Prime Minister working at the UN this week



Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham reviews notes ahead of the opening session of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals High Level Event held at UN Headquarters, New York on Thursday, September 25, 2008. Prime Minister met with President Bill Clinton and addressed the problems in Haiti as he addressed the UN General Assembly on Friday. With his Minister of Labour begging employers to keep jobs in a market where massive lay-offs and business windups happening across The Bahamas. Prime Minister told the United Nations on Friday, the Bahamian economy is strong! (The Prime Minister is definitely far away from home!) (Photo by Sharon Turner) 


  1. Sharon Turner? The BIS picture taker? Ohhhh how can I forget she was on that trip. I forget she is the official travel mate of the PM….lol….

  2. Bahamas Press, I noticed that your photo credits show Sharon Turner of BIS ….what has happened? Are they now submitting stories to you?
    I am curious!

  3. Hemibahama it’s already bad they do not have the space to put these people, but they are hiring people who are not qualify for the job.

  4. Hemi, if the PLP hire people on short term contracts and the FNM been in power for 15 months and let all of them go. Who you think hire the 3 receptionist at ZNS? The FNM!

  5. Listen here Coleby you joking right. The plp is responsible just as much as the FNM. They hired alot of these people knowing full well they weren’t qualified and only giving them short contracts. The money was not there to continue there employment. Damm man whats wrong with this country. I was up by ZNS the other Day and there was 3 receptionist sitting behind the desk answering one phone. The PLP and FNM are responsible for hiring all these people in the system that have it clog. This is why the country can’t move forward.
    Coleby I think you know what a contract means you work for a period of time. Why did the PLP only give those people 6months or 1year contracts in the first place. They didn’t care about the future of those people also.

  6. Kim it is sad how immature the Bahamas is in this respect. I too am in business and would not dare reveal my identity because our company has been victimized numerous times due to directives from the current PM, Tommy Turnquest and others. This is no gossip this time, this is experience. Some of the actions taken against us would have caused people to go to jail if it had happened in America.

  7. Media while I appreciate your offer, I am not comfortable with it, because I am aware of how easy persons in our country are victimized. I have chosen to remain anonymous, like you. Once again, Thank you for the offer.

    I have already started to working on some marketing strategy, I will see how it goes.

  8. Well KIM, if you are comfortable with it, we can PUT YOUR STORE ONLINE and TELL PEOPLE RACE THERE FOR THE BEST DEALS NOW!


  9. Let me tell you all something, aint no sensible person buying nothing what they really don’t need right now. Right now everybody is suffering. I have a little boutique and right now I am experiencing a major decline in my sales. Since the week start I have only made $210.00, today is already Wednesday. I have two ladies working for me I have to pay them when Friday come cause they been to work and it is not their fault if the economy doing badly. I have to tell them on Friday coming, Things isn’t like how it should be, so I will call you back once things pick up. This is not easy for me, because these girls have children. They are very hard workers and I know they have my back. I could go away for 2 weeks and leave them to run my shop and when I come back they have all my money to give me and I don’t miss anything out of my shop. If I lay these girls off, there is no guarantee I will ever get them back. Right now, I can not expect them to work for free. Tourists have stop coming, people getting lay-off left, right and center and there isn’t any money spending. It is like a dominoes effect and everybody feeling it.

  10. Elcott Coleby all they do is use smokescreens to try and fool us, they already robbing us and they want the people to glorify them. They are supposed to provide assistance for their citizens in these hard economic times anyway. When you look at it they should be doing much more. When they do a little something, they act like the monies coming out their wallet personally. That is our money!!!

  11. Kim Sands, if you recall during the months following the May 2nd 2007 general elections, the FNM’s policy was to displace as much as 2,000 contract workers from the civil service (for whatever reason). The result of that policy was that the government saved as much as $20 million. Now the vast majority of these temporary workers were poor single mothers with young children, the most most vulnerable and the most exploited group in our society. During the budget debate, the minister for social services announced that $10 million were being allocated for social assistance (food stamps, uniform assistance, lunch assistance, rent assistance etc). Guess who would be the recipients of this social assistance? You guessed it, these same poor single mothers with young children, many of whom were displaced by the policies of the FNM. The PM recently announced another $7 million socail assistance package. So they took $20 million in wages from the poor and offered them $17 million in welfare assistance or hand outs. In my mind the PM has not lifted a finger to help the poor, he simply transfered the money around and created a smokescreen. Abraham Lincoln said you could fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. I believe that many of them were better off 15 months ago where they earned $200 per week as casual workers in various government ministries. I believe they had more dignity then for there is dignity in honest work. The Second Chance program was a sustainable way of attacking poverty; it beats a hand out any day.

