Bahamas Press Soaring with 379,593 Readers!



Nassau, Bahamas: Newspapers and electronic media editors, politicos and website junkies must be steering stuck glued on Bahamas Press these days, as the site continues to grow leaps and bounds. Bahamas Press has now recorded the month of July alone as having the highest weekly readership since the website began in October 2007.

Bahamas Press is now drawing record readership making us the number one blog in the country. Stat figures today present over 379,593 bloggers have now logged onto the website as their #1 news source in The Bahamas. Bahamas Press is indeed proud of this accomplishment. Last year beginning in October we welcomed on board just near 10,000 registered members, and today that figure is over a quarter million readers. However we cannot help but thank you, our readers, who have joined in and the thousands that continue to log on each day and make this site the great source of news and information it is today. And to our many sources who have supplied us with news tips and scoops we say, you all have changed the face of news in The Bahamas.

A journalist in the country who frequents this blog recently advised us, of a major corruption exercise, taking place in the Bacardi and Cowpen Road areas. The reporter noted that ALL journalist in the country were put on hold in breaking the story as officers in and the Ministry of National Security have advised them that they cannot report it, until a police report has been filed. More and more when we hear of these kinds of GESTAPO STYLE police cautions against the FREE PRESS in this town, we realize more and more what an UNDEMOCRATIC PLACE this country has quickly become.

Added to this, our continued requests for the Bahamas Information Service’s updates on government departments and ministers PR activities have fallen on deaf ears. We have been denied the department’s email broadcast of news, which every other media receives. The Director of BIS, Arthur Foulkes have ignored every one of our requests. However despite all of this, their WICKED SILENCE confirms just what they hope for, that this website will one day go away. Let it be known therefore, Bahamas Press today, has more readers than the total number of supporters both FNM and the PLP have combine. And even for us that is scary. Therefore, we at Bahamas Press make this PUBLIC APPEAL to operators at the Bahamas Information Services (which includes; the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, Tommy Turnquest and Arthur Foulkes) to ALLOW BIS NEWS REPORTS TO BE SENT TO: We have made our request privately, and NOW PUBLICLY for the world to see, how another MUGABE STYLE RULE exist to suppress media in The Bahamas.

On another note, Bahamas Press has that story denied by police to be published by reporters. In a few hours from now, we will uncover this wicked attempt by the now ‘CORRUPT ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE’, an organization that attempts to muzzle the Press in The Bahamas. This is the same reason why we advised the Minister of National Security to resign and save face, as he will be more and more seen as at the centre of corruption coming out of the RBPF.

Now we see why 376,593 registered readers, log-on to

STAY TUNED for this upcoming BREAKING STORY!


  1. Morehands,

    You seem very bitter. I wouldnt be surprised if you are Hubert Ingraham himself. What you should do is buy a pet….possibly a small dog to pet and befriend. That would bring out some love in you and filter out some of your bitterness.

  2. Did you know… for $598 you can own the domain and then you can post whatever you want, garner as many visitors as you want and draw as many want? Heck, you can cuss out people, lie about people, misconstrue images and even post videos of underage kids doing things they shouldn’t. All because you feel that because your web is hosted in Arizona that no one in the Bahamas will be able to stop you (even though you now fall under the jurisdiction of the US Federal Bureau of Investigations and one phone call can put you under watch). Well…. BATELCO has been doing so and there isn’t much you could do to stop some junior manager from logging into their server and blocking whomever he/she wants. If they really want to be productive, they should begin filtering and blocking some of those nasty sites that are destroying our young people’s heads.

    379,593 is 379,593. Never mind if they the same people like me logging in multiple times during the day. Its still 379,593. “he ain lying”. Way to go my brother – way to go!

  3. What is probably going on is that this FNM government is trying to stop freedom of speech. They are probably tampering with websites and stopping viewers from logging on. All because they dont want to be continuously exposed as the wutless, lawbreaking government that they are. They editing ZNS news, the PM ANSWERING BAHAMAS PRESS HIMSELF, they GAGGING the print media now they blocking viewers from blogs. What next? I guess the next step in his dictatorship measures, Hubert Ingraham will be in my house telling my wife what to cook and what not to cook.

  4. I have trouble getting on here from Batelnet 8 out of 10 times. I can’t get the FNM or PLP site from Batelnet at all. I have absolutely no problem from a Coralwave connection. BP, head the warning, something fishy is goin on.

  5. I think the problem is with batelnet.I was having the same problem with the journal and
    the guardian if it does come up when you click the back button web search comes up.

  6. Did it ever occur to you that she might have been trying to get on from a Batelnet connection in one location and is posting to you from a different location using Cable? See what I mean?

    You guys are too busy playing “King in the Kingdom” to recognize when someone is trying to help you. I told you already, try getting on from Batelnet and see what happens. From Grand Bahama to Inagua, we’ve had people trying to log on to all sites and no success.

    A little humility goes along way boys.

  7. Ronica7 how can you have trouble linking on when your making post? Thats makes NO SINCE? to make a post you must LINK ON..????

  8. bahamas press i was having trouble logging on to your website for the entire week.

    so maybe,it is something that needs to be looked into. congratulations!!!

