Reports of Bad and Smudgy Behaviour in Barbados at Carifta?


Nassau, Bahamas — We here at BP have been flooded with emails from concerned parents, who recently travelled to Barbados for the Carifta Swim meet. One parent advised us of the rude and disgusting behaviour of the Jezebels and Cronies, who travelled with the team.

One report reaching our news desk spoke about how these “Reprobates” were drunk and brought liquor on the plane. The flight attendant came over the microphone to advise that the athletes should sit at the back, but a “Jugalists” shouted loudly, “This is our plane, we will sit where we wish”.

The bad behaviour continued in Barbados as these “Drunkards” tried to carry liquor on the Spectators Bus, only to be told that they would not be allowed to do this. They found a way to show up at the swim events “Dead Drunk” and carried on very badly, according to our source. Several of the more affluent parents were very disgusted by this behaviour and discussed it among themselves. We were contacted by two of them who said, “this was the worse trip ever, we do not know where the unruly people came from”.

We were also advised that a luncheon is usually held when the team travels. This event was cancelled do to a cut in the budget and the team was only advised of this when they arrived at the Airport.

We had asked questions of the PS at the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture, Papa’s sister in law, she has yet to find time to answer, so we will drop a little bit more at this time.

We ask, in addition to the Driver and Secretary of the “Pillsbury Doughboy” travelling to Carifta, please confirm whether a lady with the last time Rahming and a couple with the last name Colebrooke travelled to Barbados? Are they close personal friends with you?

Just a bit of advice from us, not answering does not cause us to go a way, it makes it worse! We again will wait and then we will drop some more. Stay Tuned.

We coming like the ” Saxons”, ‘The Valley Boy”, “One Family” and “The Roots”. Since our last story, a Security Guard told us that one of the Consultants was seen in the building twice this year, however, he has not seen the other two at all. We will provide those names very shortly.


  1. It’s been years that this type of hypocrisy has been going on with the Ministry of Sports, BAAA and BOA. Individuals who have expertise in assisting athletes in their various disciplines are never given first priority when choosing the free delegates for travelling on these sorts of team trips. The persons who are indeed given the opportunity to travel, known as the country’s contingency are those who can’t even lend any type of expertise to the athletes in the their disciplines, further some travel free and never attend the events, worst, many are just there for the team freebees, uniforms, sneakers and the like. When will this end???? When will the heads of these organizations start thinking about the athletes first and prioritizing what’s best for the athletes on these trips. Preferred would be coaches and chaperones, particularly who are former athletes in the disciplines to encourage the athletes and to enforce the importance of sleep. Instead not friends of the different organizations who are there just to drink, socialize and party, then at no time check on the lateness of athletes staying up and not getting sufficient rest. Doctors travel who have no knowlege about sports injuries/Chiropractor, but they are travelling for the athletes. Right????? The athletes most times still have to go to local sports specialists with our freebee doctor standing by. What are you there for???? This continued practice on our travelling teams is pathetic and should be seriously looked into. The only way our athletes are to better themselves is by having correct supervision and concerned and adequate professions and adults travelling with them. PAY FOR THESE TYPES OF INDIVIDUALS TO TRAVEL NOT DRUNKARDS SUCH AS WHAT HAPPENS ON ALMOST ALL TEAMS TRAVELLING. WHAT ARE WE FOR FRIENDS OR WINNING ATHLETES WITH THE BEST CARE AND ATTENTION SHOWN TO THEM WHEN ON THESE TEAMS. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  2. The fact that so many of them jumped on the band wagon to go with theses athletes in the first place, shows they were looking for slackness. These people is use those athletes, so they could get to go on these free trips and before they even reaches the airport, they already have it planned to have fun and carry on bad. They don’t take these trips serious and see it as a job, instead they look at it as if the taxpayers sponsor them a trip, so they could go and have fun. Now I am not hating, because I could use me a trip myself, but what I am just saying, “if they gone they should have conducted themselves in manner that wouldn’t bring shame to their country.” People tend to class everybody in one boat, imagine persons traveling from other parts of the world to see the Carifta games that came contact with these drunkards, now you can’t even convince some of them that Bahamians are not a bunch of low breed individuals with no morals. Pillsbury dough boy needs to get his act together and stop focusing on trying to get his cronies on these free trips, because these people doing more damage than good for our country. Another thing, if this were Debbie Ferguson, Tonique Williams-Darling, Pauline Davis or some other adult athletes, who could have defended for themselves, you wouldn’t have minded so much, but these athletes that participated in the Carifta game were children and that makes it a whole lot worst on so many levels. I honestly don’t appreciate the way they handle these children and the type of examples that were set for them. Shame on those drunken bastards and the people who send them there to embarrass us.

  3. BP keep up the good work we need somewhere where we can speak our minds without being victimised.

    It is so sad to see that the Drunkin Crew and Jezebels caused it so bad for the staff of the MYSC that attends the CARIFTA Games. I think all intend to reward deserving staff members on a CARIFTA trip is a good idea but you still have to be careful who you would be sending to represent the Ministry and The Bahamas. The sadest thing is that these jezebels drinks and carry on bad on the job so why allow them to all take a trip together to “embarass” the Ministry and The Bahamas Government. These are the same jezebels that planned the Ministry’s “Drunken Christmas Party” in December at the Corner Motel (Owned and Operated by Pillsbury Doughboy)that no one showed up to, only the same “drunken crew” and you allow them to go away and represent the Ministry????? I cry shame on the PS of this Ministry because this is her Ministry not Pillsbury and his Sexatary. She needs to be held accountable for all of there actions.

    • We now know it was a Party. But before this SMUDGE REPORT we didn’t know it to be so.


  4. B.P why are you so silent on the Bran McCartney death threats. Is it because they were made by P.L.P operatives? Just asking, I know you are usually on top of these political stories but you are uncharacteristically quiet on this one. Hmmmmmmm….

    • I would think the threats would come from operatives of the FNM! Remember now, the FNM had that kind of violence before.


      • B.P. I know you know by now who the thugs were and their affiliation. If they were fnm your main story would have read ” FNM GOON SQUAD SHAKE DOWN BRAN.”They were probably operating independently on this episode but I know you know their affiliation. Their real intent was probably to extort money from Bran and not anything to do with polotics. That is why both parties the fnm and plp need to be careful who they associate themselves with because sometimes these animals cannot be controlled and causes embarrassment to the heiarchy.

  5. this never seems to amaze me this fnm was a fail gov. from start this what happen when we take elections for toy there was no real reason for the plp to be kick out of office as a result we are burden down with high tax. high crime. and high blood pressure. who give a s**t about new roads when i can’t even license my f-in car last time i pay $85 now i have to pay $230 light bill is sky high yet am not suppose to steal or breake the law. yeah right. this fail f-in government is making criminals out off it’s people this is why so much house breaking’ robin’ and stealing’ b/c this sick ass fnm fail to provide the jobs we need they only focus is foreigners and haitians.

  6. I am not surprise at this BP. They should call an investigation on that guest list of cronies and jezebels travelling to CARIFTA and make it public.

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