Over 1,000 Families Cut Off by BEC!!!




There has been a long held belief by poor Bahamians that Hubert Ingraham, the man and Hubert Ingraham, the prime minister, has always had a penchant for bending over backwards for persons of a pale hue, and never at his personal expense, but at the expense of those who could least afford it—the poor black Bahamian. But this time around as prime minister, Hubert Ingraham is not giving away the country to pale human beings. He’s annihilating the poor black man, so only the pale faces of The Bahamas will be left standing. And if only they are around, what’s left of the country’s resources will naturally fall to them! AND THE TRUST AGENDA WOULD HAVE STRUCK AGAIN!!!

Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that over 1000 families have had their electricity cut off by BEC as a result of a new policy put in place by Chairman Fred Gottlieb at the insistence of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham!!!

As many would be aware by now, the new policy at BEC requires that 100% of a bill be paid in order to have electricity restored to homes when power is cut off for unpaid bills. This policy has never existed as such through independent government in The Bahamas. Bahamas Press could only imagine what poor black Bahamians are going through without electricity to their homes in these awfully hot summer days, not to even mention what this new policy is doing to refrigerated goods and the health risk to children.

Bahamas Press wonders if Chairman Fred Gottlieb would allow anyone in Abaco to be without electricity? Certainly Hubert Ingraham would never dream of it, especially if it meant that some poor black person would have to run a cord or borrow a candle from a house of one of his cherish pale friends! Bahamas Press makes no apologies for what may sound like a prejudicial approach to how Hubert Ingraham deals with Bahamians. It cannot be coincidence that mostly, if not all, black and poor Bahamians are being annihilated on all fronts by the policies set forth by Hubert Ingraham.

We at Bahamas Press know the character make up of several of the persons who sit around Hubert Ingraham’s throne and they cannot be happy to see Hubert Ingraham commit a new type of genocide on black and poor Bahamians. And committing over 1000 families to darkness because they cannot pay 100% of their BEC bill is the deepest form of self-hatred that any man can feel for his race. Bahamas Press wonders if Hubert Ingraham will figure out that if 1000 families could pay the full amount on their electricity bills, the electricity would not have been cut off in the first instance?

Bahamas Press hastens to remind the prime minister that hotels owe millions of dollars to BEC and yet they continue to function, while many of their workers go home to darkness because they cannot afford to pay 100% of their BEC bill. Bahamas Press demands that the prime minister reverse this decision and turn those poor black Bahamians lights back on, based on what they can afford to pay. If Hubert Ingraham can’t bring himself to really care for those of his skin color, he should at least fake it until the next election and maybe the people will send him “gently” into oblivion.


  1. I understand what you are saying Morehands. You must understand though that we are living in VERY negative days. There is hardly anything positive to talk about.
    On another note, Big Ups and Congrats to your nieces for doing well on their BGCSEs. I love to hear news of this sort that means there IS IN FACT hope for our young people. Congrats again!!

  2. I apologize my dear brother. Recently I have just gotten tired of all the negativity about the Bahamas everywhere I go and very few positives being expressed. I guess I chose to take it out on you because of the common negative tones of your typical comments. I apologize again. I’m in a much better mood today. BGCSE results came out earlier this week and my two nieces did extremely well. I now feel a better sense of hope for the Bahamas. Its finished for us and its all up to the young people to restore this country.

    rb75 said it right. Those of us who know, should really start telling others about the benefits of LNG to the Bahamas. i like him/her (rb75) – always something positive and insightful to add to this blog.

  3. I say bring on LNG….I researched this for quite some time and cant understand what its taking so long to put this in place.
    BTW Morehands, God gave me JUST AS MUCH OPINION as you so I WILL express myself in whatever way I feel like on this blog. Why are you trying to control what I say just because I dont agree with you.

  4. LNG…..This should off been off the ground about six years ago instead we have been put deeper into energy dependance by Mrs Duncombe and the “SAY NO TO LNG” agenda.In my view what we have here is a failure to do what is needed and right for our country ..while I for one totaly agree with enviromental protection and also with saveing our enviroment we must be mindfull that we also have a duty to ensure that our people have every chance to a better way of life …..and one way to do it is to have a energy policy that dosen’t hurt people to much in their pocket books.

