PYL member caught in the COOKIE JAR of a Major Local Bank?



Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is reporting a member of the Progressive Young Liberals [PYL] could find himself on the wrong side of the law following investigating by a local bank.

BP has learned the active member of the Young Liberals proceeded to fraud funds from a bank funded programme. We are told the young man is alleged to have collected funds from participants of youth event having full knowledge that the bank had covered all expenses.

Source within the fourth floor of the Bank’s head office confirmed to BP, “ We apologize to all participants of the programme for what transpired. The employee has been sufficiently dealt with and now the matter is being investigated.”

Bahamas Press has attained a letter signed by an officer of the bank confirming the termination of the active PYL member by the bank. The letter is dated April 22nd, 2010.

BP can confirm the fired ‘cookie jar bandit’ has since failed to advise his family of his termination and dresses up everyday pretending to head to work.

A deafening silence has clouded over the PLP’s youth department, which has come under fire of late for their lackluster performance in addressing the plethora of issues affecting young people in the country.

Where is the leadership in the PLP to guide the vagabonds and rogues? BP calls on the leadership of the PLP to quickly deal with its rogue young liberals who continues to paint a bad record of the Party nationally.


  1. Really sad this happening at the youth level of the’s same like what the seniors are doing the young ones are following in that party..I hope the individual who is high ranking Resign immediately!

    • I think the same can be said of all parties… not just PLP… FNM as well and I’m taking no sides… because i’ve rid my self of all political affiliation for similar things… however the current gov’t is doing it so boldly, that most of you don’t realize they contract companies they secretly own to do all of the major infrastructure works

  2. People!!!! let us be mindful that the young folks in the youth arm of these political parties are not politicians in the strictest sense, they are not holding public office, so let’s be careful with articles like this and comments we post in response to it.

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