PM Minnis to address the nation as ship with CoVID 19 (coronavirus) victims were permitted into Bahamian waters to restock….


The Daily Mail REVEALED: More than 600 British passengers are stranded on Caribbean cruise ship and facing a ten-day nightmare trip home as five test positive for coronavirus after outbreak onboard

If negotiations fail, the Braemar will be forced to sail back to Britain with all its passengers – including those with Covid-19 – on board.

Last night, relatives of those on the ship spoke of their fears over such a prospect.

‘You have got the absolute target audience of the most vulnerable and at-risk on that ship,’ said Helen Littlewood, 39, from Norfolk, whose 74-year-old mother is on board. ‘My mum has high blood pressure, respiratory problems and she suffers from bronchitis and is asthmatic. She is one of hundreds.

‘I am absolutely terrified that they might have to sail across the Atlantic. No one has told us medically how they would cope if more people get sick. What happens if the doctor gets sick? What happens if the captain gets sick?’

PM Hubert Minnis is scheduled to address the nation tonight and one of his comments will be to not listen to reports.

We report yinner decide!


  1. No more cruises until this is over. Why should other people take on the risk. Cruise lines should be sued into the ground for evacuation costs

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