PM orders all staff of Parliament to attend a meeting at OPM at 9am today…

Lower House.
Prime Minnis and Speaker Moultrie

NASSAU| BP is reporting breaking news coming in right now from the Parliament and Office of the Prime Minister.

ALL STAFF of the Parliament are advised to assemble at the OPM for a big meeting at 9am Friday Morning.

This news has just reached BP as we have been asked to gather our flies on the wall for instructions.

Democracy is under threat!

A constitutional crisis is developing inside the Government where someone out of Cabinet has decided to hold hostage and test the Constitutional Independence of the Parliament!

Halson Moultrie is Speaker and has the confidence of the majority of Elected Members.

Last week the Clerk of the House came down with COVID19 exposing all of the staff now headed to this meeting at the OPM!

It is safe to suggest that COVID19 could spread in the OPM but who gives a damn! Not the man who made the claim he is saving lives!

We reporting yinner deciding!