While Bahamas Press is blocked by Facebook the criminal gangs has free reign on the social media site…



Nassau, Bahamas — Sometimes you must wonder where are the thoughts of some when you follow the vicious and unrepentant ‘Axis of Evil’ that seems to have invade our world. Last week Friday those with evil intentions to harm the innocent displayed to the world that there is no end in their display of terror.

The scene unfolding in France, which claimed the lives of 129 souls, was one just repeated over an Egyptian desert, and again in Kenya. ISIS operations appear to be mutating outside the Middle East and are now creating terror all across the western world.

In the Bahamas though, today we had our own “Axis of Evil’ is in operation; where shootings occurred in Nassau Village killing a man known to police – Richard Edward Charlton – dead. The scene believed to have been carried out by persons on bail continued their carnage in Pinewood missing a near death experience for two more persons.

But when we look at all this we question some things. Is the terror now unfolding in the Bahamas designed by some persons behind the gates of gated communities in this country, and or perhaps, abroad?

We say this because recently our website www.bahamaspress.com has come under extreme attacks by hackers. So much so that earlier this year we were cancelled by Facebook; suggesting that we created offensive commentary to our thousands of followers on the social media page.

Interestingly though, while BAHAMAS PRESS was bumped off, reprimanded and censored Facebook, the ‘terror gangs’ pages have went viral on Facebook. The social media postings with photographs, names and locations of the individuals they are now targeting to murder is regularly published with merciless language of condemnation. Interestingly, Facebook nor anyone else have seen the display of high-powered assault weaponry posted by the blogger[s] of the gangs in the Bahamas offensive. And we wonder why?

There is not any protest from Facebook and it appears that the gang publishing continues uninterrupted or impeded.

Unbelievable! This just make you wonder – what is the real plan for the Bahamas here. BP suspended while others allowed!

And not one damn soul wants to hear the truth!

We at Bahamas Press thinks this is worthy of note and share today with you our loyal followers the fact that here again paints a picture of 1000 words. Who is behind all this? Bahamians don’t make guns! And we just what is unfolding here.

We report yinner decide!




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