PLP production of Sidney Collie, GONE!


Bahamas Press came across this youtube video and must say, this is the best video we have seen in a while. LOL! COLLIE GONE!


  1. Well said Morehands…we should all try to build up our country, but at the same time remember we all have opinions and there are times when we will critize the blatant wrongs being done in the government. But I agree with you, we should have MORE HANDS coming together to make our nation great. Well said and I love the piece on the Israelites.

  2. Drama King, my allegiance is to objectivity, common sense and sound rationalization. I agree with anyone who uses them. Sometimes its Media, sometimes WOW, even Wutless or Mental and yes, on the far and few moments even Drama. A few days ago I agreed with another comment you made as well. Let’s throw a party!

    Big deal if you know who I am. I never said that I wanted to keep it a secret. I only use a username to state my message to the country – we need “Morehands” involved to save our land. If your want my biography to invite me to speak to a social/church/school group or just to admire my accomplishments I will gladly email it to you ( We, the educated, nationally and internationally exposed young adults of the Bahamas have come to reclaim our motherland from the clutches of ignorance, heresy, gossip and nepotism. Its a group of about 48 of us and like BahamasPress we growing daily.

    Its not the government who is destroying our country, its the inhabitants. If we stop voting and speaking just for the political party name, stops covering the crimes of our neighbours and start allowing people to only get ahead on their own merit and not for favours or family, then we may begin to see IMMEDIATE changes.

    I wish my path can cross Sidney Collie’s again. I admire the man greatly and his decision has taught me a big lesson, as I do agree with you that it was not his direct fault.

    When the Israelites were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem the bible says that they worked with shovel in one hand and a sword in another. You can criticize the Ingrahams, Perrys, Tommys, Brents and others all you want with your sword in one hand, but do it with a shovel in the other hand to help us rebuild the Bahamas.

  3. I cant believe Morehands is agreeing with me on something. Firstly he insults me and now he is agreeing with me? I’m flabergasted.

    So you grew up in Andros, Morehands. I think I know exactly who you are. I thought so more or less….lol……

    So Wow you think Sidney just took one for the team then?

  4. If he was not involved directly, why go to court and fight it when the AG’s office advised otherwise? That would have been the right time to out whoever was resposible. When Hanna-Martin took it to court, I am sure they knew what would happen. Both Collie and Ingraham are lawyers. Nothing just happens by accident. The Minister resign and the P.S. didn’t? Come on man, open your eyes.

  5. This the Bahamas BABY!! Everyone comes at a price, a promise or diehard politics. That’s how we get in this national mess right now.

    WOW, I can picture and agree with Drama King’s explanation of what happened to Collie. He really doesn’t come across as the type of guy who has anything to gain by personally fiddling in local government elections. I alway assumed that it had be an inside job of someone under him (or above him pulling the strings of his subordiantes)

  6. Well what is clear ‘morehands’ is the fact you’re clearly not aware of our contract with our hosting company. However, do remember the creation of any blog, organization, company or institution is driven by the dream created by its originator. THAT ME!

    Which means, I owns the 20,000 private emails of Bahamians and world contacts outside this blog, which has and continue to help draw attention to the growing numbers on Bahamas Press. Our writers know me personally and they are, ‘Simply THE BEST’ in this country. Our deep-throats in organizations and companies all around this country is an invaluable treasure we call OUR OWN. And so IF, just if something terrible was to happen even to our Hosting company or name, ALWAYS remember, there is one team that makes Bahamas Press, Bahamas Press and that team will be following ME!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. Drama King I have to disagree with you, Sidney knew exactly what he was doing and got busted in the process. And really, you think his BOSS didn’t know too? Come on, you know these guys can’t make a decision without Ingraham, just look at the current crisis. I am quite sure the entire Cabinet was in on the decision which made it even more necessary for Sidney to be the fall guy to deflect blame away from them. Why do you think they are praising him for being so honourable? The man literally took a bullet for them and I am sure he will be rewarded later.

  8. sorry if my comments were a little off color. just trying to make a funny. but hey, I do have a lot of fun blogging on this thing.

  9. No worries Media. I didn’t come to take over ….YET. (I am considering doing it on October 1st though when certain things become up for grabs). But I did say when I re-joined this blog under this username that now that I’m back in the country from my time abroad, I will be making much more productive input in this and other Bahamian forums. We have something good in this place we call the Bahamas. Folks all over the world know this and that’s why they coming looking to take over, while we busy fighting amongst ourselves and bringing each other down.

