma are planned for late April and early May. Details on L to R: Ramona Julien - Asst. Manager Cash ‘n Go; Jerome Sawyer, Snr. BTC Manager Public Relations; Deborah Geear-Bethell a Starmaker Judge; Jason Clarke GM Cash ‘n Go. Photo: Ferrano Ferguson

Nassau, Bahamas – Contestants are now being cast nationwide for the popular BTC an on-air television show BTC Starmaker airing on ZNS and on-line this May and June. BTC Starmaker features Bahamian contestants between the ages of 13 and 30, vying for the chance to become the next face of BTC for their extensive advertising and PR campaigns. Now in its 4th year of production would be contestants can apply via email and at and attend live auditions on Grand Bahama, Exuma and in New Providence.

Selected contestants participate in a variety of on-air challenges and the winner is the one who demonstrates the most winning on-air personality. Social graces, style, poise and confidence combined with a likeable and creative on-air projection is sought each week in a series of reality television challenges. It will begin with the airing of a special one hour show, “Where Are They Now?” featuring past winners on Wednesday May 8th. BTC Starmaker will run for 8 weeks and air at 8 pm each Wednesday and Saturday on ZNS TV 13. BTC associate sponsors are Sky Bahamas, Cash N Go, Caribbean Bottling Company, Domino’s Pizza, Bahamas Local and Master Creations.

The show is the first of its kind to be produced by a corporate entity. The primary aim of the show is to provide an avenue to expose the talents, and to develop the public relations skills of Bahamian youth. While skills in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments is useful, the competition does NOT require them. A likeable, memorable and winning on-air presentation is the key requirement.

As usual this coming season the viewing audience will be engaged as the contestants complete a variety of interesting challenges for direct criticisms of the NOW 4 experts – Photographer Kovah Duncombe, Modeling and Etiquette Specialist Deborah Geear-Bethell, Image Consultant and Branding Specialist Stacia Williams and new to our panel owner and Artistic Director of the Lawrence Carroll Dance Academy, Yorick Lawrence Carroll. Each week two contestants will face the threat of being eliminated from the series.

Casting Calls on New Providence, Grand Bahama and Exuma are planned for late April and early May. Fierce competition is expected throughout the nation-wide audition process. Entry deadline is April 19th. (details on The Judges will select only sixteen (16) show finalists; one (1) Junior and one (1) Adult will emerge as the new BTC Stars, and will obtain a one year endorsement contract with BTC valued at ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).

The show is extremely popular among the youth and adult demographics. The Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas ranked it second only to their ZNS TV 13 newscasts in viewership and popularity. Viewers are also encouraged to watch for the weekly opportunities to win smart phones, phone credit and other BTC products and services. Customer contests are also held through website and social media outlets which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 4 Square.