Breaking News >>> Junkanoo Organizer now wanted by Police



‘Just Rush’ organizer Peter Adderley (left), now wanted by police, is seen here leaving the House of Assembly on Wednesday, 4th July, with Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. (file photo)

Nassau, Bahamas: Breaking news now coming into Bahamas Press, confirms that officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force are in a hot pursuit for ‘Just Rush’ parade organizer Peter Adderley.

Bahamas Press has learned that the parade which took place on July 12th, has left bills still unpaid. Some vendors who offered services during the parade are now confirming that Adderley has left them ‘high and dry’. Bahamas Press is reliably informed that Western Air, the official airline for the parade, was delivered two bounced cheques written by Adderley for transport services during the parade. Adderley wrote cheques in the amounts of $100,000 and another for $39,000 to the airline. However, it was later discovered that the cheques written only had $13 and $18 on the organizer’s account respectively.

Adderley’s ‘Just Rush’ parade promised to deliver some $100,000 in cash prizes to participating junkanoo groups appearing, however no one knows whether junkanooers have yet received any of their prize money. Also the rebroadcast of the Just Rush Parade was cancelled from airing on ZNS TV 13 over the weekend, with the national station only apologizing to its viewers. NO reason was given for the cancellation.

Again, Bahamas Press confirms that police are at this hour, searching for organizer of the JUST RUSH Parade, Peter Adderley.


  1. yes jason i feel your pain……..youhave no need to be shame….your dad owes me big big buck also…i still love him

  2. I want to let you know, your father is a “Legend” many people envy him, but he can get through this. It is only making him stronger. Not for one minute should you feel ashame, however angry is appropriate. My concern is about the Bahamian populus, whom I thought were God fearing, compassionate, non judging and unique people.
    Many have those attributes, but some dont. The articles noted utilized media time to judge someone. We are not talking about the crime of murder, rape, molestation, larceny, robbery but an agreement that 2 adults made with one having the compassion and concern for his fellow Bahamians. There is no “malicious” intent to willingfully deceive or utter any monies, only the intent to assist a brother in need. Someone not allowing Bahamians to travel on a mailboat like an reinactment of “slavery.”
    Jason, hold your head up and be the proud Bahamian as your father!

  3. You know I gat this and running with it now!! Exactly!!! So why Mr. Adderley didnt think of something like that?? Why have Freeport groups formed ONE group that comes LAST every time? All the groups wear the same old costumes they had on at the Boxing Day and New Years Day parades with a few things shifted around for disguise and to my understanding THE LEADERS are the ones benefitting monetarily from the parade and the judges are INSTRUCTED on how to choose the winners. The groups ought to BOYCOTT Mr. Adderley and his dishonest parades. Think of some other way to help Freeport’s economy.

  4. Hence I am laughing my @$$ off at this WHOLE matter. But I cannot go any further for fear of exposing myself. I’m only saying I know from EXPERIENCE…that it takes $50,000.00 plus to take a SENIOR group to bay street completely. So from its PREMISE this freeport junkanoo parade phenomenon is BULLKAKA. And then to insult the people of freeport to the point where they have to form a Coallition of groups instead of just letting THEIR local groups perform and compete against the Nassau Groups….well….you take it from there. I’m done.

  5. Disappointed, you already start it so you have to finish it….what are you saying? These groups getting seed money and not preparing nice costumes for the competition? If so thats dishonest within itself.

  6. LMBAO
    Not politically connected? only a small mind would actually consider that a point worthy of mention when trying to rebutt a genuine one.

    Secondly, the more senior members of these groups use it as a way to placate and reward the younger members who actually feel such an event is worthy of their time.

    Lastly, did you see on STITCH of new crepe paper? Did any new costumes make it to Freeport? No? Hmmm…well then that would mean that the groups that went didn’t feel the $20,000.00 supposedly given for “seed money” was enough to actually prepare an “A” group for a parade.

    You’re actually onto something in terms of the groups participating in both parades. But thats another scandal for another day….and I’d rather NOT be the one to break THAT one!

  7. No Logical, all my friends aint angels but trust me they are NOT like Peter. I noticed his son Jason is on this blog. Jason, I sympathize with you whole-heartedly for being traumatized from shame and disgrace periodically due to the actions of your dad. Keep hope alive son, one day you will be free of him and set your own course in life. Keep your chin up……and possibly change your last name when you grow up.

    But on the real, looking at the picture with Hubert and Peter, it is evident that con man Hubiggety was slying trying to get away from fellow con man Peter. The thing is Hubert probaby sited that it would be too “CONNISH” to have the both of them in one picture. Dont fool ya self GCF both of them putting on their black Ski Mask at night and hitting the streets to see which victims they can devour.

