Progressive Young Liberals are everything but progressive in Conservative Bahamas


Bishop Simeon B. Hall

Nassau, Bahamas — Bishop Simeon B. Hall espoused in a front page article in the Torch [Tribune] this week the need for the Ministry of Education to ban educators who are  “homosexuals, lesbians, and heterosexual predators”.

Welding his voice as the “moral authority” in the country Hall said, “It is incredulous that some incidences of sexual abuse could exist in some schools without someone making an outcry. It is my humble opinion that the Ministry of Education could be liable if it allows ‘known’ sexual deviants to remain in the nation’s classrooms.

“You don’t put ‘the fox to tend the chickens’. Parents themselves must do more and recognize that theirs is the responsibility to protect their children. Some parents knowingly prostitute the innocence of their children for a couple of dollars,” he said.

In less than 24-hours of the Bishop’s warning to the MOE a ‘fairy’ from inside the Progressive Young Liberals [PYL] snapped to his toes to rebuke the senior churchman.

The aspiring young liberal and PM “wannabe” suggested that the comments by the churchman were unwelcome in this era of liberal tolerance.

We at BP could only wonder whom in that Party of Fairies, Fairy God-Mothers, Pussy Cats, Prima Donnas and NAKED Jackasses could have authorized the ‘baby’ to take on the pastor?

Here again is a classic case of the liberals of the country pushing down the throats of the Bahamian people their unwanted bile of ‘untamed carnal delights’. The Bahamian roots run deep in conservatism. It is no wonder the FNM continues to reap greater support election after election.

And while the young fairy decided to take on the ‘Religious Right’ in the Bahamas, you would remember Andre Birbal; the man who is alleged to have molested more than 20 boys at the Eight Mile Rock High School.

When the incidents were unfolding we at BP wonder where was that young fairy in the PLP?  Where was his pen? Where was his letter to the press? Where was the voice of the PYL? Could you imagine that, young people getting rape under WUTLESS leadership and the young people inside the PLP says not a DAMN WORD about it?

We would be remiss if we not remember the work of, Glenys Hanna-Martin, who took on the fight for an inquiry into those incidents. However, should not members of the PYL concern themselves with more pressing issues facing the country’s youth? And why send a paper in the name of the PLP to the media calling for tolerance with rogue educators? The argument cannot be won in the Bahamas!

The PYL should become busy writing letters where in a time of great crisis in education, how Hubert Ingraham is cutting grants, stipends, funding and emoluments in the education department.

They should be pointing to the people how Hubert Ingraham and Carl Bethel fired teachers and terminated the contacts of educators in 2009.

The PYL should find its voice on how the Ingraham Government suspended the Guarantee Loan Programme, which cancelled the hopes and dreams of hundred of young people from attaining a College degree.

Should not the PYL find pen and paper to discuss how Carl Bethel left in shambles the structures of the condemned Government High School putting as risks thousands of educators and students? Should they not ask why is it a school in Oakes Field is taking more than 3 years to complete although it was near completion under Christie?

Should they not be concerned with the state of education where students were being turned away cannot not find seating in the classrooms across the country?

When will the PYL come and find one bone in their brittle spine to talk about the facts facing our young people? The failed youth and sports programmes and the lack of vision and planning for the department, which is being ran into the ground by the ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’?

When will they find pen to discuss the rising tide of blood racing down the drains of the Bahamas; painting the streets red a washed in blood one soul after the another?

Do they not care about these things?

Members of the PYL make no commentary on these, but mention the word “Sissy” and someone [and these days the young in the PYL] gets offended.



  1. The last time I remember The Ministry has formed a new Department, that deals with Sexual Complaints/Offenses,so this issue should of be old news,and now a matter of fact.The Bishop, is usually on the marks with important issues that faces this Country,this one will not be resolved,but at least all efforts and control is placed in our Education System to deal with it.

  2. Right On BP; tired of the fun, games and idol talk.

    The youth arm of both political organizations need to step up and demand things; top on the list is better primary and secondary education and free tertiary education…


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