Political Victimization now hits FOX HILL CORRECTIONAL FACILITY!


Marvin Dames and the Minnis Cabinet wants to appoint an absolute JACKASS to head the Department of Corrections – WHAT IS THIS?

Nassau – The despot, Joseph Stalin, was quoted as saying, “One death is tragedy, a thousand is a statistic.”

This saying is now apt for the purge of the political sector now being carried out by the Minnis administration. Originally done under the guise of reducing costs, it is now being exposed as naked political victimization to reward loyalists to the Prime Minister. No agency has been spared.

The latest agency beng impacted is the Corrections Service where both the Acting Director of Corrections and the Deputy Director of Corrections have been sent on leave to make way for a loyalist. This loyalist, Assistant Director, Mr. Patrick Murphy, operated as a campaign general for Dr. Minnis, contrary to public service rules, in the last general election. He would be superseding 6 qualified non-political officers to ascend to the top job.

Instead of being celebrated as the first female Director of Corrections (formerly Prison Superintendent), the Actg. Director is left to wonder whether her reward for 30 years of selfless dedication to the institution is simply to be placed in a corner until retirement.

It is a sad commentary that dedicated largely faceless public servants can have their careers destroyed so easily to elevate political hacks.

What is the future of the public service and this country?

But we report and let yinner decide!