    LNG must be allowed to go forward so that by 2012 BEC bills will be cut by 50% if we think about it it is that simple if the company is proposing to do what they say they will I have no problem with that I will even say to them I will be your spokesman and sell the idea to s greater number off bahamians we need LNG if not only to get rid off the high energy cost’s
    lower energy bills means that people can then take the extra savings and put it to use in ohther sectors off the economy this is econmics 101. viva la LNG….LNG LA VIVA

  5. LNG? I feel that is tiem we start looking “outside the box”. At this point in time, LNG may be the answer while we work on hydro, solar, and wind alternatives. Shoots, I would be willing for the US to come and build a nuclear plant if it would help ease the burden. Due to soaring temperatures, gone are the days when a/c could be considered a luxury. Heatwaves exact a heavy death toll each year in the outside world. Do we even keep statistics here on heat related deaths?

  6. Much agreed. Much agreed. Great points. I forgot about the fuel surcharge.

    I guess the more pressure placed on the hotels and big businesses to pay their BEC bill, the less money there is left in the cookie jar for those with access to the jar to have some. You gentlemen win this one, but the next one is mine.

    After recently researching LNG (source, safety and uses) and especially reading up on the offer being made to the government by the wanting LNG company to provide BEC with free LNG and thereby reducing everyone’s bill by about 50%, I became a proponent of the proposal. How are members of this blog feeling about the LNG idea to keep with the skyrocketing electricity bill?

  7. Also consider this, 99% of Bahamians everywhere are being more conservative with electricity, only to find that their bills are still skyrocketing. BEC can be more lenient with their customers, they know who are their good paying customers who may just be suufering from the hard economic times and increased BEC cost. If I have never missed a payment, but this month, I pay only half the bill, why cut me off?

    Also, like I said earlier, BEC don’t pay their bills on time either!

  8. Morehead this is true …but we must remember that people might not have increased their electricity output but B.E.C has increased it’s fuel surcharge ….Your Bec bill can be $95.00 but the fuel surcharge will be $200.00 and it is ever increasing this is what is loading down people with this high electricity rate which is the highest rate in the western half of the world….for agrument sake if bec sets it’s fuel surcharge at the price off oil ppb then if at the month end oil is at 126.00ppb if your bill is $95.00 then add oil to it = 221.00 which makes for savings on the average Bahamian household the formula that BEC uses is fuzzy maths and which translate to a back door tax.

    We must remember that the problems in this country has to do with us all but we live in a small but large country and that at the epicenter off all of our lives is politics ….it takes a short time that for any government decision to take effect and that yes we have the power to effect our own lives and make the changes that are releavant to make a better future for ourselevs but in real time it is those people who sit in that pink building once a week on bay street that can if they have the will can make a huge dent in our country…what Iam saying is that we need more progressive people in office ,people who put country before one’s own agenda nad will make a differance that will last in my mind thelast man to do this was L.O.P yeshe was flawed but think about what have realy changed in the country since he took office some 40 years ago we still are going on the vision that he laid out and have not taken a bold step to plan the next 40 years.

  9. Morehands we are not disputing your logic you know, we are simply saying why are the people who have MILLIONS OWING, The Atlantis and Oasis and Bah Mar still on, but the lil woman off? Explain that?

    That is an Ingraham POLICY decision and that continues to break the back of the poor and and middle class and leave the rich, laughing at us to scorn.

  10. Lets look at this intelligently. Lets assume a month’s BEC bill averages $200 but a person only can afford $100 after food, transportation and loans.
    Month 1 – bill $200, you pay $100, balance $100
    Month 2 – bill now $300, you pay $100, bal. $200
    Month 3 – bill now $400, you pay $100, bal. $300
    Month 12 – bill over $1,000 and you have no chance of ever paying it.


    Month 1 – bill $200, you pay $100, BEC cut you off and make you pay the balance.
    Month 2 – bill now $95 because you better learn to maximize and managed your utilities. You then pay $100 and left with $5 credit on your account.

