More FIRE! MORE FIRE in The Bahamas!



Another vehicle burned to its frame in the upper class community of Prospect Ridge. Still amazingly no authority has yet sought to remove this vehicle, to investigate whether someone might have been burned to a crisp inside. No sought of investigation whatsoever, whilst the charred iron is left on the side of the road sitting like an eyesore. This is a familiar picture in the capital today, the results of high crime and violence all over New Providence. Where a new set of stolen vehicles are left abandon or burned on the roadways.

Meanwhile, police in our photo below escorted  this fellow officer on Saturday into BOWE’s webshop (number house) on Bluehill Road and Martin Street to collect his winnings. CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION!


Observe the man between the officers in the white shirt being escorted into the number house. We were tipped to the scene by our ‘deep throat’ officer who advised us that the incident was about to happen.


  1. WOW! Maybe this is a RBPF coverup operation to create a major raid on this “number house”. if not, CALL Scotland Yard!!!

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