Registrar-General’s Department Under Siege!!


<<< While workers are being slaughtered by the ax of employers Minister of Labour, Dion Foulkes, is a quiet as a church mouse. More government workers sent home. Here’s another story you will not find on the pages of the WUTLESS MEDIA.

Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that terminations at The Registrar-General’s Department has taken effect and the manner in which this process has come about is likened to Hitler’s relentless pursuit of all Jews living and working in Germany—only in this present day scenario it is PLPs that have been terminated!

On June 25, 2010 seven employees were terminated from The Registrar-General’s Department. These persons were not the run-of-the-mill employees who may have been on the job for  a short period; some of them have been working at the Registrar-General’s Department for several years waiting to become permanent. Bahamas Press can confirm that the only thing ‘permanent’ for these workers as of June 25, 2010–is the loss of employment! But that is not the end of the story…

Bahamas Press has also been reliably informed that these workers had not received their severance cheques as of July 6, 2010. The cheques are being  held up until the terminated workers sign a letter agreeing to the terms of the severance—a letter that the terminated workers can’t even get a copy of to take to their lawyers, if they choose to do so.

Bahamas Press would like to know whether it is only coincidental that PLPs are being treated in this Hitler-type fashion; and if it is also coincidental that two well connected FNM’s; with little time on the job have not only kept their jobs—but have also been made permanent?

Bahamas Press
would like to know, what happened to the judicious and worldwide accepted principle of ‘last in-first out’ when dealing with a life threatening situation such as termination of employment?

We at Bahamas Press can  surely say that if any of us were terminated from any government post, we would be looking for our severance cheque at the same time of termination—or we would be looking for the person who is ultimately responsible for the running of government affairs!