    Anyone whose BEC bill is more than $95 and cannot pay the $95 is living beyond their means. Just running a 15 cubic fridge, water heater in the mornings, one 15 inch TV, a 30 watt stereo, two outside florescent lights, four inside florescent lights and two house fans will not produce over $100 electricity per month. (You can use the internet to calculate the monthly power uses, if you like). If you are using a bigger fridge, a bigger or more TVs, a microwave, AC in bedrooms, a washer and drawer these are not necessities but luxuries. Your BEC bill will be well over $100 and if you can’t afford it – you are living beyond your means. Its not BEC fault, FNM fault or PLP fault.

  11. I loved the way rb75 noticed that everyone these days look so angry all the time. The sad truth is that as long as people like the blogger before me continue to spew out venom, anger, hatred and a lack of support for which ever government is in power we can never move together as a country. Foreigners are taking over this country, laughing, because we natives so fool that we busy fighting and destroying each other.

    In the bible Jesus said that he had to use parables because the hearers of the time could not understand. Let me try one.

    Which person with an ounce of common sense would say that City Market is wrong for stopping the poor black single mother from walking out the shop door with $300 worth of grocery when she only pay $100? How can you blame the store manager? How can you blame the parent company?

    Friends, plain, simple and slow so Drama King and Blackbeard can understand… when you get more than you pay for without asking for it, it is called stealing. HOW THE &^$&^ can you blame the present government or BEC for cutting off people who don’t pay their bills? I’m not supporting BEC, FNM or PLP. I’m just using parallel logic. I guess Batelco should not cut off your phone. Water & Sewerage should not cut off your water and Cable Bahamas better don’t touch my internet ‘cuz I need to access Bahamaspress.

    This is one of the reason we have to work so hard now to restore our country – we are too use to free handouts in the Bahamas. Whether it was from slavery, piracy (notice a blogger has the name of a pirate), bootlegging, rum running, ship wrecking, drug smuggling and now human smuggling. There is a powerful spirit over this land which makes us feel that we should be on a government job without being qualified for it or working to keep it, that Bahamasair should let us bring whatever we want on the plane for free, that we all deserve free government homes without ever paying the mortgage company, get government college loans without ever planning on paying, etc, etc, etc.


  12. Glad to see that someone here talking sense. It was HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM who messed up the Baha Mar deal. I remember feeling sorry for this man when the FNM lost in 2002 and he was named by The Punch as the Most Hated Man in The Bahamas. He deliberately handed this country over to the PLP on a silver platter….all because of spite. He came back in power in 2007 with that same spiteful energy in him to slice down all who opposed him in the past and to SHOW his power as PM. He messed up Baha Mar, he messed up GINN and if they dont watch out he will attempt to mess up Albany as well. The man is a demolition derby fuelled by hatred, spite and malice. FNMs were STUPID to put this “Uncle Tom” man as their leader…they are paying the price now because AS USUAL he already got their vote and he has forgotten about all the sacrifices they have made and are now shunning them. He will warm up to them when his government is in year 4. I hope they remember all the dirt that he is doing and SHUN HIM at the polls. He is an arrogant, micro-managing dictator who cares about NO ONE but himself …. and a few rich white people who he benefits from. In 2012, people, PLEASE lets see the last of this negro.

  13. I have a question why is it that when something goes worng in this country, we 1st blame it on the Government? When in fact we are the government?

    In my oppinion God gave us all the same tools to use to make it in this life. Poor people see it best to be poor they see the need to receive pitty,and rich people tend to work for what they need.
    If your perants decided to place you in a government/ private school and you made the choice to fail, become the class clown or drop out thats your problem, but don’t blame the government when you 22 only making 200 a week, have kids and plus bills. It was your choice. This isn’t England where receiving any sort of wellfare was possible, this is the Bahamas. Don’t spend 98 on a hair style and know you have to feed your kids and pay bills.
    I personally don’t blame BEC for the change. Pay the whole bill! could you go into a hair salon and tell the hair stylist that u only have some of the money? If individuals just think for once. Why vote for the party and not the person? I’m a PLP and I voted FNM in Bamboo Town because the person was right for the job. See until we step out of this ‘EVERYONE MUST FEEL SORRY FOR ME’ lifestyle. then nothing will change.

