Police shoots robber dead after scuffle



Sometime around 1:20 am on Friday 28th May, 2010 police received information of a shop breaking at an establishment on Alexander Street, Palmdale.  Police responded and on arrival to the establishment, observed a male clad in a white and brown stripe shirt, long jeans pants and a multicolored tennis shoes.  On seeing the police, the suspect fled, officers gave chase; however, the suspect was able to evade the police.  Officers then left the area.

A short time later, police received additional information that a person fitting the description given earlier was seen hiding behind a building.   Police returned and saw the person.  Again, the person attempted to flee; however, the police caught up with the suspect and a struggle ensued between the police and the suspect who was armed with a knife.  It is reported the police received injuries to the right hand.  A police weapon was discharged, resulting in the suspect being hit to the right side of the his abdomen.  EMS responded  and pronounced the victim dead.  Officers later discovered a rear door to the establishment was found open.

Investigators were able to retrieve a knife from the deceased hand.  Investigations continue.


Shortly before 8:00 am on Friday 28th May, 2010 police received information of a shooting at Island Game, Cordeaux Ave and East Street.  Police responded and information received that an employee, while exiting the establishment with the company’s deposit bag was approached by two males, one of whom was allegedly armed with a handgun demanding cash.  The culprits robbed the employee of the  deposit bag containing an undisclosed amount of cash and subsequently shot the employee to the left side. The victim was taken to hospital where he is listed in serious condition. The culprits, one  of whom was clad in a blue shirt and blue jeans pants with a tam pulled over his face, fled the area in a dark colored jeep.  Police are investigating and appealing to members of the public who have any information regarding this incident  to contact  the police at  919, CDU at 502-9991 or crime stoppers at 328 – TIPS.


Sometime around 10:25 am on Friday 28th May, 2010 an accident occurred on Nassau Street and South Street where a male that was an occupant of a gas truck fell and was subsequently rolled over by the rear tire of the truck.  As a result, the victim received serious injuries to the body.  EMS personnel responded and pronounced the victim dead.  Police are investigating.

The victim has been identified as: LA’NAJEE MOSS