Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham's remarks at FNM Convention 2009


ingraham-posterRemarks of the Prime Minister and Leader of the Free National Movement 2009 Convention. Today Bahamas Press published a copy of the Rt. hon. Hubert ingraham’s text delivered on Friday 6th. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Prime Minister’s remarks.


  1. Mr.Ingrahamm can pat his chest all he wants,the reality is, contractors, electricians, plumbers, tile layers a/c technicians, and other tradesmen have nothing to do in the morning, and the morning after. After Shane Gibson Built nearly 1500 houses,(a major accomplishment), construction has since dried up.

    Construction is one of the only conduit, that channels millions of dollars on the street weekly, touching almost every household, from the poor, to the upper class. Mr.Ingraham, brought absolutely nothing to the table, that will put money on the streets, for the larger body of blue collar workers. All i can say is some rough times are ahead. All the rhetoric, and guile, and pureile comments(James Smith) comes to mind, will not put bread on the table. Mr.Ingraham will be found wanting in the ensuing months

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