  14. Well media it is what it is in our country …why because what we have done in this country for the past few years is what we have been doing all along that is to sweep everything under the mat then after the dirt is piled up so high we start to blame everyone but ourselves even though we purchased the broom and held up the rug then swept the dirt under the rug.

    Do not let anyone in this F.N.M administration play the trick and say that thins are going well in the country for it is not.I dribve every day onthis island and noticed that from people in thir cars to walkers on the road do not look happy there sames to be a doom and gloom on people’s face’sand they can stand up in the house of assembly and say that things are going gppd when it was the Prime Minister who botched the Bahamar deal and stayed billions of dollars of investment’s that was pegged for our country and then they have the nerve to say that they met this and that when they took office….as the old saying goes ‘they gat to be crazy”.we must remeber that when the F.N.M took office the P.M said that the current account had a surplus on it and that the financial house of the country was in good shape ..when the F.N.M took office unemployment stood at 4 or 5% with a further decline taken place our gdp was pegged at a good rate and our growth was to be around 3% according to the IMF when the new government came in this all went down the drain.

    wake up Bahamians this FNM government is not for the middle class folks in our country …..they have thrown folks under the bus then rolled the bus back over them.I still have to buy steak out tickets for people in need of medical help isn’t in strange that the P.M will go and borrow 100+million dollars to get the roads fix which in fact if the gas price’s begin to rise.. who will be able to drive on them …this money could have been invested in The N.H.I and start to give poor bahamians a chance at health care at least under the P.L.P we where funding our own road deveolpment using Bahamaian contractors and not going back to the same country where just six years ago under the last fnm admin a company went bankrupt and got away scotfree with some twenty – thirthy miillion dollars of our money…..wake up Bahamas.

  15. I can assure you if things were booming the prime minister and the fnm,along with the “wutless media” would have been foaming at the mouth praising the prime minister as they
    did in 1997-2002.

    Their claim was always hubert turn the economy
    around during the clinton years.

    what say you now “wutless media”

  16. Well well isn’t is good to see that so many loyalist to the Prime Minister would now finally admit things are BAD for FNMs and PLPs. Black Bahamians and white Bahamians. Poor Bahamians and rich Bahamians. But try telling someone in the Ingraham Cabinet that, and they would tell you, things are pretty good here in The Bahamas, and the future looks good for the economy! By the way President Bush is saying the same thing! Even Sir Jack Hayward said, ‘There is no recession in Grand Bahama!” What a play on words ech.

    But people who support these same people, when they come onto Bahamas Press they say it is hard times in the country? ‘Dey Comin’ has concluded, “I have white Bahamian friends who are feeling this pinch just like me.” That is not true if you read what Sir Jack Hayward said at the opening of Ross Medical University on Grand Bahama, all we say is hmmmm.

  17. Come On Man!!!!! Let’s stop with the Black Bahamians and White (Pale Hue) Bahamains. If I were a White Bahamain I would be seriously insulted by the comments in this posting. I have white Bahamian friends who are feeling this pinch just like me. I do not comment to every post on this blog, but be assured that I do read them. This is the first time I have felt slighted in a way but these highly insulting comments. Media comments “Are we debating colour in here? Or are we debating how the record of Hubert Ingraham would accommodate some people, but others are discriminated?” The way this article is written has made it mostly about race.

    As for this BEC issue, Morehands, ER and Legal Eye, I could not agree with your comments more than I do right now. Bahamians have developed an attitude that the Government is there to provide a free ride for those that do not want to pay the fare. We all know of Bahamians, poor black and white, that use $300 in Electricity a month but only pay $100 and has been doing this now for years. Yet BEC has never shut them down and has allowed this to go on, which is now to thier detriment, because they have a $3,000 bill that has to be paid. And no Media, I do not work for BEC or Hubert either. The fact is that the slack that you are speaking of, has been extended for years and what has it done for the “poor black man”? Made him lax and Lazy, put him into more debt than he should be in and made him bitter because now he is used to the slackness.

