PLP says: Bahamians do not accept the excuse that crime is drug related as Tommy suggests


Press Statement By
Progressive Liberal Party
July 21st 2010

The PLP notes with great alarm the Minister of National Security’s indication that he is unable to cope with the record levels of crime daily assailing citizens of The Bahamas. Bahamians do not accept the excuse that crime is drug related. The bold and brazen armed robbery at Bahamasair was not drug related. The murder of a mature female taxi driver in Long Island was not drug related. Many deaths, classified and unclassified, are not drug related.

Buying new cars for the police, while a positive step, does not solve crime. Bahamians would like to know from whom these cars were bought and what was the price of the cars?  The answer to these questions will raise the issue of whether the nests of FNM special interests continue to be feathered on the backs of Bahamians.

The fact of the matter is that the Minister of National Security is clueless and has no ideas. He is out of his league and must do the honorable thing and be gone.

The PLP suggests to the government that it should immediately and fully reinstate the Urban Renewal and the School Policing Programs.  We note the concerns expressed in the media today by Dr. David Allen, one of the authors of the Urban Renewal program, about rising violence among teenage girls.

Churches should be supported in their community outreach programs. Government subvention should immediately be restored to church schools, the Ranfurly Homes, PACE, the Crisis Centre, and other charities assisting the alleviation of poverty and the advancement of education. Statistics show that poverty is directly related to crime. Statistics also show that goal oriented young people seldom become involved in criminal activity.

Studies show that projects such as these do have positive impact and they ought to be immediately restored.


  1. CRIME is a result of the PLP filling up all the Government Ministries with their croonies, who don’t know how to answer the telephone, must less talk to the customer…..true, true song from KB. Please PLP stop bashing the government for what you could not achieve as government, you’ll make we want to go out and vote for you’ll next election. You need more sensible talk!!

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