RBDF Apprehends some 200 Undocumented Migrants in Exuma Chains


Minnis Government on Saturday announced all repatriations to Haiti following civil unrest…

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EXUMA, Bahamas| The Royal Bahamas Defence Force confirmed it recently apprehended a Haitian sloop west of Compass Cay in the Central Exuma chain around 12:45 on Saturday. Without saying the number of persons, BP sources on the RBDF confirmed the number is more than 200 migrants were onboard. 

Just some two weeks ago it is believed more than 80 illegals lost their lives just off Fowl Cay in the Abacos. Some 33 bodies were recovered.
Saturday’s apprehension was the result of a coordinated effort between the Defence and Police Forces, OPBAT and the US Coast Guard with the assistance of concerned citizens.

The Minnis Government on Saturday announced the suspension of all repatriations back to Haiti following civil unrest on the island nation.

In a statement the Government wrote: “Due to political unrest and violence in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas has temporarily ceased all deportations to that country.

“The decision follows the temporary closure of The Bahamas Embassy in Port-au-Prince and the recall of all diplomatic and consular staff.

“In anticipation of a potential increase of illegal migration from Haiti, Bahamian security forces have been placed on high alert.”

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