    We all have to do our part to educate and and learn how to manage ourselves and stop looking for handouts. I see the plight of the single mom earning minimum wage and these are issues that have to be addressed. However; the world, not just Bahamians, are in a crisis situation right now and we all have to make adjustments.

  18. Thank God Bahamas Press is taking over. The Tribune and the Guardian suppose to be the eyes and ears of the public but rather the money bag for Robert Carron, Emmanuel Alexiou and Anthony Ferguson. Alexiou and Ferguson just fired Richenda from ColinaImperial. What goes around sure comes around. Remember March 2007. I hope Bahamians would open their minds and think….cut back on them bunch of newspapers that making those three gangsters rich. Save your dollar and get the latest from Bahamas Press. Everytime you look at a tribune or guardian you should think about your air conditioning system. Lets stop fattening the big cow and feed our families. Things to tough. We need to cut back. Them three people driving round in big time cars and we cant afford to buy gas. Those $1.00 bills will add up to pay some of your electricity bills. LET THE TRIBUNE AND GUARDIAN STAY ON THE STAND OR LET THEM THREE PEOPLE READ THEIR OWN NEWSPAPER.

  19. Morehands….I disagree with you comments by 99%. This government promised the Bahamian people plenty things and your neighbours expenses were probably based on their income prior to election. Adjustments take time and Hubert and BEC is not giving no one time to adjust. If you did not receive a pay raise since May 2nd 2007 your expenses will have increased – all. We are paying more money to live. Hubert and Tommy promised that things would get better so your neigbours were expecting that it would because Hubert said TRUST ME! ONE MORE TIME! HUBERT said they have the solution to Crime. They said they will create more jobs, they said that they will make it better for Bahamians. I say LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. WE HAVE MORE CRIME, LESS JOBS AND A BUNCH OF OLD OLD RETIREES POPPING OUT THE WOOD WORKS WHICH IS RESULTING IN OUR CHILDREN NOT BEING ABLE TO COME HOME FROM COLLEGE. I SAY “WE NEED A SOLUTION, AND A NEW GOVERNMENT” AND WE NEED IT NOW. STOP BEING JEALOUS OF YOUR NEIGHBOUR’S ESCALADE AND TELL THE WUTLESS GOVERNMENT THAT “WE ARE TIRED OF THIS MISERABLE LIFE”. MY GRAMMY ALWAYS TOLD ME TO BE CAREFUL OF MEN WEARING RED, WHITE AND BLUE. THAT DEVIL HAI IS A LIAR!!!

  20. Are we debating colour in here? Or are we debating how the record of Hubert Ingraham would accommodate some people, but others are discriminated? Hmmm? Check the record. Hotels and some businesses OWE MILLIONS!, But that single mother, who earns $200 a week and owes BEC $220 at the end of the month, goes to the Corporation and is told, ‘WE NEED ALL, not $50, not $100, NOT $150 but all, or carry ya – you know what – back home in darkness.” Yeah Hubert we can TRUST YOU, YEAH RIGHT!

  21. I am a devoted reader of Bahamas Press and a white P.L.P. I don’t like being referred to as pale hue, I am a proud Bahamian that happens to be white, if you want to classify me then do so properly.

    I agree whole heartily with Morehands post, “We need to train our people to live within their means and stop trying to live the big life.” If you can’t afford to pay for electricity to run A/C then run a fan, don’t expect for the rest of us to pay and you don’t. I bust my A$$ 7 days a week to make ends meet, my electricity bill last month was $1400.00, I paid it and I am now looking at ways to cut it down.

    As Altec stated in their post, “Not only are black Bahamians suffering, there are white Bahamians suffering as well. I wish comments that only speak only to the poor black Bahamians would cease because Bahamians of both complexions are hurting.”

    To Wow’s post, “You want to know what is ironic? Ask any business that sells to BEC and I am sure that 90% of them will tell you that BEC is one of their worst paying customers.” What do you expect when people use electricity expect to pay for it when they wish, BEC can not pull money from thin air.

    The above is my two cents.

  22. You said it all Ricardo! Shame on the FNM! Shame on the PLP too as they are MANY in number in the House of Assembly and they are letting the FNM get away with it. We have to look out for ourselves as its US who the attack is against. Its almost like the PLP and FNM are in cahoots.

