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Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press stands SHOCKED and AMAZED by the writings of the PLP’s website administrator ‘PLPADMIN’. Offensive remarks and an attack towards all sorts of persons except the Editor of Bahamas Press was sent to our email today. Why is the PLP webmaster calling private persons names accusing them of things they have no clue about themselves? Bahamas Press was sent this below email by the administrator of the Progressive Liberal Party, Andrew Burrows. The emails proves our point that there is WICKED ANGER for Bahamas Press.

Here is a clear example of how some PLPs behave in the shadows, cussing like drunk soldiers and calling the names of persons who have NO affiliation with Bahamas Press what-so-ever! Bahamas Press denounces this kind of disgusting and SHAMELESS behaviour as it certainly does not reflect the kind of behaviour needed in our already violently charged society.


Subject: A Word Please
Date: July 31, 2008 1:07:18 PM EDT

Okay Carvel, Earlin et al,

its about time I lay this out for you in plain language so nobody is confused here and I’m sending it to you because I know you will pass the message on.

None of you motherfuckers know me well enough to call me any kind of names and I dare one of you fuckers to go there in person. I have been extremely patient with you cocksuckers and this time, enough is enough.

The cowardly bullshit has to stop because I don’t handle you guys like that at all and quite frankly, I wouldn’t lower myself to do so but trust me, the act is wearing thin and if it means blowing shit up to the extent that you, Earlin, Fred, Gorman and whoever else is stroking you along gets blown up too, then so be it.

I asked you to call me or email me so that we can come to an understanding and so far, nothing. I have called your office a number of times for you and you have not returned calls to me yet before, Carvel, you and I had direct, frequent and open conversations and you know just where I stand and I don’t hide behind nothing or mince words. Man up and stand behind your words and explain yourself my friend because you won’t be able to hide behind Bahamas Press forever. If we’re supposed to be on the same team, you need to show it because a completely different picture is emerging and will make for a more interesting story than anything you’ve printed on that site so far.

You may call me at the numbers you have already.


PS: Andrew Burrows


  1. So Nonyah, we at the point of THREATENING each other on this blog for expressing opinions?? This is ridiculous and I had a mind call the police. If YOU dont know who Gorman Bannister is then something must be seriously wrong with you. I cant point to one Bahamian who dont know who Gorman Bannister is. He ran one of the hottest publications to ever hit the streets – Black Belt News. Keep it light, man.

  2. This is for Mr. Gorman Banister, i don’t know who in the world you are so does countless Bahamaians, so how about you just drop off that high donkey that you so belive is a horse. Secondly, i have an uncle named Gorman and a cousin named after him, but he didn’t reply to the message is all i’m saying so … when you refer to an University educated individual as a nit-wit since your vocabulary isn’t as far reached as many others, just watch who you say it to because you do sign everything with your real name.

  3. Storm whereas I understand what you are saying, I disagree with you calling someone’s name as we ALL are unsure as to who is really behind Bahamas Press. I am unsure as to who this Carvel person is but I am SURE, to date, no one knows who is behind this blog so its unfair to call a person’s name in a case like this.
    If Grand Bahama did well from Just Rush, then I am happy, however I dont like when people are dishonest in their business practices as innocent people suffer at their hands.

  4. Drama King: I am done with this whole Peter Adderley Saga as it is quite obvious that the breaking stories by Bahama Press were lies written by Carvel who is or was employed by C Cube. I have come to the conclusion like many others that if the police wanted Mr. Adderley they would have had him as he has been seen walking around Nassau and Grand Bahama Freely over the pass two weeks. Personally I have seen him hanging out at Candies, a popular spot in GB and I have seen him in church.

    Do not blame others for C-Cube’s inability to organize a parade. They are bitter and crying sour grapes. My guess is that every successful event that C-Cube has ever put on was as a result of Mr. Adderley’s expertise. If he is trying to bring relief to himself, it is through his hard work and determination. Relief was certainly brought to the merchants and vendors of Grand Bahama. I am sure that Western Air will be paid if not already done so.

  5. Storm…I commend Adderley for trying to bring relief to Grand Bahama IF that is what his intentions were. However I think he was trying to bring relieve to HIMSELF and spite to the C-Cubed Family.