    I want to thank the editor of Bahamas Press for continuing to sound the alarm as these thousands of workers were being displaced by an ill-advised, ill-conceived policy of an uncaring FNM government. The editor was like John the Baptist, a lone voice crying in the wilderness on behalf of these weak and defenseless workers who did not have a voice or the means to fight the machinery of the government. KUDOS EDITOR.

    Kim, make no mistake about it, the FNM is a special interest organization. If it appears that they are “helping” the poor, never take it at face value. Just look beneath the surface of their claims and you will find that the “devil is in the details”.

    Again KUDOS EDITOR, continue the good fight.

  12. I was glad to hear they were willing to render some assistance to the poor, but I had to stop and ask myself, what are their motives? These people never cared about the poor before

  13. WOW! these people do not do anything for free. trust me, there is always a motive. These are the kind of people that will sell their mother for their own personal gain.

  14. I agree Kim, I would be very suspicious of someone who would offer to serve in such capacity for free. What are they really looking to gain.

  15. Potcakes sounds like you need to move to Gilligan’s island. No one work for free I don’t care what type of jobe they are doing lets be real. You really want them to start stealing. We need more business people to run for government than alot of these lawyer who can’t even run a successful practice.

  16. Potholes, unlike red plate government cars, Cabinet Ministers pay for their own gas. At least they did before May 2007, who knows what the hell is going on now.



    the following are guidelines for anyone wanting my vote.




  18. Now look where you gone WOW. You trying to get me and you kicked off this blog, eh? ….. lollllll ……. You mussee want Morehands and the rest of the Ingrahamites to attack us?

  19. Drama King, you never fail to crack up up with your jokes say “picture taker”. I promise to pay attention from now on maybe i was laughing too much and got distracted

  20. Ainlongnah if you pay attention you would note that I said “picture taker”….I said nothing about “photographer”. Quit putting words into my mouth. I know how you all are so sensitive about your leader.

  21. Drama King,one smally query-the BSI photographer could put it together good aye. You appear to have great confidence in this person.

  22. General crazy !! Stop it man….lol…..

    BP I agree on the Delores Ingrham thing. She is to be respected. She also needs a medal for living with Mugabe.

    Monique Davis I disagree with you. We can discuss his wardrobe if we want to because he is a public figure – up for scrutiny. As a matter of fact dont give him so much credit for dressing himself. I am sure his aids are over there with him PLUS the BIS picture taker wont let him step out of his hotel room abroad looking shabby….lol….

  23. so wat he cant multi task?

    wat about traffic issues, major food safety violations and environmental disasters like vehicles leaving clouds of smoke and the nasty dump burning, horrible roads, price and quality control of food and other products, government idiots drivin up and down streets sprayin people and they homes full of bug spray, drunk driving out of control (goes back to traffic issues), and laws hardly ever enforced.

    Come now prime minister, the country is at war with ourselves, if we cant fix the smaller problems, how will we ever be able to tackle the big ones. the problem is a majority of bahamians like things the way they are, so things will unlikely ever change, politicians only want to please the majority, at any cost so long as they win an election.

    Yah know, let the crazy army come run tings, we wud clean dis country right up dred! (sorry i slip my tung i tryin yah see) 😀

  24. Ingraham Insists Crime Is His Focus

    UNITED NATIONS, NY, Mon. Sept. 29, 2008: Bahamas Prime Minister, Hubert Alexander Ingraham, is adamant that his country wants to win the war on crime.

    Ingraham, in his address to the UN Friday, claimed that the Bahamas, like many other nations in the Caribbean, are being affected by crime and narco-trafficking.

    `This has serious consequences for our sub-region,` said Ingraham. `We are neither manufacturers nor suppliers of small arms and light weapons. Yet, the meteoric rise in the illicit trafficking in drugs, small arms and light weapons, illegal migration, and human trafficking through our sub-region creates a formidable challenge to the national security and socio-economic growth and development of our countries.`

    He reiterated the call made by CARICOM last July for the illicit brokering in small arms and light weapons to be addressed in a holistic, transparent and legally-binding manner, with renewed commitments for effective and enhanced safeguards.