  9. There is a limit to what foolishness you will be allowed to run on with boys. Trust me on that because I am sure your readers wouldn’t mind another story, this time on you.

    But, you have the last word and it seems your lust for adoration will prompt you to say and publish whatever makes you feel good. That’s your rights, although I will assure you that the rope does have an end. Now if you were paying attention to anything, or if you knew as much about websites as you would like us to think, you would know that where your site is hosted is immaterial to the access people have to it.

    Your site as well as a number of Bahamian sites, including the PLP and FNM sites are not available to Batelnet users, either through incompetence of malice. I sent you an email noting as such and quite frankly, I don’t really care if you acknowledge it or not. It was a courtesy to let you know that Batelnet users were not seeing your site. This courtesy was extended to the operators of other websites as well so that you can do your own checking.

    I came here to tell you this knowing that you would give some ignorant, belligerent kind of answer and you delivered as expected. One day soon you’ll put your obsession with Perry Christie and now me aside and recognize when someone is sharing information with you.

    As for the common developers of our site and the FNM’s site, that is nothing we have hidden nor is it anything we have not discussed already on our own site and directly with you so you’re not scaring anyone or breaking any new ground here. Try to access your site from Batelnet and see for yourself, in the mean time, try to grow up.

    I look forward to seeing you soon to see if you’ll be so kind as to refer to me as wutless to my face.

  10. That’s great. Not disputing that. This site does get allot of attention for its age. Just wanted to share some facts. Keep up the good work.

  11. Well ‘Positive’ those numbers are soo shocking, many of you all went into research mode to confirm our report.

    ALL we say in this, 379,593 readers are plenty readers for a website that is only 9 months old.

    The Journal has been online for more then 5 years and bahamasissues possibly longer and yet, they are threaten by the rise of Bahamas

    But when we say popular, it is clear, we are more popular than the GUARDIAN, the Tribune, the Punch and the Freeport News as NO NEWSPAPER IN THIS COUNTRY SELL THAT MANY NEWSPAPERS, INDIVIDUALLY OR COLLECTIVELY!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  12. It’s a well known fact that is the most popular site for bahamians. I think that follows. Check google and see.

  13. Keep it up Bahamas Press, you seem to share light on many issues that our other media sources dare not tread.

  14. Dear readers, do you see what we see? The WUTLESS PLP webmaster has found his way back on this website. Perhaps that means its time for us to give the PLP a jab, and an upper cut. (We will work on this today!)

    And we need not be debating anything, just ask yourself the question, why are we here on Bahamas and not there on the PLP’s website having this discussion? AND what is now your issue with a government entity? You mean to tell me, you represent the Official Opposition in this town and cannot find a voice to fight your own cause? Much less the PEOPLE? Typical Perry CHRISTIE BULL#%$@!

    You come in here talking about a government agency giving us [Bahamas] problems with access. We have no troubles, those are your troubles and in your deceptive way suggests, “if you checked your personal email, you would know is denying access to your site by a government entity.” Knowing that it is your website that BATELCO has possibly locked off readers from accessing? THAT IS BEING DECEPTIVE! VERY DECEPTIVE! Go see if you can get Christie to call a press conference on that! Or send out a press release or speak about it when the House opens. We would BET that will NEVER HAPPEN! As Christie would have to ask Hubert first! You mean to tell us the PLP cannot put its gripes with BATELCO on their own website? Yet the ‘PLPADM’ would come in here asking us to tell a STORY?

    We have NO issue with any agency of the government, except Bahamas information Service. We have taken note of your email, and have confirmed that viewing to your website and the FMN’s website are troubles the PLP and the FNM and NOT Bahamas Press.

    That is what you get when you try show the public that you [PLP & FNM] are arch enemies in the day and in the night your in bed together, sharing the same server at a company in the western district of the island.

    Again Bahamas Press has no troubles with our website viewing audiences, whether your using BTC or Coralwave or any other hosting company here or around the world, Bahamas Press bloggers have access to our website. And that is why our server exists FAR FAR away OUT SIDE THIS COUNTRY!

    Bahamas / Editor

  15. Congratulations I am however interested in the numbers the other blogs are generating. I know that publishes theirs weekly, monthly, and year-to-date. I know that the “Have Your Say” blog at is extremely popular and Bahamasissues is also quite popular so I would like to see the comparative analysis.

    Traditional newspapers are a dying communications art and the wave of the future clearly is the internet and blogs allow everybody to interact and be heard if they so choose.

    Again, contratulations and keep up the good work. I will stay tuned.

  16. It’s simple to find out which websites are most popular in the Bahamas. Just go to

    As far as the Bahamas is concerned the top sites are and followed by (which is the number one Blog/Community site).

    You can also go to which is another independent site that tracks website stats around the world.

  17. You can’t claim to be number one when you don’t know what everybody else’s numbers are my friend. I will be happy to share numbers with you and the operators of every blog and website in the country once and for all at your convenience so that at the very least, you will know for sure where you fall in the rankings.

    Congratulations but don’t pop the cork just yet.

    On a separate matter, there is in issue that we’re working that, if you checked your personal email, you would know is denying access to your site by a government entity. Follow it up and you will definitely have a story to tell because it is real.

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