  6. Drama King: No I was not on Mr. Adderley’s payroll but rather a sponsor and will continue to sponsor for as long as he continues his work in bringing some relief to Grand Bahama. I give credit where it is due. He has done a fantastic job with the parade that I have had the opportunity to enjoy on July 12, 2008. Little minds think negative of people who make the effort to do something positive for their community. As far as I am concerned, he should not have had to write a cheque at all.

  7. hello Bahamas Press. i just got a chance to look upon your website this evening, for i am not like some who considers it a major accomplishment in a day to stay glued and goo-goo eyed to the websites. but i have returned to simply add one more nit-wit to the bunch, in the name of nonyah. for that nit-wit’s information in every part of the world, when people are called by their first names only (ie. Micheal as in Jordan or Jackson), it is because there first names alone bespeaks of a certain celebrated or infamous reputation. Just like if someone says Hubert, you automatically think of Ingraham. Or if they say Perry, you automatically think of Christie. Now, certainly there are zillions of Michael’s in the world and certainly there are a number of Hubert’s and Perry’s in The Bahamas–but yet there first names alone and the subject content tells a who is being talked about without calling their last names. Now I don’t know what that nit-wit nonyah tried to prove by saying if no one called me by last name, i shouldn’t think that it’s me. everybody knows in this country that if politics is the discussion and the name gorman is mentioned, it has to be me. at least i think everyone knows. but what should be expected of a nit-wit, who signs the name nonyah and thinks that they are making the same point that i am about aliases, or even think that they are making a mockery of my point? i doubt very seriously that nonyah can find even one other person with the first name gorman in the bahamas. and just for the record, nonyah should ask someone, anyone, if gorman is the kind of guy who can be made to scratch, if he doesn’t itch. if black belt news was still in operation, i wouldn’t even be dealing with this on your web site. so please forgive me, Bahamas Press, but i have no other avenue. hopefully i will not have to come back on here to explain anything concerning my name being used falsely.

  8. Storm it seems like you are on Peter Adderley’s pay roll. If the young man bigged up himself talking all this smack about having all these big bucks then he should be able to write a check that doesnt bounce.

    Wow! Thanks for the heads up re Hubert Ingraham and the letter in Parliament. I thought that was IN POOR TASTE when it did it. But nothing more should be expected from the crass man that he is.

  9. Mr. Peter Adderley must be cloned. I am certain that I have seen him on Charlotte Street on Monday. If you must ruin one’s character at least tell the truth. How much is C Cube paying you? I am a fan of “Just Rush” and “Feel The Rush” both the idea of Mr. Adderley I am told. Do not quite understand what happened with “Feel The Rush” Could it be that Crispin Cleare does not have the smarts to organize a parade? No wonder he is so bitter.

    The Government has taken more than Seven Months to pay the Junkanooers. Why criticize Mr. Adderley for not paying after just two weeks? How assinine can you be Bahamas Press.

  10. Correction in a misspelt word in my previous comment…

    Properganda should have been spelt propaganda.

  11. Whether you like it or not The Just Rush parade was a success and well organized. Peter Adderley is to be commended for his efforts. Whatever his challenges, I am certain they will be worked out. Rather than complain Western Air and other business houses should assist in such a worthy effort for the Grand Bahama community.

    Crispin and the C Cube Team should stop spreading properganda and learn from Mr. Adderley.

    Well done Mr. Adderley, do not let the infidels discourage you…..SHAME ON BAHAMAS PRESS.

  12. Media please do not get angry with me I just asked a question.

    Because the headline before the letter says:

    So in that last post you are suggesting that the webmaster sent you this email that he address to someone else (Carvel & Earlin) that does not have anything to do with Bahamas press? So if you can say that Carvel and Earlin are people outside of Bahamaspress why did the webmaster of the PLP sent this email to you guys and how come everyone is getting on you guys for breaking privacy?

  13. Our response to “CONNIE”, start reading everything in slow motion, maybe on day you will understand it. OK?

    Bahamas Press cannot answer for Carvel or Earlin, they are individuals outside the management of this BLOG!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  14. So if you guys aren’t Carvel and Earlin how did you get an email that seems to be addressed to them. Did they give it to you to help you expose the PLP webmaster? And if you are not Carvel and Earlin it would help if you guys can let us in on who those guys are because like I said this email seems to be addressed to them and it was sent to and that is your handle on this site.

