PLP woman ‘VICTIMIZED’ in branch elections – trouble brewing for PLP new generation leadership


Party chased longtime supporter and female educator away from branch

PLP woman supporter 'VICTIMIZED' in Branch elections.

Nassau, Bahamas — PLP chiefs now face a crisis on their hands after a senior general in the Nassau Village constituency was ‘bamboozled’ by the party and hoodwinked during the branch elections.

We can report a woman with long standing ties to the organization was blocked from participating as a member of the PLP after she attempted to become a member of the branch in elections held last week.

The woman is a hardcore supporter from the PLP stronghold of North Andros and has served in the classrooms across the country for almost 30 years.

We can confirm the “Educator” attended a meeting to establish the branch which is represented by the Deputy Speaker of the House Dion Smith.

According to sources at the meeting on last Wednesday, the woman, who turned one of her apartments into a PLP satellite branch during the May 7th general election and who cooked breakfast for election workers the morning of the runoff, had paid her fees to become a member of the Nassau Village branch, but without reason was rejected and was not allowed to become a member.

Further several other hardcore supporters in the area, who also support the woman on the branch was also rejected and without explanation denied to be registered in the constituency branch of the party.

One member of the branch told BP, “What the PLP did to that woman represents a sad day for women all across the country. What are they telling women in this country? What do they have against this woman who has done nothing more than good to build up the party and elect its leadership?”

The mood in Nassau Village is not good, and, according to sources, could spell a dangerous fallout for the governing party going forward.

Attempts to contact the MP for the area have proven fruitless!

We report yinner decide!