    Someone please advise those two jackalopes as to how saying that Collie is an acquaintance makes me an Ingraham defender? Look up the word “acquaintance” and get some help. The Bahamas is a small place. As long as you go out your house you will bump into politicians of all arena, have small talk and you make their ACQUAINTANCES. I met Christie twice and chit chatted with him too. So I guess I have to defend him too then. Come from behind your computers and mirrors and you might meet some as well. Don’t hate on me because I have a life outside this blog.

    By the way Drama Queen, I grew up in Andros and when a man was said to “walk with a big stick” it meant something else (which is never cut off at the PMH). I thank you and your sister for the compliment. Given that, maybe me going to that person for that massage you suggested wouldn’t be a good idea after all. However, I did like your clear, objective explanation of what happened to Sidney Collie though. I appreciate the explanation. It showed much hope for you after all. Congrats.

    The pen is sharper than the sword. It not blood pressure – its sound mental reasoning.

  10. Good minds think alike, Media…..good minds think alike….lol…….

    My sister gave a saying…I will share it with the ever so passionate Ingraham defender Morehands…… “Walk Quietly With a Big Stick”…stop coming out the box barking so hard and loud, man. You have now exposed yourself fully as the Ingraham defender…..mind your blood pressure, man.

  11. Mental……on the low….that was kinda funny. I love a good joke. PLPedophiles …. lolllllll….ingenius. But why dont you clean it up and repost it.

  12. LOL! LOL! I mean there is really some strong willed persons in here now. I mean I give ‘Morehands’ one comment, gone from the site for one second and before I can return, the INGRAHAM defender is moderating the blog….LOL!

    What can I say ‘mental’, they attack me everyday, but they know when I come with my switch, they KNOW I in charge. LOL!

    But yes the site as you ‘LOOK AROUND’ you can see it is not like the EBONICS/Bahamian dialect written blogs. Raise your debate level or people would begin to not read your comments or just avoid you. I did see ‘Morehands’ comment but did not read yours for why he wrote it. That is what I mean.

    DRAMA KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW we really think a lot alike!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  13. lol at mental ….i like that video with shaq as a matter of fact even though im a LAKER FAN !!!!! and in the words of “morehands”

    “Keep the posts coming. About 439,994 of us gat your back.”

  14. I think Sidney didnt know what he was doing and goofed and his BOSS told him to resign. Plus I heard that he was properly advised by his veteran P.S. and he ignored the advice. He probably was being advised by someone else who he trusted more than the P.S. and he came back to haunt him.
    …..from an inside person, I heard his boss really didnt like him anyway.

  15. Mental, I’m not the admin of this blog and I do appreciate the posts you make, but seriously you really have to improve your language in your posts. There is another popular Bahamian forum which allows users to use whatever slang, jargons, vulgarity and profanity they choose. I don’t think this is one of those places. Look around and see if anyone speaking that way.

    All that said, I always appreciate your constructive comments – although mildly vulgar at times, they show a strong level of reasoning and objectivity. Keep the posts coming. About 439,994 of us gat your back.

    Outside of politics Sidney is a good acquaintance of mine and I always found him to be a great man. Its sad that he got caught up in the local government mess.

    Was the final word that it was his personal plotting or as the boss did he have to take the fall for the negligence of his subordinates? I never found out the whole story.

    PS: The video was funny though and it did make for a good laugh.

  16. oh man if only you PLPedophiles had your crap together last mafter 5 yay. all would be right with the country now right?

    I say you should be mad at Ingraham. He’s the one who came back FIVE YEARS LATER and rolled all a yall out. Even though you tried so hard.It was so funny.

    to quote my boy Shaq Diesel
    “tell me how my a** taste?”
    MHuh? How it taste n****?

  17. Humor is great but when you look at the way this gross misjudgement affected so many of our brothers and sisters in the Family Islands we realise that resignation wasy way out.Unfortunately politicians get too much hot air when they are elected.Collie is finished politically.

  18. We must say despite the squabbles with the ‘WUTLESS PLP ADM.’ this is a laughable video indeed! It left members who saw it crying with laughter. We just wonder if the FNM would find humor in this. But if we were them today, we could only imagine how an awesome video like this would be on Christie. LOL!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  19. Welcome to the world of down and dirty politricks….bahamian style.
    But all you folks talking about PLP this, FNM that…you better get hip to the fact that all the election does is decide who gets MORE of the same crooked pie slicing!

  20. LOL! One down and counting.

    You know what bother me about this whole Sidney Collie matter? The man do dirt, everyone know he was wrong. Even after the court ruling, he defended his actions in Parliment a couple of days before he “decided” to resign. Then all of a sudden, he “honorable” and is setting such a good example for resigning? Come on man! What example he set? That it’s ok for a Minister to use crooked and underhanded means until they get caught and then resigning absolves you of guilt?

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