  15. What is there to be ashamed or mad about ?

    The letter that the PLP webmaster has sent to the certain party was intended to be confidential and thus it should of stayed so…to that end I beleive that it was posted in this public place to score browney points and only so…..this sames to be bickering amoung those who know each other so it is my view that they both need to take a step back and stop putting their dirty laundry in a public setting.

    Iam not ashamed to say that I have supported the PLP and I consider myself a liberial minded individual and not beacuse of the PLP beacause the PLP is not a liberial party either is the FNM but we should not be in fear to support our parties be it FNM or PLP .

  16. Keep reading Connie and maybe Carvel and Earlin will answer that for themselves, but we cannot.

    Bahamas Press / Editor

  17. Now in the email from the PLP webmaster he refers to a Carvel and Earlin and says that you are supposed to be on the same team, so are you guys just PLPs trying to cause that are mad with your own webmaster?

    Because you say that you have NO POLITICAL PREFERENCE yet this letter is implying that the PLP webmaster and you guys are in touch with each other beyond this site. What is up with that?

  18. Ok then if you say we have, thats your view. Your entitled to that, but who remembers when the Tribune recorded conversations of minister of housing Neville Wisdom and his PS (an illegal act!) and then published it it the WUTLESS paper? Hmmm? Was that for public consumptions?

    Or lets put it further, let’s imagine Hubert Ingraham was writing a letter, cussing out Perry Christie and in it he says, “BATELCO will be sold by December 24th, whether you agree or not.” And in sending that email communication he in error, email it to us; Bahamas Press, and Christie. We would not be in the business we are in if we did not publish that letter bearing those reviting details. Or we would be in “Coo Coo Land.” as Margaret Thatcher would often say.

    And so, now that we are back here, saying to Lloyd and ronica7 (I LIKE THAT NAME) its was sent to us, thats not our error it is the Webmaster of the WUTLESS PLP’s error. We are just doing our jobs and exposing the WICKED WUTLESS PLP WEBMASTER! And we are sure FNMs today are on the floor laughing!

    Yes this said, OVER AND OVER on this BLOG, WE hold to NO hidden agenda or have NO political preference, as we declared when we launched this site, we also clearly stated our intent here and was quoted as saying:

    “For far too long in The Bahamas LIES and Deceit have clouded the country. The few, particularly some veteran journalist, have sold their souls for pieces of silver to their political directorate of preference. As the innocent lie dying from inflicted wounds by a ‘Bias Press’. The Bahamas must know a better way to correct this injustice and wrong inflicted upon its people.”

    And so we still today hold these beliefs. And Bahamas Press apologizes for nothing published on here.

  19. To wake up from my sleep, get ready, come to work and sit down behind my desk with coffee and begin the day.

    Interesting that media could state that myself and Llyod are missing the point of the matter. Which is that the letter,in which the PLP ADMIN sent to was not directed for him/herself personally, but to Fred, Earlin and Gorman and not to forget Carvel.
    So my questions are, does that give you the Lawful right to post a letter that was mistakenly directed to you? Why not be the ‘bigger man/woman’ and delete the letter? Is it the ‘tabloid’ spirit in you to want to cause drama?, and you call your self a journalist, please…. i’ve seen more respect for a fellow man from seaguls and pigeons.

    So i’ve decided to give my 1.25 on the matter and i came with this.
    Mr. Gorman Banister since you decided to use your name in everything you post becasue you say it and mean it. Why are you even replying to this post when you last name wasn’t even stated?…. 10 to 1 there are probably 50 plus Gorman’s in the Bahamas… so stating that this replies to you is funny casue it shows that you are appearently knowledgable of something and sorry replying to something that isn’t directed to you makes you very much guilty in the court of ‘bloggers’.

    Media, there is prove that you who ever you may be, which really doesn’t matter, have had some really personal conversations with the PLP ADMIN, it was stated in the letter which is funny cause that would so mean that the letter was a personally directed letter.

    There was a mention also to the ‘same team’ What is this same team that the PLP ADMIN so badly needs you on? The team of sharing news sources?, the team of the PLP pole riding team? , the Primie Minister Hate Team? please explain.

