Public Money still not recovered following flopped Caribbean Muzik Festival Event! Another major flop by the Christie Government where money continues to vanish!


Money continues to VANISH!

Minister for the Gaming Board Obie Wilchcome has some explaining to do.
Minister for the Gaming Board Obie Wilchcome has some explaining to do.

Nassau, Bahamas — Well, a big row has erupted with the Caribbean Muzik Festival, but no word yet has come as to when the new event will be held nor has there been any word as to how $650,000 in our tax dollars will be recovered!

The Christie Government advanced a $650,000 sponsorship to the festival organizers for an event that was cancelled. The funds vanished.

Today in the Tribune a suggestion of a huge row over non-payment to sound equipment contractors by the organizers has surfaced.

The Minister of Culture Dr. Danny Johnson claimed the flopped event was a Ministry of Tourism event and therefore his Ministry had nothing to do with the vanished funds.

With taxes rising and joblessness all around – how in the hell the Government could pay six hundred and fifty thousand dollars [$650,000] for an event that never happened, and people who have performed services for the government months ago cannot get paid?

1) Who invited the festival organizer Michael Tomlinson here to the Bahamas?

2) What was the details of the contract to received the limited taxpayers dollars?

3) Was Tomlinson engaged in a contract for Carnival 2015?

4) Was the funds paid for the Muzik Festival money for some future political activity?

And (5) – What made the people at the Caribbean Muzik Festival so special?

We report yinner decide!




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