Police Officer found dead in his home


A BP News Alert:

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has learned a police officer stationed at the Central Police Station in downtown Nassau was found dead in his residence in the western section of the island.

Sources tell us police officer PC 345 ONEIL GIBSON was discovered dead shortly after 8am on Saturday morning. The officer is said to have had a serious medical history.

Investigators have ruled out any suspicions to this death and believe the officer was succumbed due to his medical ailments.

No information have been attained by BP as to what his medical condition was.


  1. R I P Oneal truly my heart goes out to your wife and family be strong Tiffany Neil was a loving person we will miss him for his cheerfulness and gentle smile God has him now and he is in good hands. may his soul rest in peace.

    • The Funeral is this Friday at 10AM At the Bahamas Faith Ministries on Charmichael Road.

      Commonwealth Funeral home has the body. Viewing began at 9AM this morning.


  2. My heart hurts today as I learn about the death of Oneal.I still can’t believe this. Oneal was the sweetest, kindest person I knew. His entire family is the same way. My prayers go out to his wife, children, parents and his entire family. I will miss you Oneal.Rest in peace.. Mavis, Bahamasair-FLL.

  3. R.I.P. O’Neil “Stinkweed” Gibson.
    You were a great friend and ‘Big Brother’ that kept me out of a lot of trouble in Chippingham, and always had fatherly advice for me. Rosalind St. will never be the same. I pray that your wife, daughters, and siblings find the strength needed to make it through these tough times. ‘Bird’ and Tiffany please hold down the fort!

    Your friend, your neighbor, and fellow son of Elutheran soil…

    • Stop applauding someone who is so political it is difficult to distinguish blood from his colours.Am ashamed of you for being so easily hoodwinked.Some persons are so intellectually short that every discussion must be poltical.

      • may his soul rest in peace…..i didnt mean it to be political, but BP have a thing to blame tommy and papa for everthing right down to the gulf oil spill,city market not having their stores stocked with necessary food items, people not paying their BEC bills that they used etc. We are the blame for everything, we are to narrow minded and petty. Government cant be asked to be the fall guy for everyone…socialism?

  4. Lets not forget, Pablo Emilio Escobar, was consider The Bandits of Bandits.
    He and Carlos Lehder worked together to develop a new island trans-shipment point in the Bahamas for drugs, called Norman’s Cay.
    Carlos and Robert Vesco purchased most of the land on the Island which included a 3,300 foot airstrip, a harbor, hotel, houses, boats, aircraft and even built a refrigerated warehouse to store the cocaine. From 1978–1982, this was used as a central smuggling route for the Medellin Cartel.
    Many Police officers were involved in this operation.

    • A few of our Cabinet Ministers were involved as well do not just stop at police officers…implicated were also one of our past Prime Ministers, dont levae that out as well. In fact some of the people who were impicated are now called promonent business owners now….

    • And who was Vescos lawyer?the person told the Commission of Enquiry that his involvement was a one shot deal.You better leave this subject alone b4 I expose you and those who you support.

    • Since you want to be facetious despite the sadness of the situation I blame Tommy T for overworking Policemen without compensation.Tommy T has also stressed out Policemen who will remember him in the Gen Elects.I wish I could meet you so that I can see if you are a machine or just a dumb nitwit.

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