Pinder and 'WE CARE TEAM' re-elected to lead BPSU!



John Pinder, BPSU President-Elect.

Nassau Bahamas: John Pinder was declared the winner in the Bahamas Pubic Services Union (BPSU) elections this weekend, following a heated run for the union’s top post. The Union represents all government workers.

Unconfirmed returns also declared a win for all officers under Pinder’s ‘We Care Team’. Earlier in the week Pinder attended Zion Baptist Church and told the nation via ZNS TV, “we started here…when we began our campaign for office in the BPSU we came and received our blessings and so we have returned to say, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.”

The announcement came just after 1AM Saturday morning where Pinder was all smiles as he exited his vehicle and greeted cheerful supporters already excited hearing news of the election win. “Like we said, if at ain’t broke don’t fix it,” one supporter loudly shouted.

Bahamas Press sends warm congratulations to the “We Care Team” and John Pinder on their victory at the polls.


  1. If one truly analyzes the results from that election, it would be clear that Mr. Pinder does not enjoy the support of the majority of the union as more members voted against him than for him. Had his opponents organized themselves and ran only one candidate against him, they actually might have won.

  2. Yeah GSM, you gone lil deep just now. I aint never heard that man was a “closet homo” hanging out with Godmothers and dem and erryting does pass my ears. Watch it now, you sound like you are from the losing team….tee hee.

  3. GSM What is it to you if he is a “closet homo”? Do you know that for sure because you hang out with that gang? Criticize him on his merits but it is not necessary to comment on such things. That is too much information for me!

  4. congratulations Mr. John Pinder and I agree with you “if at ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Too many time we does try fix things what aint broken and end up messing everything up.

  5. What a disaster for Bahamas Pubic Services Union (BPSU) Members. He is a behind the scene FNM Politian (Shadow Minister of Labour), and worst he chooses which members to represent once it does not attack or effect the PM’s Office. This guy is a “closet homo” who hangs out with the “Godmother” of the Police Force.

    They will regret their choice, similar to me in the last general election. FNM and PLP leaderships are disgraceful!


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