PM DAVIS meets inspiring Bahamian entrepreneur, Kaylandra Edgecombe


PM DAVIS: I recently returned from Toronto where I opened The Bahamas Consulate Office and had the opportunity to meet the inspiring Bahamian entrepreneur, Kaylandra Edgecombe. She is the owner of Old Nassau , which brings the taste of our islands to Canada.

Kaylandra’s story of determination and passion for sharing Bahamian cuisine, like cracked lobster, pea soup and dumplings, conch snacks, and guava duff, has genuinely inspired me. The Old Nassau Restaurant’s inviting atmosphere captures the essence of the Bahamas, creating a unique experience for all who visit.

I am moved by Kaylandra’s unwavering dedication to promoting Bahamian culture and cuisine in Canada. Her success as an entrepreneur abroad serves as an inspiration to us all. Wishing Kaylandra and The Old Nassau Restaurant continued growth and success!