Prisoner work scheme suspended following the murder of Timothy Saunders at Rubis

Scenes from that shooting on Maderia and Mackey Streets Rubis Station which claimed the life of Timothy Saunders.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning the Government of the Bahamas has suspended its Prisoner Work Scheme which restarted some three months ago.

The programme was geared towards reforming persons who were ending their sentencing in hopes to allow them an opportunity back into society by having meaningful employment.

The programme has been abruptly suspended  this week following the murder of Timothy Saunders, who was working at Rubis Service Station on Maderia and Mackey Streets. He was shot dead after a gunman pulled up and requested $10 gas and then shot him several times in the chest. He died on the scene.

Wednesday morning in the morning newspaper former Minister for National Security Marvin Dames questioned how Saunders even got on the programme. We at BP are questioning HOW some of Dames colleagues are not yet in prison! BUT WE DIGRESS! Which hole he just come from?

Society clearly has a problem with the hires of ex-offenders, who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. The question now is how do we as a society accept and welcome those who have slipped through the cracks but have served their time in prison?!

For now it appears that communities are unforgiving and refuse to allow young people a second chance. And we must think that if we deny a person who has served their debt to society the right to gainful employment, what we as a people are prepare to face for our failure to forgive!

We ga report and let yinner decide!