Police locked up a 50-year-old man for two whole days for not wearing a mask and have yet to deliver to the courts the crew partying inside the Magistrate Complex – WHAT IS THIS?

Arawak Cay

NASSAU| Police kept a 50-year-old man in jail for two days before bringing him before the courts to charge him for not wearing a mask.

The man, who we will not name, of Symonette Street, was accused of not wearing a mask at Arawak Cay where the young people dem insulted the PM some weeks ago.

The arrest unfolded around 7:10 pm on July 12 where the man said he went from the fruit stand to get some ice when he was singled out for not wearing a mask. He told the court he was not the only one not wearing a mask and that many persons were on the cay unmasked!

Senior Magistrate Andrew Forbes, after the man admitted to the offense delivered an absolute discharge after hearing he had been locked up for two whole days over the ordeal. Boy, I tell ya!

We report yinner decide!