FNM at the Labour Day parade.

Nassau, Bahamas –– The Free National Movement’s campaign swings in North Abaco appear to be heating up as former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has landed back in North Abaco, fighting back about his record and telling voters “you know me”!

Ingraham’s 30 plus years as MP for the area has much to show for itself and could reap dividends for the embattled FNM candidate who has yet to explain to the residents why he has been kicked out of the community.

Mr. Ingraham and his wife Deloris, now retired, are moving together through the constituency door to door.

In Cooper’s Town over the weekend, Ingraham was seen moving through track roads and bushes from settlement to settlement handing out donations and at the same time raising cash.

We can report Ingraham ordered his Party to pay Cay Mills, one of his former generals, as much as $30,000 to not enter the race and split votes in the October 15th showdown.

Mr. Ingraham, as he took control over the campaign, will conduct a live town meeting with Guardian Radio, Abaco Radio and Cable 12 in the area to promote the work he has done in the constituency for the past years.

Meanwhile, the governing PLP is said to have kicked off their campaign over the weekend. Keynote speaker for the event was Prime Minister Perry Christie.

We report yinner decide!