  23. To answer you BP, Hubert Ingraham has failed in almost EVERYTHING he promised. My personal opinion is that the man has lost it totally. I think he is crazy and YES he has to gravatate to WHITE people because thats the only way he knows. I’ve read all of the above comments with much interest and whereas I appreciate the consumer tips from Morehands, I think some compassion is needed as not everyone who cant pay their bills, live above their means.

  24. In History there have been mistakes made by a electorate and in my view the Bahamian electorate made such a mistake….like the pre world war 2 days when Hitler was elected to office and the post 90’s when G.W.Bush was elected the Bahamas has fallen in such a trap…we in this country for the past year and five months have seen a deliberate war against the middle class and we have sat by and done nothing.from the staying of major investment deals to the debacle of bahamar this F.N.M administration has and should be held accounatable for it’s action against the Bahamian people…Now we have this B.E.C torture in a time when many,many Bahamians must decide if to eat or put gas in their car’s this heartless government has turned to leaving poor people in the dark and turning a blind eye to the need of our people …to this I cry shame,shame on them.

  25. Now that you, THE PEOPLE have spoken, perhaps you should now be asking yourselves, WHERE IS THE TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABLY at BEC?

    Perhaps this is the time you the people, who make up this voice of hard working Bahamians – with various opinions – ask, why BEC has place the ‘ax switch’ on so many ordinary Bahamians, whilst Coral Towers, Bah Mar and Royal Oasis and friends connected to the PLP AND FNM lights can run on for years without payment? With them continually owing MILLIONS to the people’s BEC, which Ingraham now want to sell. Possibly to another person of a lighter hue, just like he choose cable owners over every Bahamian who proposed to develop the project.

    But here is greater piece to this story, why cannot a public select committee call BEC to account for their WUTLESS actions, (CUTTING THOSE SAME HOTEL WORKERS LIGHTS OFF?) is not this a discriminating policy? Why cannot we in the Bahamas be able to ask the Chairman of BEC to produce the bills of an ATLANTIS, and Bah Mar, Royal Oasis and some friends of the PLP AND FNM or MPs bills for that matter. Is that not the way of ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY, so much taunted by the ‘TRUST AGENDA” master mind Hubert ‘the toothless lion’ Ingraham?

    Has not Hubert Ingraham FAILED in delivering what he promised? ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY AND TRUST? Cause if it was so, we all would have known before July 1, that we the people was about to endure the ‘THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE LEVIED ON ORDINARY BAHAMIANS IN THE HISTORY OF THE BAHAMAS!’

    And for the sake of argument, let it be known, we at Bahamas Press saw this action happened against the people of this country, and Perry Christie sat ideally by and said nothing, not a single word about it. hmmm.

  26. Legal, I never thought I would be the one saying this but trust me, Bahamas Press gat it bad for the former PM too and you only need to go back and do some research to see that so in a way, it still fair. They insult everybody equally.

    To More hands, just because a post does not have many comments don’t mean people haven’t read it. I don’t comment on half of what I see here but I read everything every day I come on, even though I told BP I wasn’t coming back. I am sure that Media has some kind of daily or weekly reports that will tell them which days are their best days and what stories get the most visit and things like that. Comments is no indication. As for the content of his post on gas consumption, I only had one issue. The optimum MPG for newer cars is normally on the little sticker panel inside the driver’s door and for American cars, the ideal rate of speed for maximum fuel efficiency is actually ten miles higher than what BP suggested at 45 mph. However, for Japanese models, the mph for maximum MPG (miles per gallon) is indeed lower at 45 mph.

    Media should have made the distinction because we have more Japanese cars on the road but there are still some american cars here too. the American MPG however, is calculated on the fact that there is significant highway driving and the cars are calibrated to perform best at or within range of the speed limit.

  27. Why is everything with you a black and white issue? Why can’t it just be a Bahamian issue? You always make it sound like only the white people of this country have money. What about all of the wealthy black people of this country. Did they just disappear over night? The economy is tough right now and BEC should probably turn the lights on as long as the customer pays at least half of the bill. What I don’t understand is how the fuel surcharge can actually be more than the actual electricity bill! Can BEC explain that? They are ripping off the public!