    The PLP ADMIN has also threaten to expose you for what you are and you so have his numbers which also indicate that the both of you have had personal conversations before. Please if this was brought forth in the court of law this would be just alittle to easy for the defence team, case dropped.
    Next time you decide to protect the other individuals the eamil was sent to please remove the comma which shows that is was directed to someone else.

    with much love
    Nonyah. (see i signed my name too)

  20. Drama King, was it not Hubert Ingraham who allowed one of his ministers to read a confidential letter out loud in Parliament therefore placing it in the public domain? That is why this act by Bahamas Press is worthy of him.

    Also Bahamas Press, it is you who posted this letter, allegedly from the PLP admin into the public domain. Therefore it is you who are guilty of contaminating the web surfing youth of the Bahamas and not the PLP admin who sent an e-mail to a select few, legal aged individuals. Bahamas Press, you are all wrong on all accounts for this one.

  21. Oh boy this is a juicey one. I have a few comments to make:
    1. I love Mr. Bannister’s approach to recommend all of us to have the guts to use our real names whenever we are pulling down/degrading/defaming/lying about people, rather than hiding behind aliases. Maybe its time for the real Bahamian journalists to begin using their real names if you want to be taken serious. At least the PLP guy uses his name. You could respect that.

    2. I do feel that Media bit off more than he could chew on this one. We went too trashy on this article and it backfired on us. Privacy is privacy. Whether the email was intended for you (and especially if it wasn’t) it should not have been published in entirety.

    3. Lloyd’s investigation was spot on. But this is the type of productive blog discussions I like. Not pulling down the country but assisting our fellow brothers to improve their character and morals.

    4. Media really shouldn’t get so upset that Lloyd is challenging him. To block Lloyd is to say that only Media has the right to get upset, be direct and say what he wants to people on this blog. Don’t be like that man. Lloyd has become my blog friend and a great voice of reason. This domain expires in October. If you get the wrong person angry, they may actually out bid you for the site name and you have to start all over again using another domain name (like I always say in blogs and forums “the internet has no friends. be careful what you post”).

    5. My office staff visit this site at least 10 times a day. Not because its real news but because the concocted stories are so entertaining. We have a big laugh together everytime. It makes our stressful day easy. Who needs Ocean Digital? I HAVE BAHAMASPRESS!!!

    6. This your blog my brother. You the man and you gat the power to do whatever you feel like. We only here for the ride.

    Thanks for the entertainment. I could sleep tonight.

  22. knock yourself out player. Your words and your feeble attempt to distort the facts about that email already show that your word isn’t as true as you like to claim. Blocking me only proves that you are afraid of being pointed out when you’re wrong.

    I said I wasn’t coming back to commnet and today just proved me right so don’t worry about blocking because I won’t be coming back and just so you understand a thing or two, you can’t block me without blocking everyone else and moderating every comment, so knock yourself out. But answer this first. Are you still willing to hold on to the story that you didn’t get the mail first when the evidence shows that you did?

    How you like them apples?

  23. We caution you ‘Lloyd’ to WATCH YOUR TONE when it comes to calling US liers on here, or we will not be so democratic and BLOCK YOU, just how someone came in here this morning SAYING a government agency was BLOCKING VIEWERS!

    We have had enough of your talk now.


  24. Bannister, i was only assuming based on the comma on the “to” field and the fact that the email referenced you and the other people that maybe he copied you. It is obvious that Bahamas Press did in fact receive it and they obviously lied about that fact.

    At least we know that one person got it and if your’e saying that they didn’t send it to you, then that just digs the grave deeper for Bahamas Press because he’s claiming he got it from someone else but only his name appears. if you check the last set of posts from Media, they are claiming that they didn’t get it when the email clearly shows that he did.

  25. Please forgive me Bahamas Press for emailing again, because by practice, I do not get into web site squabbles with nameless people. The reason being that I can say what I want under my name because when I say it I mean it in full effect, I don’t hide and then get brave. But I always respond to when my name is called in something especially in this case when i have no currency or involvement in whatever is going on other than a few dim bulbs using my name. In that regard, I mind my own business and here is what I would suggest that this other half/misfit, “Lloyd” should do, get some business of his own so he can stay out of mines. I recieved no email from this Andrew Burrows. In fact I don’t even know what he looks like, other than his tone and tenor bespeaks of the section of lowlife in The PLP. Now I do know Carvel Francis, and if he sent the email to Bahamas Press is something that he would have to divulge because again, it is not my business to ask him if he got the email. But obviously someone recieved the email and then sent it to Bahamas Press. So please, you anonymous and cowardice bloggers please stop using my name–and start using your real names when you decide to drag someone else into your neurotic discussions.
    gorman bannister

  26. You can say it a million times and that won’t change the fact that what you published clearly shows the email was sent to you. Now I could understand if it was sent to the other people and you had no “To” addresses in the box. But the letter clearly was emailed to “” and that is you.

