RBPF Program Takes Aim at ‘Culture Change’


f1-group-large<<< Minister of National Security, the Hon O.A.T. ‘Tommy’ Turnquest (left) received ministerial support from several of his colleagues during the opening of the La Red Training Program. Pictured from right are Minister of State for Lands and Local Government, the Hon Byron Woodside; Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, the Hon Lawrence S ‘Larry’ Cartwright, and Minister of Housing, the Hon Kenneth Russell.

Nassau, The Bahamas — Officials of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and other law enforcement agencies on Monday began a week-long initiative meant to bring “long-term systematic change” to the way the Police Force implements its law and order mandate.
“We expect transformation to be manifested in the way in which the Police Force does its business,” Minister of National Security, the Hon O A T ‘Tommy’ Turnquest said.

Police officers, he said, will be expected to put increased pressure on criminal elements; move aggressively to shut down drug trafficking organizations; develop relationships that will provide the intelligence to get illegal guns off the streets; and move assertively against violators of traffic laws.

“We expect police officers to be accountable for their actions, to shun corruption and to refrain from any action that would bring the Police Force into ill repute,” Mr Turnquest said.

The program was launched by the Senior Command of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, and officials of the La Red Business Network International on Monday.

It is “widely regarded” as a proven and effective system that assists in bringing positive change and increased efficiency to organizations, including security and law enforcement agencies.

The organization is said to have recorded “tremendous successes” in Haiti, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala.

The aim of the La Red Program is to place renewed emphasis on building strength of character and professionalism in all ranks of the Police Force, thereby improving the effectiveness of crime fighting strategies.


  1. In looking at the photo of the Min Nat sec and his colleagues I see that there is hope that they use some of the knowledge to promote the way they think.For the second time in 9 yrs this Govt. has played with the psyche of the Police Force by making unnecessary changes just to fulfill the dreams of some of its supporters.i dont know how they expect to uplift the psyche of the police force when am informed officers dont know when the rules will be changed to take away their livelihood.HAI is ensuring that upon his departure after 2012 the FNM will be in the wilderness for at least another 50 yrs.N ow we see why so many young turks in the PLP are trying to steal leadership positions as they to smell the FNMs blood in the water.

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