    And he insisted, `Winning the war on crime and violence is of utmost importance to my country. We continue to dedicate significant and increased resources, both recurrent and capital, to law enforcement so as to better fight the wave of crime and violence that defies our own description of ourselves.`

    Ingraham, who has held the reins of the Bahamas, which has seen a rise in crime in recent months, said he will `continue to engage in bilateral agreements with neighboring states to tackle the war on drug trafficking (and) … continue to advance reforms in our criminal justice and judicial systems.`

  25. Now I want the record to show, that Mrs. Delores Ingraham is one of the most DECENT RESPECTABLE, CARING WOMAN I KNOW. For me personally I (YES BAHAMAS PRESS EDITOR) I hold her in the highest regard!


    I will have no part in criticizing her in or outside of this BLOG! I respect her so highly that if she told me TONIGHT that this blog was destroying her in any way I PERSONALLY WOULD CLOSE THE WEBSITE DOWN!



    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  26. This blog must be limited to just a few topics. I like it beacuse you never know what you gonna get in here. So what if clothes beacame a topic. Its all interesting.

  27. Wow!!!!!! it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure that one out, I would say the people who used up a week discussing the prime minister’s clothes.

  28. Monique, who have a more boring life. Those who talk about the PM’s clothes, or those who talk about those who talk about the PM’s clothes? That’s a real brain teaser. LOL

  29. There are many interesting topics on this site that can be discussed. By reading some of the postings I could see some of you live a very boring life. A whole week has passed and some of you are still discussing the Prime Minister’s clothes. As you can see by looking at the picture with him in New York City the man knows how to dress when it is necessary. Now please find something more interesting to discuss other than the Prime Minister’s clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Drama these people does be talking to hear themselves. They live to victimize people who don’t agree with them. You actually believe they would change? Did you forgot what did to the employees at ZNS when they first came in power? My father always said leopard dont change their skin over night.

  31. This has me shaking !! I cannot believe that this FNM government that so strongly spoke out against victimization PRIOR TO election is so happily participating in it now.

    Oh how they swung us so badly before May 2007. I hope I live to see four years come so I can do what I have to do.

  32. Dear Bahamas Press Readers,

    Your website has come under attack by members of ‘Status Quo’ in this country. It includes leaders of your Executive Branch of Government working with some members of the Opposition Parliamentary Branch.

    We believe our message of EXPOSING TRUTH has hit them hard. So hard, that they have decided to vengefully deal with some members of our team. One in particular was recently fired by an agency, with no reason given.

    Now this is UNACCEPTABLE, but it is the price of TRUTH! It is the price one has to pay in building a voice for the next generation. Yes it is the price in order that your kids and family’s future is delivered the best protection from crooked and WICKED GOVERNMENTS!

    We are not afraid however, we shall not be silent! But lift our voices LOUDER AND STRONGER, until it can be heard deep in the soul of those who attempt to VICTIMIZE OUR PEOPLE.

    Tonight Bahamas Press will reveal to you the Corruption taking PLACE on Bay Street. We will begin our deep, deep investigations on businesses and government’s EVIL hand in them. Tonight we will make yet again, someone in government UNCOMFORTABLE!

    Also this website will began the message of CHANGE that will sweep across the seas of our archipelago. Change is what we need! The Bahamas cannot continue to fall into an abyss of CORRUPTION. We cannot continue to have a Police force CORRUPTED TO THE CORE whilst good officers are hushed, silenced, victimized and shot for being honest!

    We must Change the thinking where Christie wanted to BAILOUT BAY STREET and avoid the slum like the conditions of the poor on EAST STREET.

    We must Change the conditions of that single mother who suffers, by walking from ADELAIDE VILLAGE to GARVIN Tynes Primary everyday, in hopes her three hungry children get a good education. But the children are turned away from the school, for not having the registration fees, money which goes to COLINAIMPERIAL to cover insurance! This UNHEARD OF SINCE 1967! Children turned away from school?

    We must Change, the minds of the discouraged in our country, many who believe their hopes are lost and the dreams unreachable.

    And we must do it quickly! CHANGE WILL COME Bahamas!, And YES it will be achieved!

    Stay Tuned to Bahamas Press as this message builds into a LOUD strong voice, that will rescue and DELIVER OUR PEOPLE!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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