PLP says: Law abiding citizens are not safe on the streets


PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts puts Tommy in school.

Press Statement Progressive Liberal Party
August 3rd 2010

Law abiding citizens are not safe on the streets; not safe at the bank; not safe at the Passport Office; not safe at the Department of Immigration; and, not safe in the Courts!

The PLP again calls for the Prime Minister to immediately fire the leaders of his law and order team, the Minister of National Security and the Attorney General.

Criminals have become more and more emboldened under their joint leadership. This morning there was a break in at the Department of Immigration. Like the Passport Office which also experienced a break in, immigration affects our national security. Alarmingly, the Passport Office is across the street from the Police College and down the road from CID. The Immigration Department is a short distance from both the Police Station on the eastern side of Bay Street and the Police Station on Wulff Road.

Under Minister Turnquest’s watch there is a record number of murders. Crime is rampant. When the Attorney General John Delaney joined Minister Turnquest on the law and order team the criminals became emboldened and brazen. There was a break in at the Supreme Court, located a stone’s throw from the Central Police Station; there was a break in at the Nassau Street Magistrates Court, located on the border of the South St. Police Station; an armed robbery, in broad daylight, using a machine gun, down the road from the Cable Beach Police Station; and now, a break in at the Department of Immigration. There are many more incidents of serious crime. These are being singled out as they all impact national security and the seat of administration of justice.

We believe that criminals have become more emboldened because Minister Turnquest is clearly completely out of his depth.  Criminals do not take him seriously. Criminals have also seen the Attorney General’s inept and incompetent performance. He presided over the barefoot bandit being slapped on the wrist for serious and egregious offences. He was complicit in granting to the incoming Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) a contract upon terms and conditions of service, including remuneration, that were not advertised. In so doing, he led the charge in breaking this Government’s and previous Government’s time honoured practice and policy that any post, and the terms and conditions of service thereof, including remuneration, be advertised prior to the post being filled.  Bahamians will never forget the unprecedented circumstance whereby the Minister of Legal Affairs admitted that thousands of Bahamian lawyers were denied the opportunity to apply for the post of DPP because that post was not advertised at the same remuneration terms and conditions granted to the incoming non Bahamian DPP.

These Ministers are seen by criminals to be incompetent. Obviously they feel that they are not required to follow long standing polices and practices of successive Governments. The result of which, we, and others, are not surprised that criminals have become emboldened and brazen.

These Ministers preside over and have caused a state of affairs where criminals are slapped on the wrist; criminals boldly violate the Government’s centres of national security and criminals violate the seat of justice.

The Bahamas is in crisis.

Law abiding citizens are not safe on the streets; not safe at the bank; not safe at the Passport Office; not safe at the Department of Immigration; and, not safe in the Courts!

These Ministers must go NOW!


  1. No we are not safe… Wasn’t safe before and ESPECIALLY AFTER 2007….Its starts with the roots FAMILY/HOME,SCHOOL AND CHURCH. Who ever is minister of security I strongly think it wont do nothing MUCH FOR CRIME. But I still feel Turnquest should be more strict and stern with crime. You cant blame one man for a societal problem but he being as leader should BE ABLE TO LEAD BETTER.

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