  28. I have noted that objetivity is lacking. One much agress with Media’s way i.e. opinion or NO way i.e. one is verbally insulted. More open mindedness is needed here!

  29. Media, I did try to read the article on gas at $2 a gallon when it was posted but it was very weak reading (this is why it only got two posted comments) so I never finished reading it. I just did and found your suggestion to be very good and very true. Perhaps if it was under a better heading it would have garnered more attention. But then again, it seems like our people are more interesting in juicey gossip that degrades and destroys lives rather than worthy news which can change their lives in a positive way (black crab syndrome). Readers should read your article again and comment on whether it changed their driving habits. i will actually try your suggestion starting in the morning.

    No Hubert did not send me to speak common sense. I used to comment on your blog at the start of the year but got too caught up in travels and stopped. I am now using a new screen name because I feel that we need “more hands” involved in building up the Bahamas than tearing it down. As long as you allow my comments to be posted (and not filter the ones which highlight the legality of this blog or the fact that you are indeed imperfect like the rest of us), I will endeavour to add sound, objective, non-partisan, grammatically correct comments to this blog. Even if Drama Queen takes offense.

  30. Stop “tiefing from Peter to Pay Paul” and there would be no need for BEC to shut your light off! Most of the cashiers in these food stores most especially,SuperValue have the fanciest hairstyles and a “fresh” do every week. I am not a cashier but I cannot afford to go to the hairdreser each and every week for a fresh hairstyle. I have bill to pay.

  31. I agree 100% with Morehands that Bahamian are to much in the habit of living above and beyond their means.

  32. Not only are black Bahamians suffering, there are white Bahamians suffering as well. i wish comments that only speak only to the poor black Bahamians would cease because Bahamians of both complexions are hurting.
    I am a black bahamian and i have several white friends who are struggling and living from pay check to pay check. The policies of HI are affecting the majority of bahamians because the majority of us (white and black) are of modest means.

  33. Again as we said earlier today, it is obvious ‘Morehands’ you do not read this BLOG! By the way has Hubert Ingraham or the other fella sent you here to respond to our comments? Its was no later than Friday past we posted on July 25th the article titled,’Gas for less than TWO DOLLARS per gallon in Nassau!!!’

    In that article we cautioned readers on how they can cut their spending on gasoline by more then 50%. But no, you have come in here ‘LATE AGAIN” suggesting what we should post?

    Our suggestion to you is, follow the posted articles from 3 to 10 weeks back. Then advise us what you would like to see. And highlight what appears to be missing. OK?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  34. You want to know what is ironic? Ask any business that sells to BEC and I am sure that 90% of them will tell you that BEC is one of their worst paying customers. They have a 30 day credit account with us but constantly pay 60, 90, 180, days late. It is almost like pulling teeth. Even funnier, they call to cry about their account being frozen for lack of payment!

  35. You sound like those folks who were blaming the government for firing people because they are inefficient, can’t do their jobs and to top it off have a really nasty attitude and expecting those same people to work for free because they work for government and the feeling in the Bahamas is that once you work for government you straight.
    I am not defending Ingraham but how can he be blamed for people not paying their bills? Perhaps if Bahamasair back then used to charge people for all those overweight, oversized bags and having family fly for free in the jumper seats, they wouldn’t be in the financial problem they in today.
    My wife and I struggle to pay BEC but so I can afford it on our small income, we only cut on the heater in the morning, we change our light bulbs to fluorescents, run the bedroom AC from 10pm to 2am, turn off the TV when we not in the room. Why am I sharing this? My neighbour has a mini split AC in every room running all day, 150 watt light bulbs, driving an Escalade and complaining that her light was turn off last month. We need to train our people to live within their means and stop trying to live the big life. Its cold to say, but if you can’t afford to run AC, have big scree TV and double door fridge – DON’T BUY IT!!

    BP should start a thread on what we can do to survive these tough times. That should be a very good thread with lots of positive comments. Gas is $6 a gallon but I still see lots of Hummers, Expeditions, Armadas and Suburbans.

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