PM prepares to quickly build a vacation home to retire in Andros outside the capital as elections fast approach!


PM Minnis might decide to leave the Bahamas like Stafford Sands who he idolizes after defeat in the General Elections…

PM Hubert Minnis

NASSAU| PM Hubert Minnis was already hallucinating as this past the bombshell of the Golden Isles MP joining the PLP caught the PM off-guard last week.

Minnis was in Parliament talking about retirement when a ton a brick dropped on his head.

Minnis told Parliament that, while scores are dying, losing their job, homes, income, and minds, he is about to go swimming on the beaches of Andros – in a new bathing suit by the way – where he plans to build his retirement home. Looka DAT!

Minnis was the mover of the Emergency Powers extension to the end of October but, after the bombshell of Vaughn Miller joining the opposition party, which went loud across the country, the PM jumped in his car and told the driver to speed out of Rawson Square as if he was being chased by a ghost. Boy if ya don’t laugh you would cry!

PM Minnis even forgot he was to close the debate after the news of the growing opposition numbers inside and outside of Parliament came. The PM had a hologram moment and him like a bad dream.

Earlier that same day Minnis spoke about building his retirement home on Andros property, which he purchased when he served as the Hotel Corporation Chairman under the Ingraham Government. 

Minnis told Parliament he wants to live on the islands and retire to enjoy the peace and quiet the family islands afford. Ahhh Boy!

Minnis could sense the cut-yinner-know-what coming for him and his party, after which he will not be able to show his face in the capital whenever the elections are called and all the votes counted.

One senior FNM told BP the PM is already moving personal items into his second home on a northern family island, which he visited two Saturdays ago. 

The winds of change are fast approaching and even Hubert Minnis can feel a change coming!

We report yinner decide!