PLP says the Government would quickly learn Fred Smith!


Fred Mitchell and Fred Smith.

The PLP learned early yesterday morning that the Attorney for the applicant who is at the centre of a dispute over his citizenship with the Government Of The Bahamas was returned by his Attorney to The Bahamas notwithstanding an appeal of the decision and application for a stay was to be heard on Monday 5 February at 3 pm by prior agreement with the Attorney General.

This behaviour is not surprising and the Government will soon learn more about the nature of the individual attorney.

However, it is important for his matter to be clarified all the way up to the Privy Council. We believe that the Government should continue to pursue what they are doing and not relent. The security of our borders is at stake and the value of our citizenship.

We also believe that while the matter is being appealed, the laws should be immediately amended and enforced retrospectively if necessary to ensure that what has been seen to be deficient in dealing with undocumented non-nationals will no longer be deficient. We agree that this is not necessary but should be done out of an abundance of caution and to prevent further judicial adventurism.