Rift in Ingraham’s FNM Cabinet as Symonette makes way to exit


Boss HOG Brent Symonette set to leave the FNM.

Here is a story first PUBLISHED ON BAHAMAS PRESS ON JUNE 23rd, 2011 – READ FOR YOURSELVES!!!!!

Multiple Sources within the cabinet have confirmed this story. We ask the WUTLESS MEDIA, why they refuse to talk to PAPA or Brent!

BP is advised that PAPA is on a witch-hunt for the leaker. MUMS THE WORD COMING OUT OF THE CABINET, but the damage is done. BP has eyes and ears inside and outside the room on top and under the floors of the room.

WE STAND BY OUR STORY and the truth shall set us FREE!

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is reporting from Rawson Square this afternoon. Hubert ‘Papa’ Ingraham let out his preschool early today [Cabinet]. The Cabinet meeting today was very brief, as Ingraham has not fully recovered from the shock of the announcement that his deputy, Brent Symonette, will not offer as a candidate in the upcoming General Elections.

A source close to the situation has informed BP, that Mr. Symonette advised Mr. Ingraham a couple of hours prior to the Cabinet Meeting of last week. We are told the brief conversation on the telephone between Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Symonette was tense but cordial. We are told Mr. Ingraham wanted assurances that Mr. Symonette would not resign from the Cabinet and as an MP with it being so close to General Elections.

Our source confirmed Mr. Symonette told the Prime Minister that he was a team player and would not jeopardize the party.

We can confirm the real reason for Mr. Symonette’s decision to not offer again as a candidate, was due to Mr. Symonette’s wife feeling that her husband was highly disrespected by Mr. Ingraham to American officials.

She is said to have told close friends, “Brent can buy and sell Hubert Ingraham 100 times over, and he does not have to put up with such uncouth and nasty behaviour from the likes of the PM.”

Mr. Symonette is said to be one of the wealthiest Bahamians and has financial interest in a number of companies throughout the country.

A high-ranking officer of the FNM apparatchik told BP, “The FNM today, is not the same Party of POP Symonette, and while Brent has the means he could never walk in his father’s shoes. Ingraham has completely gutted the party and has brought in all ‘Ingrahmites’.”

We recall when Mr. Symonette resigned as Attorney General after disagreeing with Papa; Mr. Symonette was said to have faxed his resignation letter to ZNS without Mr. Ingraham’s prior approval. The fax was said to have been received in the office of Martin Albury then a news director at ZNS, who was out of office at the time. His office door was locked and it was said that Papa instructed the staff to “Broke the door down” to retrieve the fax and issued a directive that no office doors were to be locked.

We also recall the incident back in May of 2002 shortly after the stinging defeat of the FNM at the polls. Only a hand full of MPs were elected to sit in opposition. The handpicked successors to Mr. Ingraham: Tommy Turnquest and Dion Foulkes – the dream team – were seat less dreamers.

Hubert 'Papa' Ingraham

A high-level meeting was held to elect a leader of the opposition at the Turnquest’s palatial estate on Harold Road on a Sunday evening. The attendees included Tommy Turnquest, Dion Foulkes, Brent Symonette, Kenneth Russell, and Alvin Smith. They could not come to a consensus as to the person to lead the FNM. A call was placed to Papa as the attendees listened on speakerphone while Papa spoke.

Kenneth Russell, who was aptly referred to by Mother Pratt as an “Uncircumcised Philistine” after lying on her in the House of Assembly, wanted to know why he should not be leader? Papa allegedly replied to him, “because ya too stupid.”

At this time Mr. Symonette asked, “What about me?” Papa was said to have answered, “You too F*%$#*&G white!”

Papa then decided Alvin Smith would be head of HR Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and Tommy Turnquest as leader of the Party, as he selected the two weakest links. It was always Papa’s intention to return as head of the FNM.

We now fast forward to 2006 when Mr. Ingraham staged the coup d’état on Tommy Turnquest and lied to him right up to the day of nomination.  Senior members of the FNM told us, Frank Watson and CA Smith asked Mr. Symonette to offer for Party Chairman as he could be good at fundraising, however, Mr. Symonette had loftier goals and ‘seeked-out’ a close confidant of Papa to see if Papa would have any objections to him as deputy leader.

The confidant was said to have told Mr. Symonette that he could offer for any position in the Party as Papa did not have a slate of candidates and was only interested in the leadership.

Shortly after the Party’s election of officers at Convention, Ingraham told the Press the deputy leader of the Party does not necessarily mean he would be appointed Deputy Prime Minister.

We applaud Mr. Symonette for finally taking a stance against Papa and has finally become weary of being talked to like a ‘lil’ boy. We would hope that others in the Cabinet would finally man up.

We are told that Tommy Turnquest and his first cousin Dr. Duane Sands are now eyeing the St. Anne’s seat, as they both require a safe seat in order to win.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Papa is said to be on a witch-hunt to find out who in his Cabinet has leaked the information to the Punch. Well, we have news for him, what goes around comes around. He appears to be losing the trust of his ministers, while he call others weak.

Well MA BRUDDA, this is a first step on the road to the agony of defeat. We wonder why the WUTLESS Tribune and Guardian did not go and look for Mr. Symonette or Papa this time to see if the story of his exit in politics is true or not. We wonder why?