  8. This response sounds like P.A. himself. However, we live in a society, which glorifies criminality, and “SOME” polic officers just sits back and do nothing.

    On another note, in the picture with P.A. and PM, you can notice the PM is trying to get away from that fella. But this is how cons work, they try to take pictures with reputable people. I would bet P.A. had his photographer in place for that moment.

  9. Non-political.
    “Geno D” song says; That’s what ya ga get, when ya tired of what ya gat.

    When tourist was flocking to Freeport before the missing boy’s saga, the transportation system, and MAINLY the greedy taxi drivers at the Freeport Airport, was a disgrace to Bahamian hospitality.

    I looked in awe, each night as confused visiting tourist shared their views on ZNS TV, about the fighting over that gets what.
    Freeport had become such an attractive place. Now we see Freeport’s true colours: It’s just another Family Island, masquerading as a city.

  10. Lloyd, you cannot just have one pom pom—you aint serious, my brother. You can not expect to be politically connected and only have one POM pom. My brother, your light sjould have been cut OFF long time!!!!! BEC …”LATE AGAIN”

    Additionally, the word opportunist is relative. There are folks out there who are just good at getting thing done-facilitators. Again, like you have stated “People just let bills ride as long as they can and most of us only pay when things get turned off…” Peter Adderley is certainly NOT alone here. “Dont sweat the small stuff” and you know what they say “if you cant beat them join em. This race is not for the swiftest but those who endure to the END.

    Again, Lloyd please prioritise dealing with your POM pOM issue-most important.

  11. Everybody who owe BEC is not politically connected because I can tell you right now my bill been adding up for a couple of months and the only connection I have is some political tee shirts and one pom pom. People just let bills ride as long as they can and most of us only pay when things get turned off or we get a notice of summons.

    I’m paying my bill today so trust me, me and Peter won’t be in that boat together. I think grand Bahama needs ten parades if it will help and the don’t have to all be junkanoo. Peter Adderley sounds like he was an opportunist and there is nothing wrong with that as long as he pays the bill at the end of the day.

  12. Freeport needs both parades and another parade if any out there interested. Freeport is hurting.

  13. Well, good for Peter Adderley if he is connected politically and disappointed that it sounds like Disappointed is NOT. What a pity! Generally, we only complain when we do NOT directly BENEFIT from whatever situation i.e. we ALL would like to get away with everything and some-that is just the way it is and “it is what it is”.

    Secondly, obviously the different Junkanoo groups who have participated in both parades disagree with YOUR opinion of there being no need for a second parade given their participation, actually repeat participation. I guess you are disappointed by this too.

  14. Yea at least they pay hahaaahha… Ask the Grand Bahama Port Authority, sweety. But Just Rush is damper the parade, because of the drama that surrounds it afterward; and because Feel comes afterward.

  15. to the person who said that there are copious amounts of bahamians owing thousands of dollars to various businesses, lets be honest, those are people with political connections. And we all know that in this country once you have political pull, you can get away with murder….literally even.

    Second point is, there was never a need for a SECOND rush in freeport, it strained the nassau groups, and I daresay a group right now is near breaking up because of the drama the last Just Rush caused. Does anybody even know if Feel the Rush is going to take place anymore? You better ASK SOMEBODY!!

  16. Now Now Drama King, take it easy man.. I bet all of your “friends” aren’t angels; it’s not good to point fingers dear…lololol! Ya’ll killing me, with laughter today man!

  17. The Peter Adderley I know WILL NOT get his act together as people let him get away with robbing them over and over. I have never known anyone like this……today he jams someone over money and tomorrow he jams the SAME person again. So all I can say is the public must be love getting swing by this high class hoodlum. I dont blame Bahamas Press for putting up the picture with him and Hubert- after all Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

  18. Providing the factsstand,this is sad commentary for one Peter Adderly, hopefully he can get his act together and settle accounts.

  19. Get him Media. You know me an you ain’t the best of friends but I like your indiscriminate asskicking. Crooks need their comeuppance and if this is true and we have no reason yet to doubt it, such is life. Maybe BEC and all those other people should call the police for their money like Western Air.

  20. Ahhh my you would not help Peter Adderley, but you seek to come in here and defend him? Come on put your money where your mouth is. I am sure you can assist him either with the money or some legal advise.

  21. Boy you all FNM supporters get really really sensitive whenever Bahama Press pushes certain buttons. You laugh it up when the PLP on the hot seat but come out screaming bloody murder when one of your boys on it. Yes, putting the photo up by BP of Adderley with Hubert Mugabe was clever but still, you drew the political conclusion so you can’t blame them for pointing the red and gold finger at you Corpet.