    You sound like you trying to convince yourself of that story because nobody is buying it.

  27. Give it up Media, the evidence is right there on your own website. the email says it all. You were sent the letter and you cut off Carvel and Gorman’s email addresses and now you’re trying to justify doing a nasty thing to PLP Admin.

    I would have a smidgeon of respect for you if you admitted that you messed up by doing this but you are compounding it by trying to lie about something that only takes a half a second to prove. And don’t talk about nasty trashy language. The man cussed you all out. Don’t act like you ain’t never got your ears burned or cussed no one out yourself. In a private letter, I have no problems with that but in a public post, even I have done it and I know it’s wrong, then you would have a point to diss them on that. It didn’t go down that way and you just trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    Again, you made this worse for yourself by hanging on to the lie that the email was not sent to you.

  28. Again we say and say again to US, US Bahamas Press, YES THIS WEBSITE, this was never a private letter to US.

    Now maybe it was to the people to whom it was sent, but whether deliberately, intentionally or otherwise. We at Bahamas Press never ever saw this behaviour towards those addressed and having privacy to us.

    That is for those persons to respond to. But as for US, we still say, What UTTER NASTY, TRASHY language spews out of the some people who work in the Progressive Liberal Party!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  29. plus the comma after is a dead giveaway that someone else was copied on the letter. Dishonest and sloppy.

    As for the PLP admin, if anything, the PLP should be throwing a party for him because he took it to Bahamas Press privately and you guys just made it public and mash your own toes.


  30. Bahamas Press once again exposed it’s own self as being dishonest. Nonyah, if you like the dissection last time, you are going to love this one. Can everybody direct themselves to the letter once again. At the top in the to and from section, who is the letter addressed to? It is addressed to “”. Mark that down as exhibit A.

    Now, will everyone kindly direct their attention to the upper right hand corner of the webpage to see the link “contact us.” Kindly click on that link and you will see an email form box open up with the letter already addressed to….drum roll….Bahamas Press.

    Mark that down as Exhibit B.

    Now, kindly direct your attention to Media’s last comment here and specifically to paragraphs two and three where he refers to me and Nonyah.

    Mark that down as Exhibit C.

    What’s the summation? Exhibits A and B show conclusively that the email was sent to Bahamas Press. Now the copy of the email that Bahamas Press printed also shows that the address was to “” which is the same address you get when you click the link “contact us.” What is missing is who was copied on that email and we can only assume that those addresses were eliminated or that there was nobody else copied although the first line suggests that others were included.

    I submit that Bahamas Press is not telling the truth when they say the letter was written to someone else and passed on to them. I submit that the letter was in fact sent to Bahamas Press, therefore making it a direct and private email. I also submit that even if the letter was addressed to this Carvel person or Gorman Bannister above, that too is still a private email and should not have been published. Finally, I submit that Bahamas Press is being deliberately and calculatingly dishonest and untruthful in saying that the letter was not sent to them.

    Bahamas Press, you too quick on your mouth and slow on your brain. You just dropped a scud missile on your own credibility mah boy.

  31. We are Confidential and so private that not even the PLP’s Webmaster knows who operates this website. Everybody knows we must have some very CONFIDENTIAL SOURCES to break the kind of news stories we do. And those sources are kept in the GREATEST SECRECY!

    Let us remind people like ‘Lloyd’ and ‘Nonyah’, as we must repeat ourselves. DID we not say that this was never a PRIVATE LETTER? DID we not say this was sent to us, supposedly with the sender (THE PLP ADMINISTRATOR) thinking he was sending it to those persons it was addressed to? As he coldly accused them so wrongly of operating this blog?

