Antigua Hopes Death Penalty Will Curb Crime


Antigua and Barbuda is moving to implement tough death penalty legislation in the wake of the recent murders of two British tourists on honeymoon.

The government is proposing the death sentence for crimes involving weapons, even if the victim wasn`t killed, and for gun trafficking, which is blamed for the increase in crime on the islands in recent years.

Judges will be given the option to impose sentences ranging from 25 years to life in prison, said Antigua and Barbuda Justice Minister Collin Derrick.

The new legislation will be introduced when parliament resumes, he said.

In Wales, the parents of newlyweds Catherine and Ben Mullany have been given permission to bury their loved ones following the conclusion of autopsies. Both were found to have died from gunshot wounds to the head.

The Mullanys, both 31, were shot inside their bungalow on a resort in southwest Antigua. Mrs. Mullany, a physician, died instantly. Mr. Mullany died a week later after his parents took him off life support. The tragedy occurred on the last day of the couple`s honeymoon on the island. Robbery is believed to have been the motive. Antiguan police, with the help of Scotland Yard, are still searching for suspects even though several persons have been questioned.


  1. I agree the leader(s) of this country are spineless and so is the opposition for that matter. Now as far as the MAXIMUM LEADER is concerned …… thats a different story.

  2. when you say leader do you mean present leader or you mean leader(s) as in successive govs? cause lets not forget that double murder that happend in bimini around 2004-2005 those Austrian visitors, i think it was a dutchess and her hubbie or something like that and i dont recall law makers (at that time) stiffen any penalties or acts or laws NOTHING or was there any thing done after that tripple killing in the st. vincent road area last year remeber that “drive by shooting”

    I agree with you SPINELESS LEADER(S)

  3. One double murder and the Law Makers were on the job making Stiffer penalties acts of law.

    Now you see why Bahamas Press confirms the leader here in The Bahamas are SPINELESS MEN AND WOMEN?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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