    Also, if Adderley was such a great and positive PR person, how come he landed up here and may very well be landing in jail if what Bahamas Press says is correct? Isn’t the point of PR to keep your name out of the press when it’s bad news? What if the media actually does do its job and reports on this? Would you be singing Peter’s praises then? As for household name, honestly, I had never even heard the guy’s name until I read it here so I guess household is a matter of opinion.

    Peter Adderley may be a household name right along side Dr. Rudy King.

  22. Additionally, I am certain Peter Adderley is NOT the only Bahamian out there owing small amounts like B$100T. There are others out there owing significantly BIGGER amount to third parties esp. public corporations such as BEC, BTC, W&S etc. etc. Is the police lookin’ for these folks tooo??!!!

    By the way, I am not in the LENDING BUSINESS!!!!

  23. Writing is ENTERTAINMENT, you did not know that? Every time you go to the movie, watch a DVD, or CNN you are being entertained. It is the written work of someone.

    Although something can be entertaining, it still does not limit the SERIOUSNESS of the information presented. Remember this, WE NEVER WRITE FOOLISHNESS on this BLOG, whilst we might use sarcasm or humor with our information, the facts are TRUTH! Now if you have evidence contrary to what we say, submit it. Otherwise, if you don’t believe what we say, I suggest you read another blog. Or pickup your daily WUTLESS newspaper.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  24. Actually, I do keep up with your site and admittedly, find it quite entertaining, albeit sensational-lol

  25. Well it is obvious since you see the need to speak up for a ‘Progressive and Productive, THIEFIN Bahamian, it is then plausible that you can assist him in this his trouble hour.

    Lend him [Peter Adderley] the $139,000 to pay Western Air, and this whole matter would be a none issue. However, it is obvious you do not keep up with this site as we are known across the country and around the world as the Bahamas’ most Investigative BLOG!

    FOR example we broke the COLINA story you know, even before the all the managers got fired. NOT THE PUNCH, THE TRIBUNE, THE GUARDIAN or the Journal.

    THIS BLOG!Should we say more?

  26. My comments have absolutely nothing to do with PLP or FNM. They were intended to convey that this story about Peter Adderley is similar to the false story that was spread all over town literally hours after the last election. Media, you obviously missed the point. Dah!!!! Again to clarify for Media and ALL others, I suspect that this story is most likely false and had mal intent. It has obviously originated from because of jealousy. The originator or originators need to put this energy to more productive pursuits as seemingly there is too much idle time. You know what the old people say “the devil finds work for idle hands”.

    Additionally, NO, I do not work for Peter Adderley. I have never even met the guy and only happen to know of him because of his outstanding and positive Public Relations works in this country. Likewise, his name has become, I suppose somewhat household. However,I thought to speak up for this young progressive and PRODUCTIVE Bahamian.

  27. Okay man….dont stoke me up……I dont have time to remember EVERYONE’S name ya know. At least I had the last part right…come one now…dont get petty.

  28. A tactic used for many years by the Punch to smear the PLP. But you probably enjoyed this tactic when used against the PLP, now the shoe is on the other foot.

  29. Unfortunately, pictures are an old trick that media use to convey what they want to. Pictures say a thousand words, remember? A picture of Peter with the PM did not have to be used. It was chosen, so what did you expect? You cannot blame anyway then for linking it to politics, and for concluding that Hubert Ingraham is involved or somehow shares responsibility in what went down. It is a very clever smear tactic.

  30. Hard to believe although it may be true. I just saw Peter Adderley at Police Headquarters in Freeport shaking hands with and conversing with some of the Khaki clad senior officers a couple days ago.

  31. Now Corpet, where did you see the PLP or FNM mentioned in this article? Now see how political some of you are, and your like some others just read with your political shades? Did this article mention anything about FNM or PLP? Did we say it was a PLP or FNM cheque? Or are you working for PETER? Well if you are, do tell him turn himself into the police, they looking for him OK?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  32. This story seems as accurate as when the PLP was proclaiming it has won the last election hours after the FNM was clearly the winner….still the PLPs were calling around with this false information and really believing this untruth BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

  33. Its C-cube Drama King. If you are going to make so many comments on this site at least have sense, make sense and know what you are talking about.

  34. So FINALLY the law has come to the conclusion that Peter Adderley is a slick talking crook. When he is caught, lets see how long he remains in custody. That is the slickest brother I know and I can bet my last dollar he will talk his way out of this.
    These Junkanoo Groups too greedy and stupid. They had a good thing going with Feel the Rush put on by Three Cube….but NOOOO …..they let Peter The Swinger, trick them by dangling money in their noses. If I was Three Cube I would be laughing my head off right now…..

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