Promised 250 dome home and 100 RV trailers never came to Abaco following Dorian after some $6.4 million was spent?


Where are the domes? What has happened to the Money spent and donated? Abaco residents abandoned by the Minnis Government one year after killer Hurricane Dorian…

Bodies being transported out of Abaco following Hurricane Dorian. FILE PHOTO.

ABACO| Back in April this year the Bahamas Reconstruction Authority, which was established following the killer Hurricane Dorian, issued keys for the 32 domes in Spring City. We report 32. 

Prime Minister THE MOST Hon. Hubert Minnis told the country on October 10th that his government will spend approximately $6.4 million for the Family Relief Centre on Abaco to house displaced Hurricane Dorian victims. The statement came via a communication to Parliament.

In that communication to Parliament, the PM announced that Government would purchase 100 RV trailers to house government personnel assisting with recovery efforts. 100 he said.

“One hundred RV trailers will accommodate 300 critical government personnel, who will play an essential role in reconstruction and recovery.” Well guess what? 100 RVs never came.

But that was not all. The PM also told Parliament that some 250 dome structures, including plumbing, drainage, a sewer system, and electricity were also purchased. The facility would span 12 acres of land.

“Land is being prepared and trenching begins this week,” Minnis continued. That was October 2019.

One year after the promise to spend approximately $6.4 million, money borrowed for the recovery efforts in the millions, and there is almost nothing to show has been done with all that money. DEY DOES LIE!

But now, as we approach the one-year anniversary of the killer hurricane called Dorian, NEMA is now posting COVID19 UPDATES with no reports or updates on the happenings on Abaco.

You think we taxpayers have forgotten the lofty promises made to the people of Abaco almost one year ago, eh?

We report yinner decide!