Plane Crashes after takeoff on Walkers Cay…Survivors now being airlifted to Capital


Marsh Harbour, AbacoBP is reporting a plane has just crashed after leaving Walkers Cay in the Abacos.

BP agents on the scene now tell us there are survivors. Once again, a plane has just crashed after taking-off the remote island of Walkers Cay in the Abacos.

Early reports tell us there are survivors following the crash and they are being transported to the capital at this hour.

[On screen is a file photo]


  1. This is truly a remarkable story!! The Pilot’s efforts are to be highly commended. He was able to provide life vest and keep everyone calm including a pregnant woman. Clealy he is a hero and he landing was very similar to what Sully did on the Hudson River. The search and rescue team did a fantastic job! This story has moved me to tears…all I can say is Thanks be to God and HOW GREAT THOW ART!!!!

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