Retired public servant Perry McHardy Sr. shows up at Post Office to cuss staff as new Postmaster General


Perry McHardy

Nassau – A breaking report coming into Bahamas Press now confirms Perry McCardy is now back at the post office.

Now you might remember how, back in January, your BP reported how a Cabinet decision was made to return the retired public servant to the public payroll. PM Minnis had warned after coming to office that there would be no double dipping by retirees. But that, too, is a lie!

The Cabinet agreed to bring out of retirement Tommy Tunquest’s brother-in-Law Perry McHardy Sr., and appoint him as Post Master General.

BP was standing in the hallway of the shantytown-looking Post Office Monday morning when McHardy showed up, mistreating staff and telling them, “I’m Back”!

And while Mr. McHardy returns, back in January the Cabinet had also agreed to relieve Road Traffic of the services of 10 young Bahamians. One of those workers is the sister of Bains and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson. By damn – first the sister, now the brother!

McHardy will now collect both his pension AND a contract salary, something Dr. Minnis told the public would end under his administration. WHAT A LIE!

We report yinner decide!

Shantytown on EAST HILL STREET. The Post Office.