  1. I understand that your story is fictitious. The Tribune has reported that Mr Symonette is not retiring from frontline politics.He will run,according to sources within the FNM. Even Symonette himself has dismissed this story.As for Tommy Turnquest,let us remember that he wasn’t even a sitting Member of Parliament in 2006. If his own constituents in Mount Moriah rejected him in 2002,do you really believe that the constituents of the remaining 40 constituencies would have supported him? The PLP is simply upset that Ingraham had decided to return to the leadership post of the FNM. Had Turnquest remained the leader of the FNM, the PLP would have destroyed his party in the 2007 general election.

    • The Tribune found a surrogate of the FNM but could not put to MR Symonette in the story the Question; Is he set to step down? NOT A WORD OF RESPONSE! THE FNM PRESS Should go look for Mr. Symonette and put the question! When they do that, then we ga report further.


  2. Its amazing how neither the Tribune or the Guardian cant send one of their many reporters to get a quote from Papa or Mr Symonette as to whether or not he is running!

    It just goes to show that in this town, FNM news doesnt sell papers and any bad press about the FNM is not pursued or followed up on with the same vigor as PLP bad press!

    • @ Altec

      You may be correct in your analysis or it may simply be that all News Reporters painfully remember January 2010,when following the earthquake in Haiti, Ms Candia Dames came close to being dismissed from the Nassau Guardian for her truthful reporting of the Immigration policy dispute between Hubert Ingraham, Brent Symonette and Branville McCartney.

      I well remember the concern I felt for Ms Dames as I prayed that she would not suffer the same fate as Mr.Oswald Brown, former Freeport News Publisher/Editor. When Branville McCartney later resigned from the Ingraham-led Cabinet shortly after the published reports of their differences regarding the release of the Haitian detainees, I was not at all surprised.

      However, following Branville McCartney’s notorious march down Bay Street, in the middle of our BTC Sale demonstration and his recent comments regarding the futility of pursuing the return of our national asset (BTC)from the corporate raiders, CWC, I am left wondering: On whose behalf did Mr. McCartney protest?

      Was this act of resignation from the FNM merely the defiance of the ‘Dictator’ Hubert Ingraham’s disrespect of McCartney’s personal ego? Or was he truly standing in defiance the enemy of the Bahamian people? Hmmmmm!

      Patience reveals all deceptions!(Ancient Chineese Proverb)

  3. @Kevin Evans: At the end of your post you said that he,(Mr. Ingraham)needs to change. Remember last election when he pulled that one on the people saying he was a change man because he was a gran-pappy? Well, I think he came back this time with more hatred and vengeance this country has ever seen. I can’t see the people falling for that one again, then again some of us may have a short memory.

  4. Good morning Mr. Editor,
    Nothing in the papers and on the news, was that simply a rumor? Please check it out and get to the bottom of the source.

  5. Watch the play guys. Do you known that there is currently a vacancy in the new green party for a depuy leader . Remember the leader of the green party said the a big fish was coming to his organisation but he could not give a name.

  6. It looks like the FNM is imploding. I am very upset that this is happening. I believe that PM Ingraham needs to reconcile with all those former FNMs whom he has offended throughout the years. He just cannot continue to alienate his supporters. I fear that the FNM is going to get a major beating in the General Election. Ingraham has got to patch things up in his party.While he has clearly made some crucial errors, I still think that he has this country’s best interest at heart.He also has to start listening to his MPs. I believe that his domineering personality has been misinterpreted as dictatorial. He needs to change.

  7. lolo am wondering if Tommy T trusts Papa like he was declaring in the runup to the 2007 GEn Elects?Kudos Mrs Symonnette in causing Bren to see that Papa doesnt care about anyone.I sus pect there is much morte explosive material in the wiki reports but its being supressed.Papa aint sleeping comfortably these days as more of his dirt will come out.

  8. Hello Mr. Editor.
    What is going on in our country today? I read where the Deputy Prime Minister is planning on leaving the FNM and will not offer himself as a candidate for the up coming general election. I am sure if that was a PLP, that would have been all over the news and in the news papers.You are doing an excellent job, keep on exposing them for who they are, the truth will always surface

  9. Don’t yall trust Brent!
    Watch him and keep him close cause he like his pa want ultimate power and that means the PM and leader of the party.
    He seemed quite confident and in CONTROL on TV news last few evenings. Exactly what is he up to??
    Oh by the way take his pa off my money!

  10. OMG!!!! This is the most entertaining thing ive ever read pertaining to politics in the bahamas. I laughed so loud that my neighbours must think Im crazy. I ESPECIALLY enjoyed the part about the meeting at Turnquest house and Papa told them why they couldnt be leader lol lol.

  11. The Prime Minister been there talking with the US embassy like he in his psychiatrist office, I always tell people don’t say things about people what you can’t say to their faces. Now Brent and his wife get their feeling hurt. He been there talking, talking, he didn’t know it would back fire on him, that‘s when you put all your faith in these foreigners. He don’t trust he own the way he trust them.

  12. Kenneth Russell, who was aptly referred to by Mother Pratt as an “Uncircumcised Philistine” after lying on her in the House of Assembly, wanted to know why he should not be leader? Papa allegedly replied to him, “because ya too stupid.”

    Man this made me spit out my drink, lol.

    Looks like Brent’s wife wears the pants in the family!

      • It really too late for this…i am lmao. This really good…The neigbours must think i am drunk.

        But on a serious note, what you have to remember is that Brent already empty the cookie jar, and since there is nothing else to take he left HAI and his tribe and the Bahamian people hi and dry. And now he dont want to give them any campaign money, so he is going to take all the Bahamian people money and retire. Bahamians got swing again. This time we will feel the wrath for years to come. TO DAMN FOOL!!

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