Rastafari Priest Philip Blyden dies yesterday at 62…


NASSAU| Community shocked by the sudden death of Rastafari Priest Philip Blyden.

Blyden, prominent Rastafarian and historical advocate for Rastafari rights in The Bahamas, died in hospital yesterday.

He was 62.

In a statement on his passing, Copeland “Ras Amen” Smith, executive council of the House Of Rastafari Inter-Mansion Collective, said Blyden will be remembered as “a man of all seasons and of big affairs”.

“The whole community of Rastafari is in shock, with many singing Jah B’s praises,” Smith said.

“He trod through the turbulent ’80s and ’90s, and petitioned Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards, collaborating on many things taken for granted today.

“Jah B began laying the groundwork from the ’60s and ’70s.”