Rapist land Bahamas!



This ad by Dolce & Gabbana displays a victim held down against her will. But here in The Bahamas this ad is a daily reality. Bahamas Press has in its possession footage of a young girl dressed in the Government High School uniform being forced to have sex against her will by an older male. How this clip was taken is still unknown, however it is said to be posted all over the web. Today Grand Bahamians are racing off the streets and locking themselves down in their homes as a serial rapist[s] is/are on the loose. Bahamas Press stood as the sole voice of a raped victim in the press when an incident occurred at Queen’s College. One journalist went to the extent and attempted to question our presentations. One thing is sure however, the evil of RAPE we spoke about on the school grounds at Queen’s College has now muffled, and now a SEXUAL PREDATOR is serving as ATTORNEY GENERAL in The Bahamas! Lord help the little white and black girls this coming school year. Someone need to find out if Carl Bethel’s son, who rapped that 13 year old at Queen’s College, is not on summer break in Grand Bahama raping those people! Where was the Wutless media’s voice when that crime was committed at Queen’s College? YES, RAPES OCCURRING AT QUEEN’S COLLEGE is nothing new, but where was the WUTLESS MEDIA then? Now daily they are reporting rape incidents in Grand Bahama?

Nassau, Bahamas: Grand Bahamians are horrified as police has now confirmed that a serial rapist[s] is/are on that island terrorizing the community. One must ask however, how has The Bahamas become number one in the world when it comes to rapes? Why are so many Bahamian men and possibly women have NO SELF CONTROL? We at Bahamas Press believe this is deeply rooted in this lack of teeth approach by upholders of the law to enforce it. One would also add that LAW MAKERS have also been caught with their pants down, GUILTY of the same crimes.

In fact we would go further and say one reason why SO MANY RAPES are occurring is because criminals saw what happened at QUEEN’S COLLEGE earlier this year. That incident, where the minister of education CARL BETHEL knew how his son RAPED a 13 year old girl at the once prestigious school and a massive cover up of the crime was done by the minister, the police and school administrators. They all turned their eyes away from innocence of those school kids, where some were shaken after hearing about the crime. Imagine SLACKERS running through this country raping little black and white girls on campuses around this country and the police and the minister and school officials know about it and yet to this day, nothing has been done with the perpetrator! That is why registration at that ‘RAPIST SCHOOL’ IS LOW THIS UPCOMING TERM.

Who then remembers the incident of rape that occurred by a taxi driver against some young tourist girls which was posted right here on this blog. (Click to see: https://www.bahamaspress.com/?p=1060)

Sources close to Bahamaspress.com disclosed that sometime around a Thursday night while taxing in the downtown area the accused taxi driver lured three female passengers into his vehicle, with the promise to take them to their destination. The driver then veered his course and took the young teens to his home in the southern area of New Providence. It was then, according to the source close to the investigation, the male taxi driver offered the young women the eldest being 18 a drink. One of the women then became concerned and ordered the driver to return them back into the downtown area. It was then according to the source, the driver held the women [in his home] against their will and began to molest the young girls. It is unclear whether the taxi driver had used a weapon in the crime, however according to our source the women were left traumatized after the incident. And the police told that taxi driver ‘GO HOME WE WILL CALL YOU”? Now this is a forgotten incident.

Or let us take into account the RAPE committed by officers on the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE. Where a woman was taken into custody and left to fend off her attackers right in a jail here in Nassau. What in the world officers of the law doing with his pants down, committing another crime on a woman in police custody?

Now to stir the pot in all this The Bahamas has now decided to leap frog into the picture and appoint a SEXUAL PREDATOR, MICHEAL BARNETT as Attorney General of The Bahamas. We cannot be serious! No wonder why men in Grand Bahama and Nassau and all over the place are dropping their pants in front of little black and white school girls and boys these days. Barnett’s appointment is almost as equal as LEGALIZING RAPE IN THE BAHAMAS! Rapists are having a celebration victim after victim, now Barnett is AG.

Now you see why The Bahamas in number one in the world world when it comes to rapes. GOD HELP US!


A Sexual Predator now Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas!


  1. Rapist is a heavy word but I know as a fact that this Michael Barnett character has been a SERIAL SEXUAL HARRASSER from long time. I once saw a woman REMOVING his hand angrily from under her skirt while he was dressed smartly in a tuxedo alongside his lodge brothers. The man has a problem that needs to be addressed. I raised TWO eyebrows when I saw his appointment as Attorney General. I dont know that was such a good idea on behalf of the P.M. I just think the PM promised Barnett something for losing to Alfred Sears, a man of a COMPLETELY OPPOSITE character. Alfred is a complete gentlemen.
    If women out there could have put a stop to Darold Miller’s years of sexual harrassment, they can do the same to Michael Barnett. Shame them and put them before the courts.

  2. This post is so rediculous, i understand using an International print AD as your muse to highten the topic of sexual violence in The Bahamas, but to assume that MICHEAL BARNETT is a serial rapist is just pushing it. It’s a sad day when ‘angry writers’ could try and call themselves journalist.I appauld you for attempting to get the thruth out there….. but i’m disappointed in the way your blogs display a tabloid rant. Whats next ? aliens landing in your back yard? Bigfoot? and Loch Ness Monster? please let me know.
    Also when you receive an offical court documentry and post it on Micheal Barnett being a serial rapist please let us know, and that doesnt mean hearing a snip bit from some ‘File Clerk’ working at the law firm.

  3. Tommy Turnquest’s wife is the principal of Queen’s College. I am sure that helped with the cover up.

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