    So NO this was never a private matter, not for us, but timely, for us to show what kind of persons reside in the PLP. This is not the first time either we WARNED THE WUTLESS PLP WEBMASTER to STAY OFF THIS BLOG! But no he came here cussing like an angry drunken sailor. Knowing that plenty young children home this holiday watching and reading Bahamas Press online and saying to themselves, “Oo.OOOOOOOOOOOOO DA PLP MAN CURSIN….”

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  32. i agree. this letter shouldnt have been released. as a matter of fact it probably does more harm to “BP” because it seems to insinuate that “BP” and the PLP have deep ties and there was a fallin out.

  33. WOW,

    I must be slow or missing something. Please explain to me why you saying this move is worthy of Hubert Ingraham. I know that fellow is low right, but what exactly do you see is wrong with BP exposing this PLP fella?

  34. Ps. Eileen, Ivan, Anthony, Manny, & Oswald just shared a toast in celebration of your entrance to their exclusive club. Congrats!

  35. I just lost all respect for this site. That was a low, unscrupulous move truly worthy of Hubert Ingraham. Bahamas Press, you just proved yourself unworthy of the “Journalist” title you try to claim and moved to the head of the “Rag Sheet” category.

  36. Andrew Burrows, you out of order bad, ma boy!! Right now if I were you I would be hiding under a rock. You not only disgraced yourself by attacking people who you have NO PROOF of writing for this blog, but you also disgraced the PLP as you are its Web Administrator. I hope your fate is being decided as I write this note and I hope whatever the decision is, it EXCLUDES you from having access to the Cyberworld.

    Such language…tsk tsk….didnt your Mommy ever tell you to becareful of what you put in ‘black and white’.

  37. I note that one Andrew Burrows of The PLP website has again introduced my name in a back and forth conversation that does not involve me, nor of which I am a participant. I can only assume from the content of his email, that he falls in the category of PLP low life, of which there are far too many in what was once the Party of great men and women. so I would ask Bahamas Press to please exclude me from whatever is spewed by this Andrew Burrows, as he is obviously deluded and in a melt down stage. If I were in fact involved in all of the things that people accuse me of, I would not only be a rather popular fellow, but also a rich one. Again, I take this opportunity to tell all and sundry and groupies like Andrew Burrows, that when I do something I do it in my name.Thank you.
    gorman bannister

  38. I love the way you disect every word that is placed in any of BP blogs. you are a real investigator Lloyd

  39. And what you talking about “offensive?” Yes, they cussed you out but how many times you fussed people out in the same way, even if you use softer language? One thing i am not is a hypocrite and I can tell you that I won’t lie about cursing every now and then and I don’t connect the dots you connect when you say this is the PLP.

    Are you saying that nobody in the FNM curses or that you don’t yourself.

  40. How could u fix ur fingers to type that ‘Bahamas Press has much respect for persons we know’ ? you cant have the respect for people at all dont forget you publish tabloid stories evry day. You tarnish names every time that post button is clicked on .
    You guys are just as vile…. in all honesty. so how could the pot call the kettle black?

  41. I don’t get hatred from that letter BP. I get anger, yes, but not hatred. And what does he mean by “we’re supposed to be on the same team”?

    Why would he write that in a private email to you if it weren’t true Bahamas Press? I was defending you even though I am still upset with you over the Christie incident for not being in the PLP’s pocket but now this letter may be doing more than “exposing” the PLP Admin. At least I can respect the fact that he has been consistent with you both in the open by posting here and in private by the email. You have some credibility issues now BP because it seems you and the PLP are in deeper than you were letting on before.

    And I agree with Truth. It is in poor taste to share that email, much the same way it was in poor taste for the FNM to share the Baha Mar letters and if I remember correctly, you took them to task for it and now you are being the biggest hypocrite for doing the same thing yourself. Shame shame shame. You had better explain yourself because I don’t think this hurts the PLP as much as it hurts you. They can always get another administrator but you can’t easily replace your credibility with us.

  42. Well the letter is not referenced to us, but it is sent to us. But we want persons who come in here see just what kind of disgusting behaviour comes out of some persons associated with the PLP!

    Bahamas Press has much respect for persons we know, but when we saw this letter, and the hatered for this blog, we could not help but publish this kind of NASTY behaviour.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  43. Its obvious that you guys dont respect the idea of privacy. For you guys to be so stupid as to issue a letter written in confidence, whether positive or negative, really says alot about your character!

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