PM Minnis continues to run a lawless Government and criminals abuse the Road Traffic logo for personal benefit!


NASSAU| All kinds of lawlessness and criminality is undergirding this Criminal Administration directed by Hubert Alexander Minnis.

Just this weekend staffers at the Road Traffic Department, where criminality abounds, showed us a souse out ticket with the logo of the Road Traffic Department thereon.

The hussle is for one Shornell Robinson Educational Fund. No permission was given by the Road Traffic Director’s Office or the Ministry of Transport for the use of Road Traffic’s logo on the tickets. Look at the criminal behavior now happening under the WUTLESS GOVERNMENT!

Criminality is permeating throughout the country where secret deals, smuggling with use of Defence Force Vessels and crimes in the doctoring of evidence by police are invading our once peaceful society! All the rules are going out the window in the country

Who gave Shornell Robinson permission to use the Road Traffic logo for her fleecing exercise? And police has the nerve to talk bout crime is down? Yes COP Ferguson Crime it’s happening right now down the street on Sapodilla Boulevard in Pinewood Gardens at house #27!

Anyway, soon these same people will open an office with the Road Traffic Department’s Logo and tell the public “Car license, registrations and inspections are sold here!” Where is the Anti-Corruption Unit now?

We report yinner decide!